Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tagged -

I've been tagged by Army Wife so here goes...

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My 6 Things:

1. I love musicals. OLD musicals - Gene Kelly - ANY musical with him - but I detest The Wizard of Oz. Cyd Charisse, Ann Miller...

2. I love Country Music up to a point - but to relax - it's gotta be Sinatra or even better - Dean Martin. That man was cool to the nth degree.

3. I am a Nora Roberts/JD Robb fan - love my brain candy reading.

4. I love prunes. Yeah, prunes, pitted prunes. but ya gotta be careful with those...

5. I hate to drive here in DC. This could be a problem when DH deploys!

6. Love NCIS, CSI (except Miami... tell me who wears a dark suit in Miami in the summer...) and my secret vice - Organization shows, Clean House etc. But BBC dramas - especially Jane Austen and that ilk... yeah, I could watch those all day. And if anyone has seen the Sharpe series - that's another goodie (Sean Bean was just ... just....hmmmm)


Sunday, December 07, 2008

You will have fun, dammit

The enforced merriment of the unit party was yesterday... we lasted 1/2 hour. Truly, truly awful. I was chatting with the outgoing FRG leader, and realized - that no one wants to take it on (including me) because NO ONE GIVES A DAMN! We've been trying to get command to approve a vFRG - I offered to be the person responsible for it - but we keep getting told.. no one wants it. No one comes to FRG meetings either... We are, for some reason, getting a paid Family Readiness person... why? This unit is not the norm in the Army, so I'm told. We don't deploy as a unit, just in little groups or individually (as my DH is doing soon) There is little or no contact - one reason could be that we aren't permitted to have a phone tree. No phone list, no nothing.

So - That's that. I've realized that I'm on my own with this upcoming deployment. The Red Headed Step Children group - are back in MN and getting on with their lives, outside the Army. So this will be my support - just like the last time. You - my few and faithful readers - and the Spouse Buzz group and the BSF4O (I hope to get more involved with them). So - those of you who have done this Individual Augmentee bit - any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day to all of you. To my readers, to my friends, to all my military family. Let's be thankful for all we have.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Palin - Now Bachmann

She's absolutely nuts. Michele Bachmann has decided that although EVERYONE saw her give that interview, it's all in our heads. It's all an Urban Myth.

how nuts can you be?


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Valour IT - Fundraising

Valour IT is a fantastic, superb, wonderful, amazing (yeah I like it) program - and I'm very honoured to be a member of the ARMY TEAM - although I have a soft spot for the Coasties too...

So - Get on it! DONATE.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

So Far- So Good

There's been good and bad this week. Good - I'm still at the firm - in fact I've been writing a lot of memos about various cases I'm involved in, letters to clients have been shown to me for my approval (!! never had that happen before!) Bad - some good people left, and I'm still not sure the firm will have work for me next year after this one case is finished up.

Bad - went to Walter Reed and was told that a doctor can't help me with my migraines.. Good - I bumped into Chuck Z and spent a lovely half hour chatting with him - a lot of it about the good programmes that the Army is finally putting in place to help the families of the wounded warrior programme.

Bad - DH's lousy cold that really screwed up his plans for the long weekend he had. Bad - the firm didn't give us Veteran's Day off, and because of the vacation and the situation at the firm, I didn't take it off (as I usually do) Good - the cold is getting better!

Good - It's the end of a truly awful week at work. Good - I have heard from a few of my readers telling me to hold on, and that they care. Good - DH is here for another couple months. Good - my granddaughter is better from HER little cold. Good - The cat is healthy again and we are hoping for a good adoption fair this Sunday - (Tiger is just the sweetest cat, he's a foreclosure cat, and I am hoping his new parents will appear on Sunday!)

So all in all, the Good outweighs the Bad - and I'm sure this headache will go away soon. Y'all take care now!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Life at the Office

It's been a hectic few days. We spent 6 days in Denver, seeing our wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, marvelous granddaughter who will be 3 in January (oh, yeah, her parents too....;-)) We discovered and enjoyed the Denver Children's Museum - this is a fantastic place for kids - all hands on, and watched her play with other kids, play with her daddy and find kitties in our ears during the physical she gave us in the "clinic" part of the museum. We went up into the mountains and had some fun in Idaho Springs, went to the Zoo (her favourite part? - the Carousel horsies/zebras) played at the park - and watched her boogie to Love Shack at the Crab shack restaurant. The waitstaff has to dance when that song comes on, and they really enjoyed her joining in too! Saying goodbye to her is just so hard!

We flew home, and I trotted off to work the next morning - to discover that the partnership was fracturing, one of the name partners has left, and for the last 3 days - partners and associates have either sent good bye messages, or just walked out without a word. I said goodbye to some friends - and I'll miss them terribly. It's not over yet, I don't think. Is my job secure? good question, one I have been asking and getting reassurances about - but this isn't my first time at a firm split - during the last one - I got my walking papers about 3 days afterwards... So we'll see. The partner I have worked for for almost a year - walked out without a word to me, after asking me to come see him in his office later in the day - went down there, he's gone... Anyone who has gone through one of these splits - nothing uglier.

I had the honour to be on a conference call with Mrs. Obama yesterday - we couldn't talk, just listen, but I appreciated her taking the time to thank the BlueStar Families for Obama for our work on the campaign. I, for one, am full of hope right now, hope that she will bring attention not only to the servicemembers, but to their families and their situations.

Well - off to work... let's see if there are empty boxes on my desk!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

To all my family - the blood family veterans and the military family - this is OUR day. This is a day when the rest of the country actually remembers that the military are here, and says thank you. Here in DC -it's amazing. Last year we walked the mall, listened to stories of WW2 at the memorial, told by the men and women who lived them - saw the Vietnam Wall covered in flowers, teddy bears, pictures and beer cans with notes to the friend they mourned - and saw strangers thanking men and women in uniform.

I'm thanking the men and women in uniform and saying a special thank you to the families of those serving and those who served. The spouses who hold the family together while the servicemember deploys/trains/TDYs; the children who put up with their birthday without their mom or dad, holidays spent at the Armory with all the other kids without their mom or dad; the parents who remember their baby boy learning to ride a bike, their baby girl getting on the bus for 1st grade and who watch that child put their hand up and swear an oath to serve; the grandparents who watch the news with trepidation and dread; the sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles who send the care packages with love - to All of You. Thank you.

To my Dad - USCG WW2 (USCGC Edmund Spencer); To my uncle- USA Captain (WW2); To my aunt - USArmy (WW2); to my uncle - USAF (WW2) ; To my father in law (Commander, USN Submarine Service - VietNam and peacetime); to my husband - CW2 USA presently serving; to my son (Spc4, Iraq 2003-2004 - honorably discharged); to my daughter in law (MP, Iraq 2003-2004 - honorably discharged) - Thank you.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wow - we did it

It's over, and we have a new President Elect - and I'm feeling very hopeful. Yes, I know, the euphoria will be over (more quickly than before, because of the economy) but I'm still hoping that we can change this country - the perception the rest of the world has of us as the big bully - the greed based way companies operate - the "my way or the highway" attitude of the Executive branch.

I know the war cannot be stopped overnight. But maybe sooner than it would have been ended if the election had gone the other way....

So let's enjoy the hope, the joy, and the anticipation of good things to come! and to those of you who worked for this result, congratulations!


Saturday, November 01, 2008

Just a few more days

And it'll be over... I never thought I 'd be glad to see an ad for a CAR! The saturation of political advertising makes me glad we can record our favourite shows... and then zip right through the gloom and doom McCain ads (do they not have ONE good hopeful ad?) and even through the Obama ads (and the negative one they have doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy either)

I voted already. Absentee. Thank you to the State of Minnesota, that allows military members and their families to vote that way. Did you know that not all States do that? There was a bill in Congress to allow it nationwide, but with everything else going on, I haven't the foggiest as to whether it passed.

The blogosphere has been rife with rumour, innuendo and plain flat out wierdness. I have seen some that make me laugh, because they are so patently ridiculous, and sadly I have seen some real hate, on both sides. I don't like McCain's policies, I honour his service, but I don't think he's the right one to lead us - his chosing Palin cemented my resolve! If you apply for or are put forward for a job - it's a good idea to know what the job entails! She is clueless, and being used, cynically, to get the women's vote. Most of us don't vote with our reproductive organs, or for anyone based on that - those that do I pity. I vote for the thoughts, the policies and the person. BUT, he's not evil incarnate, she's not the devil!

Obama is NOT a secret terrorist - he's not an Arab -he's not a Muslim (although, I don't really care if he is or not, a person's religion is their business) Biden is, yes, a career politician (isn't McCain????) he knows the ins/outs and how the very screwed up and flawed system works. He does have a case of foot in mouth sometimes but when the McCain campaign doesn't put in that last sentence - when he was talking about testing Obama - "he has a spine of steel" etc. Well that's just tacky, nasty and another example of if you can't have a decent policy, just be negative.

The Libby Dole matter
- well that's just a lie. a flat out, vicious lie, told to scare and waste a lot of time. If Kay Hagen were an atheist, ok, she's an atheist. But to lie about a woman who is an elder of her church, well... it's a LIE!!! Religion should NOT be in politics, but it consistently is. One party has decided to hijack religion and make it clear that those NOT voting their way, aren't good Christians. I know a lot of good religious folks, who aren't voting that way, it doesn't negate their beliefs, values or their faith.

