Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You GOTTA be kidding me!

Dick Cheney has outdone himself. he has decided (no, he's NOT the Decider, he runs the Decider) that the one who is truly affected by the loss of life in Iraq is... (drumroll for stupidity, please) the Preznent. Let's recap, shall we?

We were going into Iraq because (pick one, they tried them all...) WMD, Saddam Hussein was going to help AlQuaeda, Saddam had already helped AlQuaeda, he was getting the Bomb. No, we went in because Dickie and George and Rummie and the rest of them wanted to. Now, not ONE of them has a family member in uniform. NOT ONE. Shrub prancing about in a flight suit doesn't count. I may not like McCain, but he DOES have skin in this.

They were warned, we need more men, better equipment. The sheer rage I felt when we heard the "we go in with the army we have...." Now, correct me if I'm wrong... we didn't HAVE to start the conflict in Iraq. we could have waited and had the right equipment, right? No one invaded us. OH PLEASE, I can hear the right wingers now... they attacked us on 9/11. ONE MORE TIME - there were no Iraqis in that group, no proof ever that Saddam Hussein was in any way involved. the secular Baathist government of Iraq was a supremely evil group, run by a true piece of slime, but it was NOT responsible for 9/11.

Anyway - to get back to the subject. So, they were warned, more men, it's not going to be the piece of cake they wanted... the people were NOT going to strew flowers in our path. and the general who warned them, fired. anyone who warned them, gone. Then... oh, it was only a few loyalisssts, and some terrrrrrsts. there's no civil war in Iraq... how much more drivel do we have to listen to? how many more lies? and do they believe any of it??

Now, I don't know how we leave, who do you want to be the last one out? I don't see an end here, and it scares me, and it makes me angry. I look at the men and women in uniform on post, on the Metro... and I worry.

I had some good news today, a woman I worked with earlier emailed me and told me her son was home, from his second tour in the Litterbox. Breathed a little easier! but how many of my blogging friends have boots in the sand right now.. and we breathe a sigh of relief as they come home and dread the next deployment.

For those who got us into this disaster, I hope, oh how I hope, that there really is karma. what goes around, will come around.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five Years

Today is one of those days that I really have to think about who/what I am. A Liberal, who has strong feelings against the Iraq war. A Proud Army Wife, who supports her husband, the troops, completely. A Liberal, who thinks the Afghanistan War was and is the right thing to do. A Proud Army Mom, who supported her son during his Army days, and now supports him in his ongoing life as a veteran. A Proud Army Wife, who is active in her new FRG and trying to help some of the younger mil-spouses out there who are a little bit lost in this new military life.

I wrote a blog a while ago "where would I have stood" and I still don't know. A woman I work with, seeing my peace symbol next to my Army Wife pin, asked if I wanted to go to a vigil tonight... and I can't. A woman screamed at me on the train this morning, that I was some sort of traitor... Her exact words " I guess you think we deserved 9/11"... my response - what a fatuous idiotic statement that is...

It would be so much easier to not listen to the two sides of me. Being torn like this makes me wonder, if it wouldn't be easier to forget it all, to not read the news, not watch the Honor Roll on Lehrer, to not respond to the FRG requests for help, to not blog, to not go to SpouseBuzz or any of the other military blogs. I think it would be easier, but I wouldn't be me.

One thing I noticed today - no uniforms. My train goes to the Pentagon, and usually there are lots of men and women in uniform, and I always feel great seeing them. Today, they were in that "civies" uniform, jeans, polo shirt and jacket... That's a shame.

So from me - to the men and women in uniform, I'm so damned proud to be in your family. To the protestors, yes we want peace, but don't forget, your right to protest is protected by those men and women in uniform. Protest the decision, not the ones who are carrying it out. And to my friends, both to the left and the right of the spectrum, thank you for putting up with this two sided confused Proud Liberal Army Wife (especially you, love of my life.)


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Baby shower, daylight savings and other twaddle

Sheesh... been awhile since I posted! No excuses, just busy. and sometimes, just too much to say.

Had a nice little baby shower for WifeUnit, her friend "Aunty Jenn" and the cutest little bundle boy. unfortunately, due to deployment leaving/coming home and illness, as well as some other stuff, we didn't have a big crowd. But fun was had anyway. How much the guest of honour enjoyed himself, I'll leave up to his mommy. I sure enjoyed having him here. But I don't think the cat really figured out what that was, made funny little noises and everyone cooed it it... hmmmm

I'm hearing from the kid, who has to go to work at some unholy hour of 2 am... that daylight savings time is kicking his butt. DH got up to run an 8K race this morning... but it hasn't hit me yet, since I woke up at... well... let's see, OLD time it was 3:30... NEW time 4:30. Whichever, it was waaay too damned early. Ah well. I'll sleep great tonight, after cookie baking with the FRG later.

Elections - I'm mortified by the Dems, absolutely detesting all of them right now, why DO we have to act this way. All we are doing, is giving fodder to the Repubs. STOP IT NOW!! we have BIG problems here, we need serious answers, from serious people. Oh... I miss Bill Richardson!

more later... about the Parent's Page we are trying to start.