Friday, January 27, 2006

They are online! Son and Daughter in Law got back online, so now I can get pictures! Here's one... all together now.... awwwwww. I will be kind to my granddaughter, and won't post the bath pictures ;-)) I have the feeling she will keep her blue eyes, but I'll bet that her dark hair will all fall out and she'll end up a light brown/blonde mix.

I am still sniffly, but the cold isn't progressing terribly badly. Trying some herbal remedies, and they do seem to help. At least I'm not hungover the next morning, as I am with that nasty green stuff (gotta be careful, don't want a lawsuit!)

Something wonderful happened today, and it gave me a good feeling about strangers. I mis-booked our stay in the South. I didn't realize that the troops would be allowed "out" on the last evening and when I tried to lengthen the stay at the hotel we are staying in for the first 3 days, I was told they are full up. So I started calling and checking online. When I called a B&B in Laurel, Mississippi (The Laurel Inn B&B, for anyone heading into that area AFTER March) the very nice proprietor told me that they are completely booked, but that she would give us HER room and sleep in the den, and wouldn't care what time we needed breakfast! Now that renews my faith in people.

Everyone is already cogitating about the State of the Union address. Just a couple of things I would want to hear.... I Quit. I'm Sorry for Lying.... oh yeah, laughing all the way around the block. ...

Talk to you later.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Getting a cold is just NOT in my plans. But I am getting one. can't breathe. Work was miserable. When I got to work, I thought I was having an allergy attack, but now I know it's a cold. Trying some herbal teas and echinachea.

I have been on Bring It On, a web blog that I visit just about every day. There are some women on there, wives or mothers of military members who either are in Iraq, or just got back. That makes for some harrowing reading, folks. As an Anglophile, who lived in England for many years, I read the British papers a lot, as well as the washington post, LA times, some small town papers of places we want to go. Anyway, I was glad to see the articles about Prince Harry who has joined the Army, specifically the Blues and Royals, and will be going to Iraq if they are deployed. Isn't it amazing, the 3rd in line to the throne will go to a war zone, but NOT ONE of the children of the administrations highest leaders, The Shrub, Cheney, Rummy, or of the hawks in Congress are in uniform? Does this bother ANYONE else?

Husband just called from the new place, living in a warehouse full of beds. they are supposed to head out to tentville soon. But at least the food is better, says it might be that they use some salt and pepper! For someone who likes TASTE, this army food just sucks.

Weather here is getting wierd. in the 40's (it should be in the 20's) so the snow is melting and we are getting mud everywhere. ick. It should be like this for a couple of days.

Well, you all take care. Talk to you later.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

grey skies, but no migraine! as my SIL would say..... yeeeeeehaw. Talked to the husband twice today, he had the nerve to call and say... I'm sitting out in the sun.... As a friend said, Ok, so close your eyes, everyone hate him for a second... ok, all done. they take off for another area sooner than expected, so my last care package won't get to him until they get back.

the new job didn't materialize, the contract was cancelled. So, I keep hunting. something will come up.

Talked to the son, they are all fine, baby is doing great. I need to talk to DIL for any facts... I'm sure she'll give me all the facts and figures. and since I know you are all absolutely DYING to know , I'll make sure to post them here.

JJ the cat (full name, Jay Bertram Felinie) has become fascinated with the laptop computer... he's watching all my posting intently. His picture is above. Looking regal...isn't he?

not much to talk about... talk to you later.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Migraines on your day off really screw up your day! Dog got sick last night, threw up and needed to go out constantly from 10 last night, till around 3. Wind change and high winds, as well as no sleep = migraine. So just sat around, waiting for meds to work, but got some calls made and took care of a few other things. BUT, not the outside plans I had wanted to do.

Yesterday was GREAT! went to lunch with a friend and shopped (Catherine, I did some for the princess!) sales were fantastic. But it was just so great to chat and be with a friend, who I used to work with and is just a gas! Went to Office Max too, for the office and a couple of fun things for us.

Husband called, they had an awards/promotion ceremony. One of his guys got promoted, and then everyone got to go celebrate. He sounded better, tired but resigned to the fact we can't go see the baby this time. We had planned to stay in Europe for his mid tour leave, but that might change, Denver is a thought and maybe plan some trips out west.

Called the electric company, the wood burner is now dead, and they removed the "Dual Fuel" monitor, so the bill will go up. But I just couldn't keep up with putting water in the thing every three days as well as feeding it with wood every day.