The Obama birth certificate bit - oh please! I have a document - it's called Birth of American Citizen Born Abroad - I was born there because my father was a State Dept. official doing his job. How many of us, the military family, have children born abroad? C'mon, how many of "us" are military brats, born in Germany, Korea, Japan, England, Belgium... Non issue.

And his middle name? A family name, honouring his family. Ok, how many of us (all of US - Americans) have a middle name honouring our family? I do, it's the middle name or first name of every girl child in my mother's family for centuries. My son does, honouring his father, his grandfather, his great grandfather. Just because Obama's middle name isn't Bobby, doesn't make him unamerican!

We need to all get a grip. but that's too much to hope for this close to the end of a campaign. I do wish we'd emulate the Canadians - 30 days, soup to nuts. done. think of what could have been done with the money thrown around in the last 2 years on campaigns... how many hungry could we have fed, how many homeless could we have housed, how many children could we have given health care to, how many veteran's could we have helped? Sad.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

ow ow... or how we walked the MCM 10K

Ow... cause I'm a little stiff in the hip flexors right now... But Vypergirl and I walked the 10K for Sew Much Comfort, and did it in a decent time for an old lady (that's me) and a pregnant lady (that's her)... It was a cool (ok, chilly!) morning. After I waved the DH off to go run his marathon (which he did 25 minutes faster than last year) she and I were waved off by her DH and the kids - and set off. it was a good walk, around the Pentagon - and then down the canyons of Crystal City - and out and around the Pentagon, past the Iwo Jima and then back up.. and watching the "rolling" participants in the Marathon going up that last horrible hill was amazing. You see, one can't help the wheelchair racers get UP that damned hill and after 26 miles, these folks were TIRED.. and everyone on the sidelines was screaming them on and encouraging them... It was inspiring.

But for me, more than anyone else, was the little (if she was 5 foot, I'd be surprised) older lady, stooped and fragile seeming woman (I think she was at least 65) who ran/walked the 10K... Amazing woman - who ran the Portland Marathon 2 weeks ago! I lost her in the crowd at the end, I would have loved to get a picture of her and find out her name.

A great end of the strangest week...


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Acorn - Sproul - which is worse?

hm. Whilst the Right has hissy fits about the Acorn debacle (and let's be fair, Acorn's registration of Micky Mouse is.... Micky mouse) - let's take a look at this article from the London Times

McCain Campaign paid Republican operative accused of voter fraud.

I remember Mr. Sproul's group in Minnesota. They wanted to make sure I as a military spouse was signed up, till I told them I was a Democrat. I don't know who hung up faster! Now Senator Obama, when a lawyer and before beginning his Presidential run, may have defended Acorn, but has anyone tied the Obama campaign AT PRESENT to Acorn with money? If so, please show me, I really am interested in knowing. if not... Senator McCain's $175,000.00 to Sproul's group is kinda up-ing the ante.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PFC Hunter Levine - One of ours needs a hand

The TechMama (Tammy Munson) on posted about PFC Levine - and our site ended up needing to double it's bandwidth. Through being forwarded about the net - it ended up at Blackfive and at Michelle Malkin's site... and we are inundated with offers to help this young man. Now, my fellow liberals - let's go do it!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Tell me why...

The unit has to call at 4:16 AM to wake up DH - to pee in a bottle this morning. FOUR fucking AM!!!!!!!!!! Do they NOT know that there are other people in the family who may want to sleep? Bad enough for me - because once I'm awake, I'm not going back to sleep - just one of those things that creep up on you with age. Once upon a time, when I was waaaay younger, I would have just rolled over and gone back to sleep. But now... well, good morning.

But what do the families with young children do, when the phone shrills at that time? For a second, I was disoriented - and the deployment thoughts started - until I rolled over and handed the phone to him. I can just imagine the crying from the baby, or the MOM, I'm UP!! calls from the toddlers... no more sleep for anyone in the house...


The day got worse... I decided that since I was up, I'd go to work early, since I had to leave early for MRIs... so I walk out of the bathroom ... and the cat has just urped ALL OVER the bedspread, which soaked through to the blankets and sheets - mackerel with tuna sauce and the teaspoon of milk I let him have from my cereal bowl this morning. So - no work early, just washing this monster bedspread - and then the rest of the sheets/blanket.

Got to work - the internet at work was down. Hard to research or get in touch with other firms... Then the hospital called - one of the MRI machines was down. I still got it done, matter of fact I got there early and they had cancelled a few others so I got in early - and was so damned tired, I put the headphones on and they put on some relaxing music - and I slept!

Got home early and now.. I'm hoping all the bad Juju is gone. Cause I'm done!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Marine Corps 10K walk/run

OK, so who's walking for Sew Much Comfort? and shall we meet somewhere???


Friday, October 17, 2008

Palin and the scary people

I just get tired of reading all the hate mongering and BS about Obama - and then I read this from the London Times - and to think that people like THAT are going to vote... - What was Obama doing in Indonesia - Being A KID!!! Closet Muslim??? ok, and even it's true (which it isn't) that's bad... why??? Oh, I get it now... only a good chreeeeeeeeeeeestian can be a President??? oh, please - tell me that I'm wrong...

He actually wants to be a citizen of the world. So do I! Because America is not and shouldn't be an insular, moated country, that wants to keep everyone out - just go to the infamous WalMart - most of the goods are made overseas! Our oil - from overseas. and no, we can't drill our way out of this, if you actually READ the facts, you'll see that it would take too long to get anything out of any fields in Alaska or offshore, and we still wouldn't make up the deficit. Our economy is tied to the world economy, just take a look at the last couple of weeks, or don't they READ anything besides Rash Lamebrain and his ilk... even Faux News has been reporting on the worldwide economic crisis....

Patriotism shouldn't be blind. I'm very proud of being an American, of being the child of a man who served his country as a Coastie, and as a State Dept. officer; of being the wife of a man who has and is still serving his country in uniform; of being the mother of a man who served his country in uniform; of being the mother in law of a woman who served her country in uniform; of being the daughter in law of the man who served his country in uniform.. BUT I see her problems, her bad side as well as her good side. and for some reason, for that - I'm told I'm a traitor and a few other things as well... Being blind to faults in a country (or a human being) doesn't make you a patriot, it just makes you pathetic.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Maryland Renaissance Festival - a Rogues day

The Rogues - a Celtic band that DH has loved for years - has been at the Maryland Ren Fest. We went back - again- to see them - followed them from one venue to another at the Faire - Yeah, We're Bagpipe and drum Groupies!!!! whooo hooo! Lots of fun - pipers, drummers, belly dancers - yeah... and step dancers on the side! These guys also contribute to the AirForce Fund, and are great supporters of the military... Their Warrior's Lament incorporates the Army Song and the Marine Hymn, and will reduce you to tears. We MIGHT be going to see them next weekend, plus they are doing a fundraiser for a Vietnam Vet on Saturday night.

Here's their website.

and here are a couple of the boys. The pipers are both World Champions and members of the best pipe band in North America.

and they usually live - in Houston! sigh....


Virtual Veteran's Day

Since my office isn't closed for Veteran's Day - and I can't take off (since we are going away the week before) I was wondering what to do for Veteran's Day - Here's one solution. CJ at Soldier's Perspective has a great idea. A Virtual One.

Go here and read!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

From BlueStar Families for Obama

Blue Star Families Launch Video: Why We are Pro-Military, Pro-Obama

Blue Star Families for Obama launched a video today that articulates why Senator Barack Obama can count on military families for their votes on November 4th .

The video features eight military spouses who share their reasons for voting for Sen. Obama over Sen. McCain. One Blue Star family member shares: McCain claims to work for us. His actions don’t always agree. He campaigned against the new GI Bill, Voted against troop safety equipment, against vets health care, has a 20 percent rating from the Disabled American Vets.

Another Blue Star adds: Barack Obama shows he understands today's military. Obama will help reservists and military families, and he’s frontlined mental health care, co-sponsored the GI Bill.

As Cindy McCain and Governor Sarah Palin leverage their Blue Star status to parlay votes for Senator John McCain, BSF4O has been actively educating and informing the military community on why Sen. Obama is the right presidential candidate and would make the best Commander in Chief for our country.

BSF4O is a grassroots organization created by Army and Marine spouses who have a Pro-Military, Pro-Obama message. As a membership organization, BSF4O communicates with thousands of military family members through outreach programs and is active in 24 states.

Never before has the military family community shown their overwhelming support for the Democratic candidate. BSF4O are inspired and impressed by Sen. Obama’s voting record and support of Veterans and the military family community. They also believe that Sen. Obama projects the most attractive American values across our country and our globe.

For more information on BSF4O and to view their video, visit .

For the Cat Lovers Everywhere

A friend from work sent me this... I showed it to DH - He laughed as hard as I did..

Simon and the cat dinner.

For a chuckle...


