Friday, January 13, 2006

New job starts today. I have accepted a position as a Front End Manager at our local Co-op. Talked to the general manager yesterday for a little while, and I am wondering what I got myself into! My retail experience isn't vast, but I think she wants someone with fresh eyes to look at the way things are being done. I first have to get trained at the cashier position and take a look at how that is done, and how we can do it better. I'm responsible for doing the monthly schedule too. So I worry that I'm going to piss off someone, who I don't even know yet!

And I think I am over the "I need to move" urge I had. I will miss not seeing the baby weekly. But I know that I would end up being that dreaded Grandma/M-i-L. Would be better to leave them wishing I was there, rather than hating the fact that I am there.

I better quit shopping for her too! I don't mind spoiling her (and you can't spoil a baby that little!) but I also need to work on some financial matters of our own.

Got home to lousy grey weather again... or is that still. The weather in Denver where the kids are, was wonderful. sunny and very warm (in the 60's) That was one of the other reasons I was looking at moving. But we had to take into consideration moving expenses, storage of household goods, etc. I know, she's my granddaughter, and I should not think about those mundane considerations, but it all has to be weighed. I do plan to go out and spend some time there every couple of months or so. It's not that far, and I hope I can find some good plane fares.

I'll write more later.

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