I may have a lead on a new job... this new one is just NOT what I was told it was going to be, and I really don't appreciate the switch, and making less than 1/2 of what I usually do. Hell, I would get more on unemployment! And some of the personality problems I can already see, aren't going to get any better. We'll see. Some good news, a friend's husband didn't lose his job to Ford's cuts. I am sure she is very relieved I'll see her tomorrow. A neighbour has quit smoking, 5 days without a cigarette. That takes a LOT of work!!!! Did that, a long time ago, but remember how hard it was. Son quit too, before baby was born. I am so proud of him!

Well, tomorrow must be better! Talk to you later.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Yeah, still pissed off... Husband is angry, disappointed, and feels really let down. But then, what do we expect any more? This National Guard unit is really going to be wondering why no one is going to be staying in. Loyalty IS a two way street, and they don't show any to their troops at all. Can't wait to meet the Brass at the farewell. I may take a picture of the baby down to the farewell ceremony and show it to them... maybe they might feel some shame... naaaaa. never. These are the same officers who have been known to find out information about leave etc., and make their own arrangements BEFORE giving the news to their troops. Pretty lousy, huh?

As for the Family groups... what a waste of time they have been. All we hear is " don't believe CNN, the war was justified because of 9/11 (aw jeeeeez, c'mon, get real, anyone with any sense or who reads/watches more than Fox or Rash Lamebrain knows Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11)"...anyone who thinks for themselves is somehow suspect, blind obedience to the Great Leader is necessary... Folks, this is scary!

I guess I'm just not a happy camper right now. Wish I knew something to make me feel better. Even chocolate isn't working.

Better go. Talk to you later.

Friday, January 20, 2006

a totally crappy day. In fact, it sucked so massively, it has to be one of the worst. Except for the day we found out he was deploying to the Litter Box from Hell, it could qualify as the worst in the past couple of years.

Husband had applied for an "exception to policy" so he could take the pass days and take it as leave, so we could go and visit the kids and he could see the baby. BUT the National Guard decided no, it wasn't right to allow an exception to be made for anyone. So, he now won't see her until she is over a year old. DAMN IT, he has been gone, either on deployments or TDY for two stinking years, has put in more work than anyone in that unit for years, do you think they could occasionally think of saying thanks in some small way? Shit no. And then some cretin spouse on the unit page gives one of those sanctimonious little speeches " Remember it is an honor that the Guard is even letting us have this time with our soldier(s). " Stupid . HONOR??? That they are taking my husband away, AGAIN, for another 1 1/2 years, to a shit hole, to take part in a war started by a lie, continued with more lies, for an Administration full of draft dodgers, liars, cheats and war profiteers... oh yeah, some fucking honour. (sorry, darlin', just not in the mood to be diplomatic tonight)

This on top of a migraine I woke up with and couldn't get rid of all day, no matter the amount of medication, a plumber that didn't show up, call or anything. A carpenter I don't think I will hire came over to look over the job.

Then a ray of sunshine. Husband called the kids to tell them he couldn't come to see them, and after he hung up, my son called to see how I was! How sweet was that? They are disappointed also, but since they are both veterans, they understand how idiotic the Army can be.

D-i-L and I talked a while. Baby is not sleeping well, she gets out of her swaddling blanket even! I got a couple of those Miracle blankets, which helps some. She also is a very gassy baby, I guess all the digestion system is still developing. But she is up to 6 pounds! So I hope they will get her into a good schedule soon.

sorry folks, a crabby cranky LAW today. Tomorrow has to be better, right?

Talk to you later.

One more... Grandma feeding the princess. Boy, I hope the kids send more pictures soon.

Hey, to everyone who left comments and didn't get a response, I'm sorry! I didn't do something right before, so I could see them. I thank you for your responses and comments. And yes, she is soooo cute. As my husband says, "hey, why not talk about the baby some, huh?" D, you just wait, you'll be just the same!

Husband doing well, getting work done and getting ready to move to another training site, where he won't be able to call. this will be good preparation for his moving into the Big Kitty Litter Box.

The flu is beginning to sweep through my workplace. The person scheduled before my shift, and the person scheduled after me, both didn't make it in today. So I will keep hoping it isn't going to get me. BUT, I do have activated charcoal tablets (for the tummy part), crackers, and tea, kleenex, and sparkling water. I should have gotten some Ginger tea... but other than that, I'm all ready..... just in case.

I sure hope the plumber comes tomorrow. I haven't heard from him today, and I don't know if he's still coming.... Don't you hate waiting for workmen? The "we'll be there between 8 and 2", the no calls while you wait, and wait, and then they don't show up. Enough to drive you NUTS! If I could find a handyman type,who could do a little bit of everything, and was dependable and reliable, I would hire him right away! And would be willing to pay well.