Saturday, October 11, 2008

The AUSA and everything else

It was a hell of a week! I went to the AUSA conference this week - met with some brass, their PAOs and talked to a lot of family advocate agencies. That report will be on ParentsZone - so if you're interested hop on over there. While you are there, take a listen to the SpouseBuzz Radio Show interview of myself and Some Soldier's Mom that TechMama has linked us to. THAT was a lot of fun. Poor TechMama didn't get too many words in edgewise, after all, Some Soldier's Mom and I on one show - yeah, you know we monopolized that conversation!

After a LONG day walking the AUSA Expo I went to PetSmart to do my stint with the kitties and their boxes, and there was a wonderful end to the Tuesday - my first farewell to a cat leaving for his new "forever home". Ricky, a sweet, friendly, affectionate tabby who had been dumped on us by some nasty woman who claimed her new fiance was allergic to him, was carted off to his new wonderful life with his new mommies, their cat and dog. - and is presently being spoiled, petted, and loved by them - a real UP moment! If anyone in the DC area wants a new cat - there are some wonderful ones being taken care of by Fancy Cats Rescue at PetSmart in the area... give me a yell!

On Wednesday DH rode in a Patriot Guard Ride for a Warrant Officer being laid to rest at Arlington. I keep hoping I will be able to ride with him one day. I always admired them when I saw them in Minnesota at the National Guard funerals I attended. Particularly - the days when the high temp was 2 and the windchill was well below zero and they stood around the St. Paul Cathedral in their snowmobile suits and held the flags and honoured the fallen. It always reduced me to tears.

One note from AUSA that I won't post on PZ - I had an Obama button on my purse and despite the ragging (affectionate I think) of TechMama, I kept it on. As I walked around the Expo floor, with the seas of contractors and uniforms, I would get the look, then with some of them, I'd get a surreptitious wink or thumbs up, or a smile and nod. It was quiet, but it warmed my heart, and confirmed my suspicions that there are a lot of "closet democrats" out there in the military. After the incredible bitchiness, the vicious attacks on SisB at her blog , I'm not surprised that they stay quiet! Some of the stranger ideas I have been reading - a Poll Tax for heaven's sake - I will be SOOO glad when this election season is over.

The economy has me scared, seriously scared. The law firm I am working at is going through the usual partner pissing matches, and everyone is nervous, morale has tanked. One of the best of the young lawyers is leaving - his contract is up- talk about short sighted moves, guys. This guy worked his butt off, and got treated shabbily, he is job hunting and the market seems frozen! I'm thinking that I'll start filling out some Federal Job applications (which are such an amazing pain in the ass) and take DAYS to fill out. Who knows, I might find something better - won't pay better, but might be "safer".

On the good side at work, I got a new file - and will be able to get it properly arranged from the beginning, spent a day designing the database and now I'll be writing up the protocols for the intake and file documentation - finally I won't be inheriting a monstrous mess from someone who had no idea of how to manage a case! small things, that make a good week - all in all.

Off to book a flight to see the son, DIL and grandbaby!

Have a good long weekend. Namaste


Thursday, October 09, 2008

On the Radio - it's... ME

On SpouseBuzz radio - some of the authors of ParentsZone. We are going to be talking about what there is for PARENTS of serving Military, what we hope to accomplish on the site.. and whatever questions you want to throw at us! Be there!


Friday, October 03, 2008

OK, time to get political again

OK, so now it's time to get political again, my children. I am reading all the peals of praise for Sarah Palin, and after making sure I don't hurl on my keyboard, I'm done with that. The woman may be a nice lady, a decent Governor of Alaska... but she has NO business being my VP! And for McCain to pick her, with the idea that "well she's a woman, women will therefore vote for her" is, quite frankly, an insult to thinking women everywhere. Excuse me, just because I'm a woman, I don't just vote for the reproductive organs of my representative. I vote for brains, not ovaries!

She can't list what she reads? oh, c'mon, name Newsweek, Time, the Anchorage newspaper... anything! She can't list any other Supreme Court decisions? Guantanamo Bay/Torture... ringing any bells? I didn't watch the debate - but I find the winking, folksy "gorsh golly gee whizz" to be rather asinine, juvenile and patronizing of her constituency.

Has anyone else noticed that the McCain ads are mostly 3 -4 word bullet points - not a whole sentence in the lot? again, has the campaign decided that his constituents can't comprehend more than that?

I'm attaching some sites for your perusal, including a rather damning list of his REAL voting record for Veterans.

Big News of the Week:

BSF4O in the News!
While John McCain uses his military service as a talking-point to promote his presidential campaign, many of those who serve and their families remain unconvinced. Blue Star Families For Obama is a nationwide organization of military families who are vocally opposed to the McCain/Palin ticket, and they aren't quiet about it.

Motley Moose, Vet Voice, October 2, 2008
Our choice to support Obama is not only based on McCain's lack of real support for our military community, but it is also based on Obama's demonstrated commitment to serve us who so proudly serve the country.

Vet Voice, October 1, 2008
BSF4O Maura Satchell invites all of us to show our love for our troops and veterans before the next presidential debate. "Time to tell the media and the voting public that Sen. McCain has voted at least 29 times to cut, eliminate or gut veterans' medical benefits since 1990! "

Other Pro Military! Pro Obama! News & Links
And although Palin plays no role in national defense activities (they involve the guard, but are under federal command), the Veterans for America, also known as the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, are now questioning Palin's record in taking care of her guardsmen for state matters, too.

Think Progress, October 2, 2008
In an interview with ThinkProgress today, Rep. Chet Edwards (D), who represents Crawford, TX and is a leader on veterans issues in Congress, ripped McCain's record on veterans.

Huffington Post, October 2, 2008
So -- in all his infinite concern for our troops and their families -- just what has John McCain since done to rectify the situation at Walter Reed? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. How do I know? Well, as military dependents, my own children were required to begin receiving care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center once we moved within its vicinity in 2006. My young son has battled cancer since he was two years-old and has been to many hospitals. But I wasn't prepared for the conditions at Walter Reed when we arrived.

Lake County Record-Bee, September 30, 2008
I came very close to shooting my television set when I heard these words. Then I wondered why Senator Obama let them go without out rebuttal. Two thoughts came to mind, first - never interupt your opponent when he is boldfaced lying and second - actions speak louder than words so let us examine Senator McCain's voting records.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Support Soldiers' Angels

So you all know Soldiers' Angels, right? If not - go here. Then - go HERE and show your support for those who support the troops. Click on the link - then scroll down... click on Soldiers' Angels and vote!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman - the bluest eyes and a great man

His eyes were legend, his good works, his philanthropy were monumental. His acting got better and better with age. Some of the new crop of actors could learn a lot from that man's life.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Post Vegas and all the rest of it

Now - let me just preface this with the fact that I don't like a lot of noise, visual stimuli and heat etc., since it tends to make the migraines rear their nasty little heads. So Vegas isn't the best place in the world for me.

Friday - woke up with one of the headaches trying to start, but waited until we got on the plane to take a pill. The TSA folks are just a pain and I didn't want to get pulled over and not be functional. We got to Vegas and holy hannah - it was HOT! Got to our hotel ( quick aside, why does a Marriott that is across from the Convention Center not have an Airport Shuttle??) Nice hotel, a regular old Marriott - I don't like surprises unless it's a nice B&B, and from what I heard about the Sahara - I'm glad we picked it! Picked up the official stuff, and then decided to grab dinner. I had believed that there would be more than one bus to the infamous Penthouse party - but no. After we ate at the Sahara Buffet - not worth it, but one has to try the oldtimey stuff - we waited for the bus, but when it didn't show - went back to the hotel and crashed (the timezone thing..)

Next morning, it was easy to see those that had been at the party... some bleeding eyeballs! I was scared, nervous and worried about the panel, but didn't need to be. Melinda had great questions and made us feel right at home. There was one commentor who asked the same question of our panel and the one before it - wanted a large umbrella "agency??" for veterans so they aren't forgotten. hmmm... think we have one of those - it's called the VA and is about as cludgy and hard to navigate as you could want. (son and dil are both navigating it... appeals etc.) besides, the guy didn't understand that we take care of folks OUR way - look at Chuck Z needing voice recognition software and look at it now - Valour IT was born.

The uniform milbloggers were there so I got to meet some of the folks I read a lot, and finally met one of the co authors I invited to join ParentsZone! Meeting Some Soldiers Mom (who won the parents blog milbloggie YAY) made me nervous too, but she made me very much at ease and it was a pleasure swapping stories of some of the wierd and wonderful things our active duty kids have done.

The Army lunch - well I don't like being told that - or have it strongly suggested that- I make the blogs (mine and PZ) into a recruiting tool. That's a slippery slope I won't be heading down. This blog - because it's mine and I get to say what I want, get to show what life is really like in a military family in our situation. And PZ because it's for information, good and bad and all of the stuff in between. I'm not a recruiter and I won't lie, fudge or conceal anything. I'm NOT saying all recruiters do, so jump off that high horse right now. I'm saying I've heard and seen some real slime who are recruiters - one recruited our kid. We told him the truth and he decided to join up anyway.

Saturday night was wonderful. Dinner at a good Italian Restaurant (I'm told it's a chain, but it's good food!) and it was one of those evenings that we all hope for. Good company (SemperFi Wife with Col. Semper Fi Wife, HF6, Toad and Mrs. Toad and DH and myself) good food - we ordered "Family Style" and it was quiet enough to actually talk to each other. Andi - we missed you! and AFW - answer the phone next time!

