Thursday, October 19, 2006

OK, now I'm pissed off!

I have been visiting and blogging on various Military Spouse sites. And they are full of (mostly) wives who are crying out for help. Their FRG is crap, the other women are cold and nasty, or the group is so tight that they won't let anyone in. It makes me so angry! There are so many of US out here, so many of us that don't fit in the mold of the perfect little army wife, so many who want to DO something for our "sisters" the other ones who are alone in a strange place, with no one to talk to or lean on.

It's not right. How many are out there who are in our unit? and I can't get hold of them, I can't let them know that the shitty FRG that is out there is NOT the only place to go, to call, to have someone listen. We can't get their email addresses or phone numbers (only with their permission... data privacy etc.) There are some great FRGs, really, I am going to a meeting of one in November, but some family members are so again ANY FRG, or group associated with the army, they sit out there with no support, no help.

It just pisses me off!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's been a while

Ok. So, it's been a while... sorry, been incredibly busy. Work has been busy, intense, and almost too much. I've been getting the house ready to list, and for the Dome Tour, which is a tour that our architect puts on. I thought it would be a good first open house, and jeeeez, it was a LOT of work. This place is sooooo clean. There are a lot of things stashed away in strange places. But there weren't too many people on the Tour, and I don't think we even got a nibble of an interested buyer.

Our Webcams work! terrible quality picture and freezes up often, but it's great to see his face. I've been on a few military wives blogs, and some of their husbands don't get near a computer or a phone that often. So we have to consider ourselves very lucky!! Some of these women are in sucah a lousy position. they are alone, in a strange place, with their husband's deployed, nasty FRG and others... So the blogs and websites are a great venting point. And most of them don't seem to mind my liberal leanings (ha ha)

Because of the tour, the dog is at the kennel (or as we call it, the spa) the cat is enjoying the freedom to go anywhere. And it's nice and quiet. As husband said this morning -- she's just a LOT of dog. I'm enjoying the quiet too. So, if anyone out there knows anyone looking for a come house w/ten acres up in Central MN, let me know!

Everyone take care. hug your family.