Sunday, April 27, 2008

motorcycle, 10 mile runs... My Weekend

NO - I didn't nor will I run 10 miles. DH is as we speak doing the George Washington Parkway 10 miler. I don't run, not even for a train.

We had a fantastic day yesterday, went on the motorcycle- down to Old Town Alex the back way (via Eisenhower, for any of you in the area) wandered Old Town, found a super bakery for a decent sourdough, picked up his race packet and took off again. I love Old Town, the streets are lovely and the townhouses are gorgeous. But oh mama - the price of a house down there! YIKES! Then... down the George Washington Parkway. Very little traffic, glorious sunshine, the azaleas, the lilac and all manner of flowering bushes just popping out all over. Stunning, against the backdrop of some jawdropping houses, and on the other side, the Potomac.. Unfortunately, we had to go on US 1. Stunningly awful, traffic was horrible, store after store after store after...... and it was HOT!

today - the plant nursery! After I pick up himself, off down US 1 and get plants, potting soil.. and try not to buy too much, because I have just a teeeeeeeeny balcony.

I don't feel like writing anything profound. Just wanted to talk about a great day.

take care, hope your day is a good one.



wifeunit said...

I was thinking that I had to blog about this as I saw it. There is a spot on the Baltimore Washington Parkway right now by where I live that looks like it is tall waterfall of lilacs. It was raining so my windows were up but I can't wait to drive by and see if I can smell them.

Vypergirl said...

I bet that was a gorgeous ride! We went for a short one this past weekend, but I just may mention this to DH and see if he wants to go down there one weekend. We usually ride around aimlessly until we recognize something and end up finding our way home. I love when he looks down at the kids (we have a sidecar) and asks them if they know where we are. They don't, of course, but the look on their faces when they realize we don't either is great!

Glad you had a great ride! Do you usually go to Rolling Thunder?

liberal army wife said...

This is our first year with a motorcycle, but I know he's thinking about Rolling Thunder this year.