Sunday DH and I walked around the Venetian, Bellagio and Caesar's - ooh the shops! Did some looking, no buying... and we did hit the slots - each of us stuck a buck in the quarter slots, walked out with 3.50 profit. OH - if you are in Vegas and want a decent breakfast, the Imperial Palace coffee shop - second floor... great pancakes! Of course, migrained again, but it backed off after drugs and some nap on the plane. Flew home, got home incredibly late - crashed. and got up early for work Monday...walking zombie!

I am glad I went, glad DH met more of my imaginary friends, and very excited that PZ got so much good recognition - lots of folks telling me it's needed and we are all hoping we can make it as useful as possible. (and fun too, we need FUN!)

Namaste. LAW

Friday, September 19, 2008

Goin' to Vegas

Here I am... packing for Vegas - to be a panelist at MilBlog Expo. To say I'm nervous, is a mastery of understatement. I'm going to be surrounded by people who are REALLY big cheeses in the milblogging community, and most of them do not like people who think like me. So - think of me kindly, huh?

DH decided he didn't want to take two small roll on suitcases and one other carry on each. So I'm glad we are on Southwest Airlines - one checked bag won't cost us extra. and the clothes won't need so much pressing either. I'm taking some adult clothes, want to look nice and professional during the panel, ya know. I'm sure they are expecting some hippie in beads! (no, SB friends, I know you don't...) at the last Spouse Buzz Live, I was told by someone who reads my blog that I don't look like a liberal - she was imagining either a hippie with long gray hair and beads, or someone with multiple piercings and tattoos, wearing weird and wonderful stuff... For those of you who haven't seen me - I am accused of dressing like a fuddy duddy - slacks, shirt and conservative jacket. It's fun to skewer the incorrect assumptions, isn't it?

I'm pissed off - the headache study I was in, and in which I was just 7 days from having the procedure - has been canceled! Dammit! There might be another one I qualify for, the same type of device. We wanted to have all this done before DH left in January - but I don't think that is going to be possible. I may just have to go another route. Trying to get our friends at Tricare to cover something like this - well, I'm up for a battle.

time to hit the shower and get moving. I'll try to post from Vegas.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Milbloggie for Parents Zone

can you believe it? our first year of Parentszone, and we're nominated for a Milbloggie! If you can, and want to, would you vote for us? We'd love to have a good showing!

I honestly didn't know about it, till JUST NOW!! yikes. That'll teach me to go on vacation!


Monday, September 08, 2008

Spouse Buzz Live

Holy Hanna - actually, she really wasn't that bad - Tropical Storm Hanna... We had a blast as always at SpouseBuzz Live. My DH came with me, since we then moved on to a family vacation (more about that on another post) He was so sweet, came to all the dinners and met my imaginary friends, even went and picked up the ParentsZone cards (I can't show them to you... I'm in a timeshare condo, with no scanner - horrors!) I liked what I saw of Virginia Beach and Norfolk, we even found a nice diner (he'll post about that on his blog Ditherings). Dinner with the SB gang and some spouses/kids - a very fun way to spend an evening. But one of these days we need to go to some little out of the way place, guys... somewhere NOT a chain restaurant! I know, with kids and some folks don't eat this, or that, or are allergic to something's hard.

Met some old friends - Huh? Well, I've blogged with them, but never physically said HI. and saw some old friends again. Every time I go to SBL, I'm both heartened and disappointed. Heartened by the support we give each other - disappointed that we still can't connect with everyone that needs our support, help, shoulder to cry on.

So, now I'm on vacation with my folks. and that's another post!


Peace for the mind, for the heart and for the spirit. Namaste


Monday, September 01, 2008

Forsooth - yoikes and away!

Ren Fest- Maryland style. Smaller, and in the woods, and I loved it. And the best part - The Rogues - one of DH's favourite bands.

Lots of food - (but skip the "sweet potato fries" they are some sort of mush deep fried...ick) and I have to say the smoked turkey legs - not so much, they didn't use any mesquite or hickory. But the yard o' fries.. yum. The "Shakespeare Scum" Hysterically funny The Scottish Play in 30 minutes - next time we'll have to see the Romeo and Juliet in 30 minutes... There was another band we enjoyed as well - drinking songs in the Irish vein - The Hooligan Brothers. We'll definitely be going back - I have more shopping to do!!

Now we get ready for Spouse Buzz Live (if Hanna doesn't tromp her way up the coast too much) and a few days with my folks in the mountains. Then... Vegas!

Peace for the mind, the body and the spirit. Namaste.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

well... damn

How do I say this. We're going to be saying goodbye again. DH has been alerted to the fact that he's going back to the Sand. Next year, late winter/early spring.

well... damn.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

so much to say

That I don't really know where to start. On a personal level, all is good.

Gettysburg - we spent a great weekend up there - the hotel was literally on the battlefield, the restaurant sucked, but the bed was comfortable, you could open the windows, the weather cooperated, and I only got one migraine! We walked Pickett's Charge - they mow a large path from the Virginia monument to the stone wall.. that is a damned long walk, and it really brought home the incredible courage those men showed, taking that gentle slope into the storm of fire that was being aimed at them. The music from "Gettysburg" kept running through my head. LOVE that CD. (Thanks, sweetie, for getting it for me!)

Chatham House/Fredricksburg - another great day, battery fire (2 guns) and a group of infantry from New Jersey lead by a hysterically funny Sgt - who really brought home the trials and travails of a ground pounder during the War of Northern Aggression - whoops... the Virginia's coming out there... and I'm only one by marriage.

Migraines - one or two a week. I'm in a study now.. so there is some hope. I don't want to say too much about that here until we know more.

Work - the light at the end of the tunnel isn't the oncoming train anymore! yea. I have made headway on the files from hell, and I think I can start working on other stuff - whew. The boss seems happier since MIMI is gone - although we have found so much important crap hidden in her desk, you'd be amazed!

Politics - oh just shut up everyone! Yes, I'll be voting Democrat - but I'm done with it all. the negative ads, the BS online from both sides. Basta! The stupidity of those thinking Obama is some muslim terrorist in disguise, the ridiculous personal attacks... enough already. McCain isn't the second coming, nor is he the anti christ. I'm NOT going there.

Y'all take it easy.


Monday, August 11, 2008


That's what I'll call it, Hiatus. I've been on hiatus - like TV shows used to do it... OK, so I've actually just not posted.. sue me.

I'd like to tell you all about Gettysburg and the fantastic time we had out there, or about the bike ride (motor, not pedal) out to Arlington and the interesting history I learned there... but I'm just pissy today. I've had a migraine every other day, I'm not sleeping well and I'm just crabby. Everything I want to do, I either know will trigger another headache, or I can't finish it... I have these half done projects and just don't see an end to anything. Work is driving me nuts - enuff said there.

I'm not good company today - I'll try again later.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I am NOT Spam!

On Friday - my blog was locked. From what I see, many Blogger sites were locked, accused of being "spam blogs". Seems they have algorithm problems with their automatic spam blogging systems.. Well - as an old friend used to say -- BITE ME! This just pissed me off. Of course, for a couple minutes, I wondered - another rightwing way to shut all the liberals off? nah, they aren't dumb enough to try that one, because we will always find another way to mouth off.

It also made me realize I need to back this up, keep those posts that meant something, or where I said something meaningful and did it in a halfway decent fashion.

So I'm back. I'll actually write something when I get a chance to NOT be mad and/or busy as hell.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ins Hofbrau Haus...

We had a reunion! Actually, a unit at the FieldStation DH was stationed at "back in the day" in Germany, had a get together at a German (Bavarian) Restaurant in Maryland. His instructor from School (we are talking late 70s here, folks) was there... I heard a LOT of stories... whoooda thunk it... Painting the tank PINK? having chair races? His rep at work would suffer... he he.

Food was Bavarian/American (my chief quibble, the Rotkraut was waaaay too sweet. ) but the Bier was good, the company was marvelous and we even liked the accordion players, the Austrian woman yodelled really well and of course we sang along where we could... all in all a great time.

A welcome change from work. This week has been a nightmare. I took over a file - with 20 some plaintiffs, from a young "paralegal" (with NO training, just a smart pre law student making some $ before law school) who took it over from another one just like him. Oh. My. God. what a freakin' disaster. File integrity (all documents for one person in one file)? Nah, a piece here, a piece there... and finding interesting records in boxes labeled - miscellaneous.... nothing kept in the separate folders in the document management system - all in "unopened cases" Correspondence... I'm spending a lot of time - in fact until Friday afternoon ALL of my week- just finding/sorting/making folders - making some sort of order from chaos. and finding more chaos because nothing was done properly, records haven't been requested... oh, it's just FUBAR. Majorly FUBAR!

On the good side - I have two divisions of the firm asking me to work for them, one side is actually demanding I stop doing what I'm doing for the other division - told the young associate doing a lousy imitation of a Top Kick (who thinks he's just soooooo wonderful and that his sh*t don't stink) that since the partner in charge gave his go ahead - think I'll just keep going.. he can confront the partner if he wants to.

