Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

To all my family - the blood family veterans and the military family - this is OUR day. This is a day when the rest of the country actually remembers that the military are here, and says thank you. Here in DC -it's amazing. Last year we walked the mall, listened to stories of WW2 at the memorial, told by the men and women who lived them - saw the Vietnam Wall covered in flowers, teddy bears, pictures and beer cans with notes to the friend they mourned - and saw strangers thanking men and women in uniform.

I'm thanking the men and women in uniform and saying a special thank you to the families of those serving and those who served. The spouses who hold the family together while the servicemember deploys/trains/TDYs; the children who put up with their birthday without their mom or dad, holidays spent at the Armory with all the other kids without their mom or dad; the parents who remember their baby boy learning to ride a bike, their baby girl getting on the bus for 1st grade and who watch that child put their hand up and swear an oath to serve; the grandparents who watch the news with trepidation and dread; the sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles who send the care packages with love - to All of You. Thank you.

To my Dad - USCG WW2 (USCGC Edmund Spencer); To my uncle- USA Captain (WW2); To my aunt - USArmy (WW2); to my uncle - USAF (WW2) ; To my father in law (Commander, USN Submarine Service - VietNam and peacetime); to my husband - CW2 USA presently serving; to my son (Spc4, Iraq 2003-2004 - honorably discharged); to my daughter in law (MP, Iraq 2003-2004 - honorably discharged) - Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Beautifully said. Thank YOU.

The Mrs. said...

lovely post. and your right Veterans day in DC rocks.

thanks to all your veterans!