Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I didn't shop for her any more today. Just found boxes to mail everything tomorrow! Other than that, not a lot. Plumber came, is ordering parts, and will be back on Friday! Oh, let's cross our fingers that it will all work and I won't be sitting here all day on my day off waiting for him.

Here's another picture of the most gorgeous baby in the entire universe. Oh, yes, I am the most besotted grandma in the world.

I worked at the new job today. It went fine, learning all sorts of new stuff about the stock. Interesting! But I am still not sure I made the right decision. As I told my mother, I will have to give it a good try, and not just jump into decisions. I need to learn everything about the front end, before I become the manager of it! and after that, we'll see what else I get to do. And if it doesn't work, it doesn't.

Husband didn't call today, I know he's busy and I'm trying hard not to say anything. But I sure wish he'd call. Maybe tomorrow? Heard from an old friend today, he's getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan. He was in Iraq the year before last... and he's in the Reserves! Yeah, I know, they both knew what they were signing up for. But this Iraq bit, is INSANE!!!! ok.. I promise, I'll stop for now. but you might want to drop by http://www.teambio.org/ Bring It On! We have some fun there!

Take care. Talk to you later.


Christie said...

oh how precious!

Dariana said...

Oh my! I am sooooooooo jealous, lol. I cannot wait to be a Grandmother. I get the chance twice this coming summer. Shelly (my Army daughter-in-law) is due August 14th, and my oldest son's fiance' is due July 28th!

Your new grandbaby is BEAUTIFUL! At first look, I was going, oooooooooh, oooooooooh, awwwwwwww, lol. I am gonna link to your blog.

Have a beautiful day!

Dariana said...
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