Yoga is going great - had one of those yoga classes on Thursday that was so amazing, it all flowed, the relaxation/meditation at the end was refreshing... A great one. And the massage I had that afternoon after work - heaven. The back is starting to ease up, the migraines are still slamming me - two large ones last week needing drugs... a couple of little ones that eased off by themselves/coffee/stretching/meditating...

So, my dear blog friends, another week gone.. today is up in the air. I've brought some work home, I need to write a few posts for, but if the weather holds, we want to head for Occoquan for a historic festival - from the looks of the sky right now.. not so much!

Have a great week - I will try to post more often, but it will be mostly "that *($(&#$(* jackass... what MORON does THIS... (*(%$))(@*#)(*)@(*#$)(@#*). not so interesting..

Peace for the body, the mind and the spirit - Namaste.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mandela

this is one of my heroes. A man who survived brutal imprisonmentfor over a quarter of a century, held to his ideals (ok, so his former wife was a mistake!) and has called for the rich to help the poor, works for the fight against AIDS in South Africa when it was considered a taboo subject, and is celebrating his 90th birthday with the world!

Happy Birthday, Madiba!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh, you just WON'T believe this one!

Talking to a young paralegal today..she's about to leave the firm to get her MBA - so you wouldn't think she was a true Twinkie. She was asking me about DH and what he does. She had just had breakfast with a friend of hers who is stationed at Bragg. When I asked what he did... she said he's an officer. "ok.... but what unit/type of unit" Infantry, I think, was her answer - sigh. BUT the best is yet to come, my children. Hearken to this:

She asked where DH was deployed to. I told her Iraq. She then asked:

Oh.. Did you go with him?

No, I kid you NOT! I didn't snap back with something akin to "how dumb ARE you?" I said, thinking she might not have heard me, "I said, he was in Iraq". She asked again, oh did you go? My response finally was - no, it's a WAR ZONE...

sigh... It never ceases to amaze me!


Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day, y'all

Well... I had to go into work this morning, and the tourists have infested DC! the NEA is here too... 15,000 teachers and their families!! The Metro was just UGLY. But now, I'm back home and we are just going to veg.

I wrote a post on Parent's Zone

In addition, I want to thank all of you, the readers who have family in the service, thanks for putting up with the BS, the inane rules, the deployments, the re integration problems. Thank you to those in the service, for the same list, and for putting yourself on the line, no matter what your opinions or ideas on the subject.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

One Year

It's been a year since he got back to the States. One Year. we have been in the same zip code, except for a week or so, since he got home. and it's actually a little weird! I can hear it now.. LAW - how can it be weird to have your DH home?- Easy.. Be Army! We had two deployments, (one was 22 months) two schools, two overseas TDYs (that's what happens when you are AGR) So I got used to having the bed to myself, the TV remote to myself, eating what I wanted when I wanted (cereal for dinner is ok... right? Dairy, carbs...) That all adds up to about 8 months together, in little 2-4 week reunions, in FOUR years.

So this feels like an anniversary - last year we were in Minnesota, he called on my cell to let me know that he was going to be released from McCoy for the holiday (went back for 3 weeks to assist in the inprocessing of returning MN Guardsmen) A friend went down and picked up her DH and mine... our reunion was in the Starbucks Parking Lot... I've never had one of those big hug and kiss wave flags and scream reunion... and I am hoping (against reality) that I don't have to do that again.

So happy Independence Day to all, and Happy Anniversary sweetie!


Friday, June 27, 2008

She's gone! happy dancing

OK, so I'm being sue me! but Mimi - the bane of my existence at work, is gone. gone gone gone - and there are a lot more staff there doing a happy dance. The attorneys - oblivious, absolutely oblivious, and surprised that staff members are delighted that she is gone! She quit, wasn't fired, but I think even she realized that no one was going to fight to have her stay. Her direct supervisor may not even have said it, but he wasn't exactly thrilled with her performance lately.

On to even worse. SpouseBuzz has always been my haven for sensible blogging, very supportive and when you said something about military living there, you knew that most of the spouses on there had "been there, done that, had waaaaay too many souvenirs". A posting, done reluctantly by the author, was made about a certain calendar and a military wife/bikini model with spouse living in Katterbach and linked to by ... and kindness, common sense and any spelling or grammar learnt in grade school - went right out the window. The nastiness, prating priggishness and sheer viciousness went on and on, the last time I looked before it was closed and not available, the comments numbered over 525. Ninety percent if not more, were attacks on the model, anyone looking at it, anyone not understanding that "men looking at such porn (and this wasn't porn!) are cheating on their wives" One comment stated the calendar was "unholy"! OK, so that one made me laugh... Where was the team, the support, the caring in our community? gone, with petty name calling taking over. Now I hasten to add, the "regular" posters, the ones that come to that site daily, were there to add some requests for civility, some calm discourse... the visitors were another story altogether.

Folks, this calendar was no worse than the SI bikini addition, the latest Pamela Anderson sighting, or Victoria's Secret last catalogue. To read some of the comments, no man who loved his wife looks at anyone else... even at the beach. Oh get REAL here! If my husband of over 30 years didn't look at a beautiful woman on the beach in a bikini - I'd take his pulse! If I don't look at a good looking guy in shorts, take mine! It doesn't mean we aren't faithful and loving spouses, it means we are human. My grandmother, the little German Lady, once stopped in a mall and watched a very nice specimen of manhood walk down the walkway. When, as a shallow girl of 25 I asked her "Omi, how can you DO that" - she smiled and told me she wasn't dead yet and that beauty was to be enjoyed in many forms!

Why am I taking time and space for this subject. Because I was ashamed of my community, of the women and girls who were supposedly from the military family I am part of. As one friend said, there were some on there who weren't really milspouses, and like stirring the pot. I take a percentage out, and am still left with a nasty taste in my mouth, that has nothing to do with my morning cup of coffee. I must be getting old.

To the good side of my week - we went to the Twilight Tattoo at Ft. McNair. Great show, lots of marching and martial music, a couple of nice horses, the Old Guard Drill Team flinging Springfield rifles with bayonets about and scaring the whoo ha out of me (that 1st Sgt who stand in the middle of the circle whilst these weapons are flying.. has all my respect), punctuated with periodic cannon fire that made everyone jump 2 feet! It was a lovely evening, not too hot yet. Helicopters from the Marine One fleet were flying around too, making for an interesting back drop, and there were boats on the river next to the parade ground. General Casey was in attendance (jeez, he's a short guy!) Made for a fun evening - had a picnic before the review - now we need to hit the Marine one at the Iwo Jima memorial... gotta check them all out, and they are FREE! nice price. You can get to the locations by Metro and a short walk.

On the weather front, here in the Nation's Capitol... let me just say, I need GILLS! hot, humid and just yuck. The tourists are flocking now, and the Metro is more and more crowded. Gas prices probably have a lot to do with it! over 4 bucks. Our Prius is turning out to be a better and better purchase, and yes, we do gloat periodically.

Time to get ready for work. It's FRIDAY! yay. Plans for the weekend are fluid and depend on the weather. The office picnic at the Zoo - not so much. I know what's going to be there, the suck up associates hanging on the partners' every word, the young paralegal clique will be hanging around either playing silly games or languidly lounging - being JUST too cool for the room... and the old farts like me, no where to be seen.

Have a great weekend, be safe, be happy, and please, be kind. Peace for the mind, body and spirit, Namaste.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Been a while...

With getting Parent's Zone up and running - Tammy, I can't even thank you enough...- and the insanity of work, salted with the occasional migraine.. I've been lax in posting..

I'm growing gills, I think - I need them to breathe around here. Last weekend's heat wave knocked me for a loop! I used to be able to handle heat and humidity, but age and migraine have turned me into a wimp. These headaches rule my life now, and my husband's time off too.

Yesterday, you may have read that 30 blocks of downtown DC were dark for a long time. I was in our office... in the dark... no AC (remember this, it's important later) and NO COFFEE. the partners waited until about 9:30 (I got there at 7:45) to tell us to just go home. After all... we were looking at 4 hours to get the servers up, even if the power went on... which it did right after most people left. I elected to take work home, but didn't get any done. Thanks to the whole no AC/stuffiness and no coffee.. the migraine hit about 2. I had gone to the shoe stores ... I'll rant about that later... and then to get new glasses, which I desperately need. and then I could feel it starting, so home we went and the rest of the day was a total loss.

Shoe store - tell me WHY they have to have the music up to a decibel level designed to make you want to break things??? and it's weird "world music" too... with unintelligible screeeeeeching and atonal chording of unknown instruments. I can handle that at a decent sound level, but the windows were shaking from the level... I asked for them to turn it down and was told they have no control over it... bizarre. I got a pair of sandals and fled. then off to safe, stodgy old JC Penney for a pair of black small heeled shoes.... no 4 inch spikes, no strange and wonderful coins/chain/strange heel... just boring old black "court" shoes. I fail to understand WHY someone {the Sex in the City dressers} decided we needed spikes again, to make our low backs scream, the toes whimper and the plantar fascia vibrate... I just don't know..

I sound like a grumpy old lady. I'm not, really, I'm not.

