Sunday, February 25, 2007

It finally snowed.

This is taken out of the spare room window. When we planted those pines, the were about 18 inches high, if that. Now, they are at least 7 feet high, if not higher. Time flies. We finally got snow, thirteen inches so far. I was luckily plowed out by my very nice neighbour who did my driveway earlier this afternoon. Last night, it was so nasty, I literally had to yank the dog out of the door to do what she needed to do, she tried not to go into the blizzard.
Talked to DH this morning. Not much new or at least nothing he's going to tell me about. Talked to son the other night, seems the perfect child may have taken a couple of steps by herself. I told them, I need film of this amazing feat!
take care. stay in touch.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

You MUST go to the site I have linked.

She wrote the post I wanted to right here

I challenge MY readers too. We have to do something to help the wounded. We have been screaming for a long time, out in the middle of nowhere. NOW that the Washington Post exposed what a lot of us feared was happening, maybe someone will wake up. Definitely go to Chuck's site that she links to. you will be stunned. absolutely stunned.

So do something, say something, write a letter, contribute to one of the sites she links you to, volunteer at YOUR VA or military hospital. But how we cure the bureaucracy.... now that's something we need to figure out too. but that's gonna take changing the law!


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Various and Sundry Blatherings

Yahoo! I woke up and it was over 5 degrees (and that was above zero). After the last few weeks of below zero every night and barely above during the day, this is wonderful. I keep thinking, this will make moving away much easier. But watching the poor dog doing the frosty paws dance is rather fun.

Let's see. what else. Oh yes, going to buy an elliptical this weekend. Not one of those cheapo's either. I tried belonging to the Y downtown. but not exactly a wonderful experience, the classes were ok, but when I got used to one teacher, they replaced her with a terrible one, the music was horrible... then waiting in line for machines, took up alot of my lunch hour (and a half) showering in the large shower rooms.. no I didn't like that either. I was rushed the entire time, and then I had to make up the time at work. In the summer that wasn't so bad, but when the sun isn't up until after seven am, and goes down around 4 pm. I ended up feeling like a mole! So after consulting with the DH, doing a lot of research, (yay, consumer reports!!) I made the choice. Now it's just a matter of gritting my teeth, writing the cheque and getting it delivered. I really hate spending that much!

Today is massage day! yay! my massage therapist's kids play hockey, and every other weekend is hers to go from hockey game to hockey game. but the other weekend I get to go and have her work out the knots.

Good grief, this is a very ME ME ME post, isn't it?

DH is fine, thank you. very busy. Son emailed, told me grand daughter (the most perfect baby in the universe) loves spaghetti, or at least makes a lot of mess out of it! they seem to be fine, busy as is usual for a young working couple with a baby. Wish I could see her a lot more, but that's just not possible right now. maybe this summer.

a little political blather as well... I posted something on a blog that I had left. They had asked me not to leave, lots of Oh, we need your point of view,etc.... So I posted, about a Guardsman who was being buried the next week. Two comments... two. Now they know why I don't post there anymore. Bringing real life into the mix scares them spitless. When one debates escoteric matters, without getting ones hands dirty (metaphorically) they are just fine. But let it be real life.... oh no... too real. They live in their own little world and heaven forbid reality intrude! my my my. as someone near and dear said "just a buncha REMFs"

so... end the MEME post. Political one next, probably. but that will be a rant!

have a wonderful weekend. stay dry, warm, and safe


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V Day

Happy Valentine's Day! to those whose sweetheart is deployed.... to those who are sitting alone, watching tv.. and who are so glad this "holiday" is over. One more cutesy commercial of two lovers cuddling up while a little stuffed animal babbles, I think I'll snap. but it was funny watching the frantic grabs at the waaaay overpriced flowers at the little florist shops in the skyway today.. the little sweet shop (that carried chocolate thongs!!) was so full they were spilling out the door.. the card store was jammed. I got roses from DH at work, brought most of them home, but left two in a bud vase at work. And it's still cold! someone said it's lucky we don't have any snow, although quite honestly, I could use a snow day! a good excuse not to go to work.

So for those of you who have your honey around, cuddle up and stay warm.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Still cold

yeah, still colder than hell. yikes. even the dog is getting crabby about it.... doing the little frosty paws dance. course, since she decided to eat part of her bed again last night (no, I don't know why she does that!) she's needing to go out alot.. sorry more information than you need.

went to lunch with a very cool lady, who understands! A lot. She's another "old warhorse" (Sorry, LA, we ARE!!) been around the army since forever. and none of this put the flag pole up your arse, and drink the koolaid, follow the caissons crapola. Felt great... but the waitress was starting to wonder about us... loooooooong lunch!

A family member of my dear neighbour had a bad accident, so keep a good thought for him, ok? and another dear friend has a new broadband set up, so she's gonna be burning up the Net! AND even better, an old old friend of ours is out of Afghanistan!!!!! yay. He should be home in the next couple of days. I'm soooooo happy for him, and his family must be absolutely over the moon.

Don't want to write about anything negative today. so..... that's about it.

OH, go here... let me know how you feel about it!

stay warm.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cold! Cold! Oh it's colder than ....... that too!

Yes, my dear friends. -27 yesterday morning, with the windchill, -40 something. It was brutal, and nasty and miserable. Why am I here!

This past weekend has been mizzable. Dog got sick, coughing gagging... keeping me up all night. No sleep, means migraine. The only good thing... the massage. My massage therapist has an electric blanket under the sheet on top of the very soft mattress... sigh. What a lovely way to get warm.

A bunch of us on SpouseBuzz were discussing the fact that everytime you PCS (move in civilian speak "Permanent Change of Station) you lose the hairdresser/cutter that you finally found that did a great job. For me, we'll have to add my Massage Therapist. She is wonderful. great hands, she can really get deep or be very gentle, relax or charge up. DH found her, and misses her in the Sand.

Otherwise. still no orders, of course. next......