Tuesday, April 29, 2008

rain rain rain

I kinda hope the drought is officially over. Because I am starting to wonder if we need a boat. Sunday, it drizzled and then poured. Monday... ditto.

BUT on the good side - whilst waiting for DH to get ferried back from the finishing line of the GW Parkway 10 miler, I spied an ESTATE SALE. Now, I was waiting for him in a rather nice older neighbourhood outside DC... So I went in, and there it was. A black formal gown, very simple but beautifully cut, with the tags still on [Nordstroms.. formal room...]! and the lovely couple doing the sale said - sure go ahead, try it on - and it fits. like a glove. A little low in the front for me, DH likes it.. but it needs to be shortened as soon as I find the right shoes. and only $30!! So. now I hunt for low heeled fancy shoes. HOWEVER, we still don't know anyone else going to the Army Ball, and I hate going by ourselves, lots more fun with a table full of folks ya know.

Then the nurseries.. and I held back. got some lovely stuff, but the 6 large bags of potting soil made DH a weeeee bit crabby. Now, if it would warm up and stop blowing long enough for me to fill the balcony boxes and pots, it would be great. Still need a few more little things to fill a stacked pot, but then.. it will look nice.

I was showing a co worker our house, which is back on the MLS. They have 360 views of it - including my lovely big kitchen, with the acres of counter space, the monster pantry, and I wanted to just cry. ah well, the adventure will continue. Just wish someone would buy the blasted thing!

Onwards and upwards. a new day, maybe the boss will have his head out of his 4th POC... doubt it. and maybe the sun will peep out. on the good side - Yoga class and FRG meeting tonight - Pizza night!

Y'all take care. Profundities lacking again... maybe later in the week.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

motorcycle, 10 mile runs... My Weekend

NO - I didn't nor will I run 10 miles. DH is as we speak doing the George Washington Parkway 10 miler. I don't run, not even for a train.

We had a fantastic day yesterday, went on the motorcycle- down to Old Town Alex the back way (via Eisenhower, for any of you in the area) wandered Old Town, found a super bakery for a decent sourdough, picked up his race packet and took off again. I love Old Town, the streets are lovely and the townhouses are gorgeous. But oh mama - the price of a house down there! YIKES! Then... down the George Washington Parkway. Very little traffic, glorious sunshine, the azaleas, the lilac and all manner of flowering bushes just popping out all over. Stunning, against the backdrop of some jawdropping houses, and on the other side, the Potomac.. Unfortunately, we had to go on US 1. Stunningly awful, traffic was horrible, store after store after store after...... and it was HOT!

today - the plant nursery! After I pick up himself, off down US 1 and get plants, potting soil.. and try not to buy too much, because I have just a teeeeeeeeny balcony.

I don't feel like writing anything profound. Just wanted to talk about a great day.

take care, hope your day is a good one.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Colonel, I'm ashamed of you!

Today was the day I was ashamed of a man in uniform. The Metro was packed. absolutely sardine like. Then... we had to get off because of a technical problem. so you can imagine what the NEXT one was like... Insanity!

So we squished in... and then I saw it. A full bird colonel, eagles gleaming. sitting. and an elderly woman standing in front of him. and he kept sitting. Now I don't expect him to get up for me. but this woman was white haired and having a great deal of trouble maintaining her balance and holding on to a rail.. and he sat. Officer and a gentleman, huh? Not So Much. and before anyone thinks he was injured.. the way he sprang up, grabbed his PT bag and rushed off when we hit his stop.. No.


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I got tagged

so.. the 5 Things:

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. planning, drawing, getting ideas for the house we ended up building.
2. working
3. getting the house we lived in ready to sell
4. walking the property we had, figuring, planning
5. helping my husband get through school by doing 2.

5 things on my to do list

1. Look for more sites to link to on the new Parent's site
2. email friends to see if anyone wants to do the Marine Corps 10K
3. crochet work on the king size cover
4. look for more books on CD for granddaughter
5. Laundry

5 Snacks I enjoy

1. Goldfish - whole grain
2. Fruit - most any kind
3. Chocolate - milk because dark gives me migraine - Belgian or Swiss/German.
4. popcorn - kettle corn is best
5. dried fruit - apricots, prunes, raisins, apples.

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire

1. Quit work
2. Start my own organizing business
3. look for property
4. Fund my granddaughter's schooling
5. But first, just for me...Buy a Bugatti Vayron, go to Germany/Italy/Switzerland and DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Bad Habits

1. I read rather than do something I should be doing
2. I sleep when I should work out
3. I mess with my cuticles
4. According to DH, I steal the covers
5. I pick on DH for the toilet roll, toilet seat... wet towels..

5 places I've lived. Jeez. I've lived in at least 10 different countries... I'll give you my favourites.

1. Naples Italy
2. Bad Homburg, Germany
3. London and Sussex
4. Washington DC
5. Sydney Australia

5 Jobs I've had

1. Paralegal for 20 years
2. Worked at a plant nursery
3. Kitchen Designer
4. Passport Clerk in a Consulate
5. Secretary

Now - I'm going to be a bad girl. I'm not tagging anyone. sorry.