Then to the dreaded eyeglasses. Now folks, I've been wearing glasses since I was 8. I have had some true disasters of frames, but now I'm just floored. If the lenses get any smaller, there won't be room for the bifocal I need! and the rimless ones I have now, I will never get again. I'm hard on the things, I fall asleep with my glasses on and "mush" them under the motorcycle helmet and all sorts of silly things. so I got the ones you can basically tie up in a knot. Luxotica brand and many many $$ but they need to last, they need to be usable for at least a year. and NO, no separate sunglasses (I hate carrying around another set of glasses...) so I'll get a few pairs of clip on sunglasses I won't worry about if I lose them...

I AM turning into an old lady... HELP ME!

Later, guys... Later.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Marine Corps 10K walk/run

Sign up June 4!!! fees 45$ plus processing.

here's the link.

I will be walking for Sew Much Comfort - anyone who wants to join me, let me know. We need to sign up separately, but can meet up there.

Update: Vypergirl and I are signed up... anyone else? Hope we see you there.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial day again

another view of Memorial Day. Thoughtfully written from the heart. For some of my more Republican friends - you might not like part of it...


Thursday, May 29, 2008

A liberal - but Garrison IS a jackass

Garrison Keillor is a true jackass. His recent opinion piece on Rolling Thunder is twaddle. Absolute twaddle!

First - most of those people (of which I am proud to say I was one!) are either veterans, families of veterans or presently serving. They are NOT " grown men playing soldier, making a great hullaballoo without exposing themselves to danger, other than getting drunk and falling off a bike." They exposed themselves to danger - maybe he should have looked at those ugly vests and seen the patches - Brownwater Navy - 1st Armored - VietNam - KheSanh - OIF - Afghanistan - Desert Storm. There were memorial tags - riding for a dead friend, a missing brother, a buried son.

Second - Rolling Thunder ended at the Memorials. The ones that he just caaaaaaaaaaaahnt be bothered with. Where those balding, ponytailed fat men cried, where the Wall was smothered in cards, medals and wedding rings, flowers, teddy bears and children's pictures.

Third - the WW2 memorial, the "bland insult" was designed by veterans, in the style that the veterans of that time understood and revered. How do I know? I asked my dad, the WW2 vet.

If he wanted to go to the National Gallery and trail his fingers in the lake with Cassat's lady - fine. But don't you DARE insult men and women honoring THEIR dead.

I am, as my blog states - a Liberal. and I LOVED MPR - we used to listen to Prairie Home Companion - although it gets a little old sometimes. This idiotic, St. Paul Uber Liberal Elitist crap is NOT a liberal speaking. Just a nasty little man, who believes his own press clippings.

Just wondering, would he say the same thing to the Patriot Guard Riders... If he does, he better run reeeeeeely fast. I know a couple of General Officers who'd love a chance at him.


Monday, May 26, 2008


Oh. Wow. It was amazing. We rode in Rolling Thunder this weekend. We just started riding a few months ago, and this was the first big "meeting type" ride... What a way to start!

Saturday we went over to the Pentagon - yeah we were lost, thinking that Thunder Alley was there (shopping zone for all things biker and military) Nope. But we did meet up with some great Michigan folks, who had a GPS and led us to a Harley Dealership in Maryland that was hosting the whole shebang. This was fine... then we realized that we were going on the BeltWay... Now DH has done so before and is just fine out there... lets just say the guys we were riding with asked me when we got to the site "how long you been riding with him?" they were very polite about it, but I suppose the death grip I had on the sissy bar under my seat was a dead giveaway! yikes. But going on the highway with a whole group was actually a great intro to it, after all, no moron in an SUV on his cell phone was going to actually plow into a huge bunch of bikers.. if he wanted to live, that is!

Next morning, off to the Pentagon again. The schedule was - pull out from there at noon, so we got there at 8:30... and the place was already jammed 3/4 full. We found one of the Michiganders again (the potty lines were a great gathering place!) and he said they had been there since 6:45! Met up with Vypergirl and her family.. cute kids and a neat sidecar for them - loaded with lots of Mom snacks. It was hot, but there were lots of water tents, but not NEARLY enough Port a Potties! If you waited until you HAD to... you were in big trouble. We found some shade to hunker down in.. note to selves - next year, camp chairs! Here's me.. with just a few hundred thousand of our dearest and closest friends! (It's a Yamaha V Star Silverado 1100)

Finally, at noon, the Thunder roared. We started our engine at 1:30 and pulled out a few minutes later. Guys - it was AMAZING! the sound was phenomenal, and we rode and rode, across the Memorial Bridge around Lincoln, down to Constitution, past the Memorials, past people waving and clapping. ONE obnoxious guy, with ape hanger handlebars and cored out pipes decided to position himself off our starboard side and deafened us.. At the end, we kept going and ended up somewhere out in Rosslyn! Then we went back, and found Thunder Alley, did some shopping for patches and such.. Motored home, still jazzed! We were going to go back downtown on the Metro for the Concert, but we just figured we'd declare victory and stay home.

Monday - we tried to go to Arlington - No joy there. No bags, no water bottles.. It was already hot and there were lots of folks there - so forget it. We'll go when we can actually see the stones, and don't have to stop everything because yet another VIP convoy has to disrupt EVERYONE. We saw the POTUS motorcade twice - yawn.

Went to the VietNam Memorial instead. and it did it to me again. This place - it makes me weep every time. There was a lot of emotion there today, one gentleman was sobbing uncontrollably and was alone. When he could gather himself, he looked at me and thanked me for the hand on the shoulder.. he said he couldn't handle having his family see him like that. That alone was heartbreaking! We walked around, being deafened by the whirlybird ahead of the motorcade. Then the crowds got heavier, and it got hotter, and we packed up, came home. All in all, what a way to spend the Memorial Day weekend. Remembering. and being so proud of my military family.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

GI Film Festival

um... what to say here.... they really need to advertise it more! not many folks there. had fun at the MilBlogging forum seeing Miss Andi and Joan D'arc and Maj. Z... who had a great long chit chat with DH.

Attendance was awful. not many folks there at all, most of them the film folk - most of whom were there, of course, to sell their movie/idea. Capt Dale Dye was there, with entourage... it was a pleasant way to spend a weekend.

We did get some work done on the Parent's Page. It's not perfect, or any where near done, but we'll get there.

so, another weekend shot. Laundry is presently going round, and the workweek looms. Next weekend - Rolling Thunder (which is why I ordered a seat for the motorcycle, for some extra padding).



Friday, May 16, 2008

Bad Voodoo

I was able to listen to the SpouseBuzz Radio Show, and the interview with the creator of Bad Voodoo War. I haven't seen it yet, but I plan to. Her discussion about the comments she has been getting was inspiring. So if you want to, click on the title of this post, and watch. don't forget to comment.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day

to all of us. My DIL and I were talking last night, she has a relative about to marry a Ranger. She was asking me my advice and what to get her. I told her about a couple of books - Married to the Military (yeah, the pink camo sucks, but the book is good) and then Help, I'm a Military Spouse and I want a Life too. DIL said " it's a lot harder being the wife, than being active" She's been both. It was a sweet thing to say, don't you think?

Anyway. Happy MSAD to all..


Friday, May 09, 2008

Grandbaby is here

My family is in town, my folks from Fla. my son, DIL and the sweetest grandbaby in the world are here. I won't go into how perfect she is now.. just to let you know I may not be on much until Wednesday.

OH - CANNOT forget. Butterfly Wife is a happy lady right now, Jack Bauer is home. welcome home, Sir. and Wife Unit - hope he and Gassy Gussy are happy and well.


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Parent's Page

Is up! well, a small beginning of one, anyway. If you are a parent of a serving military member,go on over,[click on the title of this post] leave a comment and most importantly, leave us a way to get to you! If you don't want to leave an email address in the open, let us know that, and we'll figure out how to get to you. My cohort in this is VERY tech savvy... which is good... I'm not so good!

If you know that your mom or mom in law would like to participate in a meeting place for parents, please let them know it's there. Click on the title of this post to get there or on the link on the right.



Sunday, May 04, 2008

Nope- no profound thoughts again

The sun is out. and it's a lovely day. The balcony boxes are looking good, need to buy a few more plants for another planting stacker.. more herbs I think.

The FRG meeting was a bit disappointing. No - not the pizza. the fact that 25 people responded that they were coming.. and only the same old 11 or so (and most of them, the uniformed members/SGM - unit leaders) actually did. Folks - if you want a good FRG, you gotta, GOTTA, take part!!!!!!! Apathy is our greatest enemy here.

DH was out of town for a while, got back Saturday. Mandatory fun picnic today - we'll ride the bike down and hang out for a little while, but have a lot of stuff to do as well. The unit didn't ask for anyone to help, it's all being catered, which is a let down as well. wouldn't it be more fun to have some of the guys flipping the burgers, pot luck on the sides and good desserts from others? a bit more of a get together.... ah well.



Tuesday, April 29, 2008

rain rain rain

I kinda hope the drought is officially over. Because I am starting to wonder if we need a boat. Sunday, it drizzled and then poured. Monday... ditto.

BUT on the good side - whilst waiting for DH to get ferried back from the finishing line of the GW Parkway 10 miler, I spied an ESTATE SALE. Now, I was waiting for him in a rather nice older neighbourhood outside DC... So I went in, and there it was. A black formal gown, very simple but beautifully cut, with the tags still on [Nordstroms.. formal room...]! and the lovely couple doing the sale said - sure go ahead, try it on - and it fits. like a glove. A little low in the front for me, DH likes it.. but it needs to be shortened as soon as I find the right shoes. and only $30!! So. now I hunt for low heeled fancy shoes. HOWEVER, we still don't know anyone else going to the Army Ball, and I hate going by ourselves, lots more fun with a table full of folks ya know.