Talk to you later.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I didn't shop for her any more today. Just found boxes to mail everything tomorrow! Other than that, not a lot. Plumber came, is ordering parts, and will be back on Friday! Oh, let's cross our fingers that it will all work and I won't be sitting here all day on my day off waiting for him.

Here's another picture of the most gorgeous baby in the entire universe. Oh, yes, I am the most besotted grandma in the world.

I worked at the new job today. It went fine, learning all sorts of new stuff about the stock. Interesting! But I am still not sure I made the right decision. As I told my mother, I will have to give it a good try, and not just jump into decisions. I need to learn everything about the front end, before I become the manager of it! and after that, we'll see what else I get to do. And if it doesn't work, it doesn't.

Husband didn't call today, I know he's busy and I'm trying hard not to say anything. But I sure wish he'd call. Maybe tomorrow? Heard from an old friend today, he's getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan. He was in Iraq the year before last... and he's in the Reserves! Yeah, I know, they both knew what they were signing up for. But this Iraq bit, is INSANE!!!! ok.. I promise, I'll stop for now. but you might want to drop by Bring It On! We have some fun there!

Take care. Talk to you later.

Monday, January 16, 2006

So I did more shopping for the baby... ok, ok. I said I wasn't going to. So, I'm a grandma, I get to do these things. Talked to D-i-L and she told me that they got lots of clothes at the shower, but not the other stuff. Like the monitor, the lamp, the diaper pail! Gramma Deb is going to get the pail and the lamp, I got the monitor and a bottle warmer/cooler. and some other stuff too... yeah yeah, I know, I know.... If she gets more clothes, we may need another dresser! She is turning into a clotheshorse! She is so tiny, she doesn't fill out any of the tiny newborn clothes at all. But I am sure she will fill out everything soon. See, isn't she adorable?????

Husband called today, he is sounding pretty tired but upbeat. the briefings are going well, Generals and Colonels are pleased and the team seems to be really starting to work together. that is such a good thing to hear, now that they have been training for 4 months. When a team starts to work together properly, it's really great. And knowing that he is going to be in the Sand with these people, it's somehow comforting to know that he will be working with good people.

Course I cried when I hung up the phone. Just really emotional this week. Today was especially bad. then I cried again when my daughter in law and I talked, because I could hear the baby in the background. This is silly, I don't usually turn into a faucet! But I think it's the weather too, this unending grey dreary weather. yesterday the sun came out for a few hours, and when the dog and I tried to get out and play, the ice made everything so slippery we couldn't really do much ball playing. And... it was muddy, and madame Doesn't Like mud, her paws are just tooooooo dainty. Watching her "tip toe" around is hysterical... she and the cat are the only thing that make me laugh lately.

And, believe it or not, a miracle has happened! A plumber returned my phone call and will come out tomorrow to look at the leak in the outdoor wood boiler piping in the basement. This may not be the ONLY leak in the system, but it's the one I can find. I'm tired of having to refill the thing every week. Especially when it's really cold out. This outdoor wood boiler is a giant pain in the butt. I don't know if I am saving any money using it, but it is a hell of a lot of work. I need to fill it with wood every day or every other day if it's warmer than 34, and because of the leak, having to fill it with water every week. Next year, I am going to drain it, and just let it sit. It's not worth the little bit of savings. IF husband was home, and we were able to cut our own wood, it would be a good savings method, but since we have to buy wood and I have to load it, it's not saving us much if anything.

The small woodstove in the house on the otherhand, is really doing it's job. Keeps the house nice and warm, and besides, it's cheerful!

Talk to you later.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Migraine. What a way to spend a day off. Crap. But I did get the grocery shopping done. But that's about all I got done! When I get one, and while I wait for the Maxalt to kick in, I just sit. That's all I can do. I had a lot of things on my list for today, but the migraine took over instead.

Today was D-i-L's baby shower, I am so tempted to call and find out what she got (and what she still needs). But I know she's bound to be awfully tired, and the last thing she wants is to talk to anyone. So I'll wait till tomorrow. I even stayed out of Target today, so I wouldn't be tempted! But I do need to go to town tomorrow for dog food, and it would be great to take care of everything all together. Besides, I just love buying baby stuff!!

I was hoping husband would call today. He didn't call yesterday either. I guess I am getting spoiled by his daily calls and when he can't, it bothers me. Stupid huh? I know how busy he is, and working his butt off, but I still could use a call. Better get over that, they are going to be heading somewhere else soon, and we have been warned that we are not going to hear from them at all during that portion of training. Right now, the timing sucks. I need to bounce a couple of things off him, but I suppose I better make my own decisions without the usual discussions. It just helps me to step back and look at things differently.

Talk to you later.

