Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Cat Rules!

JJ is so clever! Since I am going to work, and we are planning on a few trips, we wanted to get the Cat Litter Box problem taken care of. Yesterday we went and bought the automatic type, the one that rakes by itself. After putting it together - and that takes a while- I put the litter in and sprinkled on some of the litter from the other box. I figured it would take a while for him to get used to it and decide to use it. 40 minutes later, I heard the sound of the little motor. TA DAH! he did it. No fuss, no muss... but it doesn't seem to work as well as I would like. I'll still need to clean it out every couple of days, but the worst of it will be taken care of.

His new bowls - you know, the ones with the reservoir for water and food - he didn't even blink. Of course, his favourite water bowl is STILL the people toilet...I will NOT buy the running water thing.. we had one before and it was just a mess!

OK, so now I have the cat taken care of - we got new lunch bags for both of us, since neither of us eat out for lunch. Clothes - I need to shorten some of my suit pants... Got some nice flat shoes... Need to get some more $ on my Smart Pass for the Metro...

BUT FIRST - SpouseBuzzLive3... I'm getting so excited! I'll be meeting some new friends and carpooling down. Then FUN!

See ya there!


Monday, November 26, 2007

I gotta JOB!!

Yay, hooray... I will start working at a law firm in DC on Monday! my wonderful head hunter did a great job for me. So if anyone is looking for work in the DC area - not just legal, she places lots of corporate and accounting people too- let me know, I'll get her info to you.

NOW I can go to SBL3 without feeling guilty! and do some clothes shopping, without feeling guilty. whew. It's been a hard slog this time, I guess I had expectations of being in the market to choose between job offers... but it didn't happen that way. This is a good firm, right on the Metro and close to some dangerous shopping! I was hoping to get a Federal job - but the application process is such a nightmare... I applied for a few, never heard anything, then found out from a placement person that I needed to completely rewrite my resume, write KSA's, and wait for months.

So... I'll see you at Bragg!


Friday, November 23, 2007

burp - Oh 'scuse me!

the meal went well! even the gravy worked out.. and the oven didn't burn everything to a cinder. Before we ate, DH put up curtain rods in the dining area and hung the new curtains. when they get the creases out, they will look even better. Glad we went with that colour. Then he put up shelves in the spare room closet, and moved the hanging rod up in the master bedroom closet and another lower rod as well. For a "day off" he worked his butt off.

Today, can you believe it.... after he gets back from an early morning conference call... we are heading to Michaels and Bed Bath.... Need a couple of things for a project, and one of those immersible mixer wands - the butternut squash was so good, we want to make soup out of the leftunders. -- yeah, leftunders, don't know where that came from, I think our son made that one up. I'm hoping everyone is at Best Buy or something!

With DH's encouragement, I have decided to go ahead and blow the $ on SpouseBuzzLive. Some networking... some fun... meet the people who know more about me than some members of my family - it'll be good.

Job hunting continues.. and dammit, SOMEONE out there needs me! maybe I should also get the "organizing" homebusiness started. If I only knew HOW to get a business started. Any hints gladly accepted!

See you at Bragg...


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my blog friends, especially those who are celebrating this T'Day without their loved one at home, may I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. This is the first one with DH in a few years, and we are spending it quietly, "at home"... in this case a small apartment with an oven I am not sure of. The turkey will either be done in no time at all, or take all day... hope he doesn't mind eating at the drop of a hat!

As for news... still no job. I finally heard from the first interview firm - had a second interview Monday.. and now waiting.. waiting... waiting. Had an interview and offer from a total nut! Very odd duck, with a desk in HIS office that would have been mine, and when he told me that he had a couple of illegals working in his office... well lets just say I made my excuses and took off. Called the headhunter and told her NO WAY..

I may not be able to get to Spouse Buzz Live - without a job I don't think I can justify the expense... so if I don't see you there, maybe next year..

Lovely weather today... in the 70s. Tomorrow - who knows~!

Y'all be good, eat lots and go into that lovely T'Day coma.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

onwards and upwards

and things go on and on and on.. I went to a good interview, and hoped that it would resolve soon, but so far, nothing. The headhunter keeps telling me that it looks good.... yeah. sure.

and the infection I have been fighting, came back with a vengeance. New antibiotics... and the new doctor (she's very nice) says that this should do it... yeah. sure.

The new doctor does endorse some of the herbal remedies I am trying for other problems... and she's young and willing to listen to me when I tell her there is something not right.. so that's good.

A nice long weekend coming up. Some shopping, some looking for a new car, and maybe a trip to the memorials on Sunday for Veteran's Day. The motorcycle trip may not be possible, too cold and I'm not sure I'm up for it.

So enjoy the weekend folks. Thank a Veteran or two or twenty. Spend some time with one, if you can.


Monday, November 05, 2007

Job hunting sucks

Seriously sucks. I have 4 headhunters, who need to be called to remind them that "HEY, I'm here, find me something!" Also have a very big Job Fair this week in downtown DC, so I need to copy LOTS of my resumes. I'm not to the point of taking a job at WalMart, but it sure is frustrating.

Spent Sunday at the National Portrait Gallery. We enjoyed most of it, but the modern art left us cold. The price for lunch was an eye opener too! The Kate Hepburn room was great, and the Asher Durand Landscapes were incredible. Of course, we didn't "do" the whole place, and didn't even make a dent in the Smithsonian Art Museum. That will be a great place for a rainy nasty Sunday since the Metro Station is right there and we won't get too wet getting to the front door.
The garage is getting to the point we can find things! yeah! Shelves are neat and organized. The spare room is better, there is clear floor to be seen. I need to get the big closet sorted soon.

Tonight- FRG meeting. I certainly hope it's better than the last FRG. I will go to it with an open mind, and brownies (it's a potluck)

Talk to you soon.