Then the nurseries.. and I held back. got some lovely stuff, but the 6 large bags of potting soil made DH a weeeee bit crabby. Now, if it would warm up and stop blowing long enough for me to fill the balcony boxes and pots, it would be great. Still need a few more little things to fill a stacked pot, but then.. it will look nice.

I was showing a co worker our house, which is back on the MLS. They have 360 views of it - including my lovely big kitchen, with the acres of counter space, the monster pantry, and I wanted to just cry. ah well, the adventure will continue. Just wish someone would buy the blasted thing!

Onwards and upwards. a new day, maybe the boss will have his head out of his 4th POC... doubt it. and maybe the sun will peep out. on the good side - Yoga class and FRG meeting tonight - Pizza night!

Y'all take care. Profundities lacking again... maybe later in the week.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

motorcycle, 10 mile runs... My Weekend

NO - I didn't nor will I run 10 miles. DH is as we speak doing the George Washington Parkway 10 miler. I don't run, not even for a train.

We had a fantastic day yesterday, went on the motorcycle- down to Old Town Alex the back way (via Eisenhower, for any of you in the area) wandered Old Town, found a super bakery for a decent sourdough, picked up his race packet and took off again. I love Old Town, the streets are lovely and the townhouses are gorgeous. But oh mama - the price of a house down there! YIKES! Then... down the George Washington Parkway. Very little traffic, glorious sunshine, the azaleas, the lilac and all manner of flowering bushes just popping out all over. Stunning, against the backdrop of some jawdropping houses, and on the other side, the Potomac.. Unfortunately, we had to go on US 1. Stunningly awful, traffic was horrible, store after store after store after...... and it was HOT!

today - the plant nursery! After I pick up himself, off down US 1 and get plants, potting soil.. and try not to buy too much, because I have just a teeeeeeeeny balcony.

I don't feel like writing anything profound. Just wanted to talk about a great day.

take care, hope your day is a good one.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Colonel, I'm ashamed of you!

Today was the day I was ashamed of a man in uniform. The Metro was packed. absolutely sardine like. Then... we had to get off because of a technical problem. so you can imagine what the NEXT one was like... Insanity!

So we squished in... and then I saw it. A full bird colonel, eagles gleaming. sitting. and an elderly woman standing in front of him. and he kept sitting. Now I don't expect him to get up for me. but this woman was white haired and having a great deal of trouble maintaining her balance and holding on to a rail.. and he sat. Officer and a gentleman, huh? Not So Much. and before anyone thinks he was injured.. the way he sprang up, grabbed his PT bag and rushed off when we hit his stop.. No.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I got tagged

so.. the 5 Things:

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. planning, drawing, getting ideas for the house we ended up building.
2. working
3. getting the house we lived in ready to sell
4. walking the property we had, figuring, planning
5. helping my husband get through school by doing 2.

5 things on my to do list

1. Look for more sites to link to on the new Parent's site
2. email friends to see if anyone wants to do the Marine Corps 10K
3. crochet work on the king size cover
4. look for more books on CD for granddaughter
5. Laundry

5 Snacks I enjoy

1. Goldfish - whole grain
2. Fruit - most any kind
3. Chocolate - milk because dark gives me migraine - Belgian or Swiss/German.
4. popcorn - kettle corn is best
5. dried fruit - apricots, prunes, raisins, apples.

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire

1. Quit work
2. Start my own organizing business
3. look for property
4. Fund my granddaughter's schooling
5. But first, just for me...Buy a Bugatti Vayron, go to Germany/Italy/Switzerland and DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Bad Habits

1. I read rather than do something I should be doing
2. I sleep when I should work out
3. I mess with my cuticles
4. According to DH, I steal the covers
5. I pick on DH for the toilet roll, toilet seat... wet towels..

5 places I've lived. Jeez. I've lived in at least 10 different countries... I'll give you my favourites.

1. Naples Italy
2. Bad Homburg, Germany
3. London and Sussex
4. Washington DC
5. Sydney Australia

5 Jobs I've had

1. Paralegal for 20 years
2. Worked at a plant nursery
3. Kitchen Designer
4. Passport Clerk in a Consulate
5. Secretary

Now - I'm going to be a bad girl. I'm not tagging anyone. sorry.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You GOTTA be kidding me!

Dick Cheney has outdone himself. he has decided (no, he's NOT the Decider, he runs the Decider) that the one who is truly affected by the loss of life in Iraq is... (drumroll for stupidity, please) the Preznent. Let's recap, shall we?

We were going into Iraq because (pick one, they tried them all...) WMD, Saddam Hussein was going to help AlQuaeda, Saddam had already helped AlQuaeda, he was getting the Bomb. No, we went in because Dickie and George and Rummie and the rest of them wanted to. Now, not ONE of them has a family member in uniform. NOT ONE. Shrub prancing about in a flight suit doesn't count. I may not like McCain, but he DOES have skin in this.

They were warned, we need more men, better equipment. The sheer rage I felt when we heard the "we go in with the army we have...." Now, correct me if I'm wrong... we didn't HAVE to start the conflict in Iraq. we could have waited and had the right equipment, right? No one invaded us. OH PLEASE, I can hear the right wingers now... they attacked us on 9/11. ONE MORE TIME - there were no Iraqis in that group, no proof ever that Saddam Hussein was in any way involved. the secular Baathist government of Iraq was a supremely evil group, run by a true piece of slime, but it was NOT responsible for 9/11.

Anyway - to get back to the subject. So, they were warned, more men, it's not going to be the piece of cake they wanted... the people were NOT going to strew flowers in our path. and the general who warned them, fired. anyone who warned them, gone. Then... oh, it was only a few loyalisssts, and some terrrrrrsts. there's no civil war in Iraq... how much more drivel do we have to listen to? how many more lies? and do they believe any of it??

Now, I don't know how we leave, who do you want to be the last one out? I don't see an end here, and it scares me, and it makes me angry. I look at the men and women in uniform on post, on the Metro... and I worry.

I had some good news today, a woman I worked with earlier emailed me and told me her son was home, from his second tour in the Litterbox. Breathed a little easier! but how many of my blogging friends have boots in the sand right now.. and we breathe a sigh of relief as they come home and dread the next deployment.

For those who got us into this disaster, I hope, oh how I hope, that there really is karma. what goes around, will come around.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five Years

Today is one of those days that I really have to think about who/what I am. A Liberal, who has strong feelings against the Iraq war. A Proud Army Wife, who supports her husband, the troops, completely. A Liberal, who thinks the Afghanistan War was and is the right thing to do. A Proud Army Mom, who supported her son during his Army days, and now supports him in his ongoing life as a veteran. A Proud Army Wife, who is active in her new FRG and trying to help some of the younger mil-spouses out there who are a little bit lost in this new military life.

I wrote a blog a while ago "where would I have stood" and I still don't know. A woman I work with, seeing my peace symbol next to my Army Wife pin, asked if I wanted to go to a vigil tonight... and I can't. A woman screamed at me on the train this morning, that I was some sort of traitor... Her exact words " I guess you think we deserved 9/11"... my response - what a fatuous idiotic statement that is...

It would be so much easier to not listen to the two sides of me. Being torn like this makes me wonder, if it wouldn't be easier to forget it all, to not read the news, not watch the Honor Roll on Lehrer, to not respond to the FRG requests for help, to not blog, to not go to SpouseBuzz or any of the other military blogs. I think it would be easier, but I wouldn't be me.

One thing I noticed today - no uniforms. My train goes to the Pentagon, and usually there are lots of men and women in uniform, and I always feel great seeing them. Today, they were in that "civies" uniform, jeans, polo shirt and jacket... That's a shame.

So from me - to the men and women in uniform, I'm so damned proud to be in your family. To the protestors, yes we want peace, but don't forget, your right to protest is protected by those men and women in uniform. Protest the decision, not the ones who are carrying it out. And to my friends, both to the left and the right of the spectrum, thank you for putting up with this two sided confused Proud Liberal Army Wife (especially you, love of my life.)


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Baby shower, daylight savings and other twaddle

Sheesh... been awhile since I posted! No excuses, just busy. and sometimes, just too much to say.

Had a nice little baby shower for WifeUnit, her friend "Aunty Jenn" and the cutest little bundle boy. unfortunately, due to deployment leaving/coming home and illness, as well as some other stuff, we didn't have a big crowd. But fun was had anyway. How much the guest of honour enjoyed himself, I'll leave up to his mommy. I sure enjoyed having him here. But I don't think the cat really figured out what that was, made funny little noises and everyone cooed it it... hmmmm

I'm hearing from the kid, who has to go to work at some unholy hour of 2 am... that daylight savings time is kicking his butt. DH got up to run an 8K race this morning... but it hasn't hit me yet, since I woke up at... well... let's see, OLD time it was 3:30... NEW time 4:30. Whichever, it was waaay too damned early. Ah well. I'll sleep great tonight, after cookie baking with the FRG later.