Friday, January 13, 2006

New job starts today. I have accepted a position as a Front End Manager at our local Co-op. Talked to the general manager yesterday for a little while, and I am wondering what I got myself into! My retail experience isn't vast, but I think she wants someone with fresh eyes to look at the way things are being done. I first have to get trained at the cashier position and take a look at how that is done, and how we can do it better. I'm responsible for doing the monthly schedule too. So I worry that I'm going to piss off someone, who I don't even know yet!

And I think I am over the "I need to move" urge I had. I will miss not seeing the baby weekly. But I know that I would end up being that dreaded Grandma/M-i-L. Would be better to leave them wishing I was there, rather than hating the fact that I am there.

I better quit shopping for her too! I don't mind spoiling her (and you can't spoil a baby that little!) but I also need to work on some financial matters of our own.

Got home to lousy grey weather again... or is that still. The weather in Denver where the kids are, was wonderful. sunny and very warm (in the 60's) That was one of the other reasons I was looking at moving. But we had to take into consideration moving expenses, storage of household goods, etc. I know, she's my granddaughter, and I should not think about those mundane considerations, but it all has to be weighed. I do plan to go out and spend some time there every couple of months or so. It's not that far, and I hope I can find some good plane fares.

I'll write more later.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

She is the most perfect little girl EVER!!! Ok, so I'm not exactly impartial... my darling granddaughter was born on Friday, 1/6/05, at 37 weeks (20 days early) My dear daughter in law went through 36 hours of hard labour and was in the hospital afterwards until Monday. Granddaughter was in until Tuesday morning.

Lots of work done at the apartment, did some organizing and shopping for the "kids" (husband hates that term).

Did I say she was perfect? oh, well... it's worth repeating! I'm terribly tempted to move to where they live, but don't want to be the interfering mother in law/grandma. They both said that they would love to have me there, and really, except for the house, some friends and my new job, there isn't anything to hold me here. If I could sell the house, my friend have always been available on the phone, and I can find another job (or do day care for the baby!) .... darn, it's tempting!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Today has been another interesting one. Still no baby. Son is tired, and daughter in law is completely exhausted. I wish they would hurry up and do the C Section. 24 hours in labour is long enough, dontcha think???

Had a job interview today. Very interesting, I would love the job, it is completely different from my life as a paralegal, in the food retail industry, but it's less than 1/2 the money I usually bill at. But on the other hand, it's only 15 minutes away from my house, as opposed to 35 minute drives for paralegal jobs downtown. And that doesn't include 20 minutes on the bus from the park and ride! With the price of gas and then the increase in bus fares, plus the pet sitter (dog has a medical condition, can't go more than 8 hours without a walk) and the person to feed the wood burner in the winter (I can't do it in the dark, it gets dangerous in icy conditions) the end result is that I would still get more money if there were any paralegal jobs, but there aren't any out there, that are close enough for me to get to! The only one I heard of.... is 1 hour and 45 minutes away. ridiculous! Anyway, I think I have talked to a lot of my friends (a fellow paralegal, when I told her I could be in jeans and no lawyers, asked me what the hell I was calling her for, was I NUTS???) and they think the job description (lots of organizing, getting stuff done) sounds perfect for me, and I should ENJOY working again, hang the $$. so.......

I fly out of here at 6 am, need to be there at 4, need to get up around 2 am.... maybe I won't go to bed at all! Just take a nap. I'll write from the hotel. But any one even listening? Just wondering.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

WHAT a DAY!!! Let's see... son called last night. Daughter in law was put into the hospital last night, due to pre-eclampsia. So, she lay on her left side and we all hoped that she would get better enough to be allowed home for bed rest. More on that later.

This morning, husband left to go back to pre-deployment training down south (or as he affectionately calls it "The Gulag) It was the usual horrible sitting in the airport waiting for his plane to leave, with other families holding on to their soldier for dear life. After the plane left, I saw a woman weeping with no one else with her. When I asked her if she was OK, she told me she and her soldier had been married on Sunday! Her little girl was so worried about her mommy... and kept asking where "Jim" was. It was heartbreaking.

Then I got home.... to a message from the son, nothing worked, they are inducing her as I type! So, got reservations to head out to where they are, leaving early early early on Friday. Got a room reserved, a car, a plane ticket, the dog kennel reservation, cat sitter booked, holding mail, wood burner person to fill it for me (don't want the lines to freeze!)... I know I'm forgetting something....PACKING! Oh, yeah, need clothes, camera, laptop, Bear... better make a list, huh?

All this running around, has helped to keep my mind off being alone again. Tonight it will hit home. But I can keep busy for a while. Got a job interview tomorrow also! It will be an interesting week, folks.

talk to you later.