Monday, January 16, 2006

So I did more shopping for the baby... ok, ok. I said I wasn't going to. So, I'm a grandma, I get to do these things. Talked to D-i-L and she told me that they got lots of clothes at the shower, but not the other stuff. Like the monitor, the lamp, the diaper pail! Gramma Deb is going to get the pail and the lamp, I got the monitor and a bottle warmer/cooler. and some other stuff too... yeah yeah, I know, I know.... If she gets more clothes, we may need another dresser! She is turning into a clotheshorse! She is so tiny, she doesn't fill out any of the tiny newborn clothes at all. But I am sure she will fill out everything soon. See, isn't she adorable?????

Husband called today, he is sounding pretty tired but upbeat. the briefings are going well, Generals and Colonels are pleased and the team seems to be really starting to work together. that is such a good thing to hear, now that they have been training for 4 months. When a team starts to work together properly, it's really great. And knowing that he is going to be in the Sand with these people, it's somehow comforting to know that he will be working with good people.

Course I cried when I hung up the phone. Just really emotional this week. Today was especially bad. then I cried again when my daughter in law and I talked, because I could hear the baby in the background. This is silly, I don't usually turn into a faucet! But I think it's the weather too, this unending grey dreary weather. yesterday the sun came out for a few hours, and when the dog and I tried to get out and play, the ice made everything so slippery we couldn't really do much ball playing. And... it was muddy, and madame Doesn't Like mud, her paws are just tooooooo dainty. Watching her "tip toe" around is hysterical... she and the cat are the only thing that make me laugh lately.

And, believe it or not, a miracle has happened! A plumber returned my phone call and will come out tomorrow to look at the leak in the outdoor wood boiler piping in the basement. This may not be the ONLY leak in the system, but it's the one I can find. I'm tired of having to refill the thing every week. Especially when it's really cold out. This outdoor wood boiler is a giant pain in the butt. I don't know if I am saving any money using it, but it is a hell of a lot of work. I need to fill it with wood every day or every other day if it's warmer than 34, and because of the leak, having to fill it with water every week. Next year, I am going to drain it, and just let it sit. It's not worth the little bit of savings. IF husband was home, and we were able to cut our own wood, it would be a good savings method, but since we have to buy wood and I have to load it, it's not saving us much if anything.

The small woodstove in the house on the otherhand, is really doing it's job. Keeps the house nice and warm, and besides, it's cheerful!

Talk to you later.


Catharine said...

How cute is she, I ask you!!! She's still not quite sure about thsi whole "light/air" proposition -- I can tell. She liked the "floaty/dark" time a little better. (And really... who can blame her?)

Congratulations, you little grandmother, you. I hope you get over your "no shopping" rule. Puh-leeeeze.... this is when you get to spoil her with impunity. Let her parents undo the damage. That's how it works.

She's beautiful.


Boschka said...

yup....Great Auntie Pol thinks she is the most beautiful, amazing, precious thing in the world. Lil One's copied picture has been seen and admired by every one at the law law firm Auntie Pol works at..whether they wanted to see it or not...LOL...look by baby

The new Great Aunt