Elections - I'm mortified by the Dems, absolutely detesting all of them right now, why DO we have to act this way. All we are doing, is giving fodder to the Repubs. STOP IT NOW!! we have BIG problems here, we need serious answers, from serious people. Oh... I miss Bill Richardson!

more later... about the Parent's Page we are trying to start.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The drivel that Anonymous posted

THIS is the blather that I didn't allow to post earlier. This is what "anonymous" posted. See... I don't usually like to allow jackass dimwit stupid fools...

Let me see. You say you're a liberal Army wife. Impossible. If your husband serves Honorably, he would be smart enough to not marry lib trash. You're a democrat so that makes you lazy, useless, reliant on others for a handout. You support the idiots who got our country nuked, the ones who are going to ruin this country, the ones who are rewriting the Constitution. This country needs Flag flying Americans. Not Flag burning Osamacrats. This country needs honorable people, not cowards like the Bin Rotten Shitons or Osama Bin Kerry. Yes I am in the Military, serving honorably and keeping our country from getting blown up again. Because Liberals despise America, there is no possible way those cowards could serve a day in the Military at all. Libs need to be spit on like Kerry, Hillary, and Osama do to us.

We need to support our troops in the best possible way. That's why the Libtard Terrorist Organizations need to keep Socialist Hitlery Rotten and Raghead Barack Osama away from the White House. We dont need another 9/11. After all, real Americans would never vote Democrat or let Libtrash destroy the free world.

Ok - now then... have at it, folks. This sort of twaddle is just NOT conducive to civil discourse. ooops, to this twerp, I'm sure that sentence is not understandable. hmmm.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Organizing - and The Stuff

So ... a little history. My mother is a neatnik, so's my dad. They like lots of Stuff, but it's neat and tidy or at least put away somewhere no one can see if it's a mess. I was, as are many children/teens - a total slob. Really bad. food under the bed, clothes everywhere.

So how did I become an organizer, a person who actually went to someones house and helped her clean up - someone who ruthlessly culled all the junk/stuff/things in the basement and who is trying to keep this speck of an apartment neat? CONTROL. I needed to control something in my life. At the time, DH was deployed. I was working, granted at a great firm for a fun boss (who I really miss right now) but I was on a treadmill. get up, go to bus stop, go to work, go to bus stop, come home. Round and round and round. I controlled nothing in my life, The Army controlled the most important part, the kid was in his own family with a wife and baby and didn't need me, the work was controlled by the Court and the boss... and the house was a pit. I had nested into the couch, stuff piled around me, with the laptop on the living room table. I couldn't find anything, I hated coming home to the mess.

The closet had been organized before he left, we designed it well.. and there were piles everywhere now. He's not neat, at all, so it wasn't as if I was somehow mad at him and letting it all go. I lived out of laundry baskets, and didn't really care about how I looked or if I wore the same few outfits over and over.

So I watched one of those shows.. they had an entire weekend of it on.. and I started. I got the closet shoveled first, and then the pantry.. and then the rest of the kitchen. Then - the living room. That took a long time, not just because I didn't take the time, taking apart my nest was scary. Then I took pleasure in the clean - then we listed the house and it was necessary. It was wonderful to come home to clean, neat, tidy, organized. Then the deployment ended. Neat wasn't so important, but the house WAS still on the market (hell, it still IS on the market) Organizing for the move was crucial, and I think it helped, but I will do better the next time.

Control - well the Army still does control a lot of our lives, he's off for a few days down to another base down south and that's not going to be easy (bringing back all those deployment memories) but the house is organized, a little untidy when I'm in the middle of something, but we organized it when we moved in, and that helps. I have a place for the Stuff and a lot less of it.

If you are drowning in stuff and clutter and hate it, pick a little something, a book case, or a small closet and dig in. Promise, it'll help. If you are in the DC area, let me know, I'll spend a Saturday with you shoveling!


Friday, February 01, 2008

Why is it?

That the first really nasty comments - "you are a liberal - you are a traitor" type of trash... were both from "anonymous"?? With the courage of the vitriolic drivel he/she spat at me, wouldn't you want to proudly proclaim your identity?

OH - Anonymous - this country wasn't nuked, YES my husband is very proudly serving his country, as our son and daughter in law both did, the Constitution has been amended, NOT rewritten, and I do NOT hate America. I am not lazy, dependant on ANYONE for a handout, I am a hardworking and flag flying American... Next???

I don't mind, in fact I encourage, dialogue. coherent, well mannered, courteous discussion, not nasty, denigrating twaddle. OK, so I'll call some politicians names - but that's allowed! So if you disagree with me, fine, say so in the above referenced coherent courteous manner, and have the guts to leave your name/blog sign.


Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm getting an office next week! Stinky has really made sitting at my desk so uncomfortable, his open mouth eating habit is worse, since he has a sinus problem.. enuff said there.. as well as someone I'll call Mimi (yeah, that's what the makeup looks like... and the clothes...) who insists on yelling at her kids, the school principal and anyone else, at the top of her lungs on the phone, two desks down... between that and her frangipani bath of perfume... I'm soooo happy to be moving into an office, where I can close my door and NOT hear or smell any of them!

So just 4 more days. I can do that easily


Monday, January 21, 2008

A Day Off

And I plan to enjoy it. doing what? Not much at all! Yesterday, we went to the Band of the Coldstream Guards and Pipes of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.. and if you like the pipes, you MUST go if they come to a venue near you. They seem to be playing University campuses... and they are magnificent! Amazing music, the competition set the pipers played was mindblowing.

Saturday night, Heather came for dinner - our FIRST dinner guest. She's moving close to us.. which is wonderful. she even likes to crochet, and Sarah taught her to knit - it'll be a yarn party! and himself the cat was polite and pleasant, DH enjoyed himself.. dinner worked out well.

work - is fine. weather - chilly but fine. DH - fine. Cat - fine. well.. so what do I have to complain about? nada.

The election coverage IS driving me insane. I'm upset because the thinking person's candidate is gone. Governor Richardson.. but since our election coverage is all about the top 3, and nothing about the ones who aren't- we try to hope that the smart people will come to the fore - but it's the ones with money who surge forward.

One more year. just one more year, as of yesterday. whew. can we do it?


Thursday, January 03, 2008

A few days later

Folks, I am SO glad I'm not in Minnesota right now. Its cold.. really really dangerously nastily cold. Here in DC... we are in the 20s and teens tonight. balmy, my friends, balmy.

DH wanted me to talk about the new car. On our trip, we got about 49.5 miles per gallon. That was amazingly wonderful! It's comfortable, has lots of gadgets (that's important, you know... ) as a matter of fact, the whole CAR is a gadget. So, guess he wins the gadget contest. Oh... just in case you didn't know, it's a Prius.

let's see... not much else here. Green asked about my FRG.. I am hopeful. There were a LOT of uniforms at the last meeting I went to. Since the unit doesn't deploy as a group, but there are individuals who are deployed hither, thither and yon, the troops who are here are involved. The silly rules about fundraising are a pain in the tail, does anyone know if those are going to be discussed/changed any time soon?

Stay warm everyone. And oh, let's cheer REALLY LOUDLY because Mark is on his way home to Jan (author of Standing By... the blog roll has the link)

Talk to y'all later


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year etc etc

I know, I know... it's been a while! actually, according to DH, a lot longer than "a while". He get perturbed (another word for pissy) when I don't post...

OH, before we discuss traffic, Christmas, NewYears etc... I actually got a letter from the Hotel that SpouseBuzz Three was held in. I had a lousy room, the front desk staff was truly awful, the lunch set up was mishandled... but the conference itself was superb! I filled out one of those cards and truly ripped the staff at the hotel itself a new one.. and I received an apology from the management. Let's hope they got the hint.

So. We went down to FL for Xmas. and can ANYONE tell me why the Hwy 95 traffic through N. Carolina and S. Carolina was so damned horrendous?????? we ended up staying at a motel at the Beaufort S. Carolina exit (hint... do NOT stay at the Best Western there... just sayin')We pulled off the road after 12 hours, at times at a full stop. An hour later, when DH decided to have his well earned cigar, the check-in desk was three deep with folks wanting a place to stay. We got to my folks house the next day, and had a really good visit. Lots of laughing, DH spent hours with my dad, setting up the new computer etc. I missed the grandbaby, but from the happy giggles I heard on the phone, she had a great time.

The trip north/back home was fine, but the southbound traffic on the Thurs after xmas was just as awful! We will need to find a different route south... anyone know if Highway 301 is a good alternative??

New Years, went to a party at some friends of mine from childhood, met up with other State Dept brats... one of whom is off to the Litterbox and who huddled with the DH for a couple of hours.

I now have an IPod... and DH is trying to teach me how to upload music/pictures/videos.. I'm slightly hopeless so he'll just have to stay around to help me with it!

The new job is going well. I am enjoying most of the people, except for the person I have to sit next too. His nickname - Stinky.. and his eating habits.. erk. Supposedly I'll get an office in a couple of months, yay! DH is happy in his new job as well, and we are getting involved in various organizations, including our FRG.

There ya go! caught up, sorta... I want to wish everyone out there a great New Year. To the deployed and their families - hang in there, and if you need a shoulder, it's here. To my blog friends - Happy New Year!