Sunday, January 15, 2006

Migraine. What a way to spend a day off. Crap. But I did get the grocery shopping done. But that's about all I got done! When I get one, and while I wait for the Maxalt to kick in, I just sit. That's all I can do. I had a lot of things on my list for today, but the migraine took over instead.

Today was D-i-L's baby shower, I am so tempted to call and find out what she got (and what she still needs). But I know she's bound to be awfully tired, and the last thing she wants is to talk to anyone. So I'll wait till tomorrow. I even stayed out of Target today, so I wouldn't be tempted! But I do need to go to town tomorrow for dog food, and it would be great to take care of everything all together. Besides, I just love buying baby stuff!!

I was hoping husband would call today. He didn't call yesterday either. I guess I am getting spoiled by his daily calls and when he can't, it bothers me. Stupid huh? I know how busy he is, and working his butt off, but I still could use a call. Better get over that, they are going to be heading somewhere else soon, and we have been warned that we are not going to hear from them at all during that portion of training. Right now, the timing sucks. I need to bounce a couple of things off him, but I suppose I better make my own decisions without the usual discussions. It just helps me to step back and look at things differently.

Talk to you later.

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