Wednesday, July 19, 2006

good things, little things

One of the units in my husbands Brigade Combat Team has been helping a school in their district in Iraq, the unit they replaced had started rebuilding it, and when the new unit came in, they "picked up the ball". Now the building was done. but it was empty. Nothing in it for the kids. So they put out a list.

I put the word out at the law firm I work at. and it was amazing. I got coloured pencils, pencils, paper, soccer balls (a special request!) erasers, and cash! I have been shopping and you wouldn't believe how much you can get for these kids. they want shoes too. I'm guessing flip flops!

So folks, I know, its a little thing, and while I scream and yell and rant and rave about the big things, the killings, the bombings, the corruption and what seems like the sheer hopelessness of it all.. this happens. OK, so it's small. but for a few minutes, some kids are going to be happy. a soccer ball will be kicked around, coloured pencils will be used and a picture wil be drawn and a mom will smile at what her child drew. She may not have a refrigerator to stick it on, but I'll bet it gets smiled over and put up somewhere! maybe its just a few minutes of happiness. but I'll take it. a few minutes here, a few minutes there. it may not change the big picture, but there are lots of little pictures that can be changed, and be made better.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's the little stuff....

Like..... the new weedwhacker... I needed someone with strong hands to twist that knob thingie so I could advance the string.... and damn. NO one around cause it's 4th of July. or holding the ladder so I can just reach the burned out bulb up there in the dressing room closet track... do you know how damned annoying it is to have to wait and call a neighbour the next day to see if he can come over to help? The big stuff you hire someone for, and you don't feel like an idiot having someone come over to frame a wall, or dig a big ass hole for the egress window... but the little stuff... you become that pain in the butt neighbour.

and as for the weedwhacker. It has to go back, it's defective! ha ha! even with a pair of pliers, the strong carpenter neighbour couldn't get it to move. So now I don't have to feel like a total weakling.

Decided you all needed another picture of the granddaughter.. yeah so sue me.
Isn't she adorable? and if you think you are going to answer anything other than yes... you are crazy.

There are days when just spending a few hours hanging out with her would be my entire ambition for the week. I could sit and stare at her, play with those toes and blow kisses on that cute little tummy until her mommy and daddy made me give her back ( or until she did one of those diapers)

But, instead of that, I get to go back to work tomorrow, which is very quiet since a lot of people decided to take the rest of the week off. Damn.

so take care. Talk to you later.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Never..... lasted a week

This young man was 19. He wasn’t a football hero, or a super student. Just a regular kid, from what we read. But his sister’s kids loved their candy man uncle, who slipped them candy when mom wasn’t looking. He died yesterday in the heat of Iraq, far away from the green of Willmar MN. He wasn’t alone, his friends were there. As I said, the National Guard goes in convoy with their relatives, their friends, their co-workers.

So when you watch the parade go down the street, when you oooh at the “rocket’s red glare” and wipe the Barbeque sauce off your chin, think about Kyle Miller for a second, take a minute to thank his mom and dad. Those of us who go to his funeral in the next couple of weeks will do so, and I’ll be proud to take them for you.