Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anyone else still have a copy of the TIME Magazine, with the three servicemembers in uniform - that proclaimed servicemembers as the TIME Person of the Year?

I do, my son and husband were both deployed that year, and I thought it was a fitting tribute to them and all the others in uniform.

This year, Kristen Tsetsi, who wrote the book Homefront, is spearheading the effort to get TIME to declare the military FAMILY as the Person of the Year. She's called it LIFT - Like It For TIME. On February 28th, Kristen will be posting a letter that she'll be sending to TIME Magazine , not by email or posting on line - but a paper and ink letter. The plan is, we all print it out, sign it (add something personal) and buy a stamp, put it in the post.

The goal is to overwhelm TIME Magazine with letters from across the country. The letters will introduce the editors to the idea, and with luck, they’ll get so many of them it will attract media attention.

Media attention is key to the effort. If the military family community and its supporters make enough of an impact to be addressed by the media, people will have to take an interest.

The date for this flooding? March 4th (March FORTH) I'll be interviewing her soon, but I wanted to make sure that all our readers have the website, and the Facebook link - we need to LIFT the awareness of military families. The White House has been doing it, The Oprahness happened, now it's up to us to get this additional word out. So - get ready.

Here's the Facebook page. And here's the website.

I'll be printing and sending, I'll send copies to my family - how about you? Can we count on you too? If you are a journalist, if you know a journalist, will you send them the notice to get the word out? We may be only 1% of the population, but we can make some noise!


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Saturday, February 19, 2011

NASCAR v. Planned Parenthood - guess who won!

Ok, so I seem to be shrieking bad news everywhere - if I'm not careful I'll sound like Bachmann {fui, fui... spitting away the evil curse} Well she and her ilk really came up with a moronic idea!

Defunding Planned Parenthood. As we all know, or those of us who can read above the level of Run Spot Run, one of the "platforms" of the tea party movement is that of being anti choice. They want to make sure there is never an abortion ever again in this country, no matter if it saves the life of the mother, whether it's a result of incest or rape, or if the mother is 13 years old. No More Abortion EVER is their constant shriek - usually from a bunch of middle aged MEN. so - in their never ending quest to make sure they are as foolish as possible - they vote to defund a group that has provided health care including contraception to MILLIONS of lower income women; to women whose health insurance didn't include contraception (but usually included Viagra); to college students; low income women; women who needed good quality health care of all kinds. THAT's who they decided shouldn't get any more federal tax money.

You know who they decided should continue to be funded, to the tune of $6 million dollars? The US Army NASCAR team. Yup - your tax dollars at work, y'all! NASCAR team over low income women.. I think I see the priority, staring me in the face.

Does this piss me off? OH HELL YEAH! I've been fighting this for decades. I'm sick of that way of thinking. Sick of the prattling fools who piously tell me that it's "god's will" if a woman gets pregnant; sick of the morons like that military chaplain who told a woman that it was "god's will" that she was raped and she should go to church more often; sick of the indescribable barbarity of a proposed law that no abortion could be performed in the most exigent of circumstances - when a woman is bleeding to death and the only way to save her is to abort; sick of MEN deciding that procreation on THEIR terms, on THEIR schedule, is how WE live our lives. If they want to go back to the "good old days" when a woman bore children yearly, or miscarried, or found a back alley abortionist; when women's sole purpose on earth was to procreate, stay home and keep his house clean, slippers at the door - I suggest they toddle their misogynistic little selves off and find a good fundamentalist state where the man rules, the women stay in purdah and wear the burka outdoors.... Anyone else know where this bastion of male superiority can be found - oh yeah, try heading to Kabul, then head south, into the Hindu Kush..


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bad Idea - such a BAD Idea

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In the previously discussed vein of reunion pron*, the latest "reality" show to be floated is this one.

Coming Home will feature U.S. soldiers reuniting with loved ones after serving long tours of duty. The show will be paired with Lifetime’s hit drama Army Wives.

Now - my own two cents? you want reality? then follow along with these military spouses while they try to function for a year; thrill to the deployment gremlins as they strike the unsuspecting family right in the wallet; feel the tension as the phone calls get cut short or the internet connection is turned off after "an incident"; sit with that spouse at an FRG meeting or briefing; control your excitement when that dark sedan comes down the street and stops on your block! Now that show - will never happen. And I'm damned if I want a happy tense exciting time to be voyeuristically watched by anyone else. Will they follow us when we have that first post deployment fight? NO. They want to watch us ride off into that pink sunset on a white steed and live happily ever after. Until the next deployment of course... and then they want to greedily watch as we say goodbye... tears are great for ratings!

Here's the website for the show announcement - go on over and make your voice heard.


*no, didn't misspell, just hate the creepy traffic I get when I use the word!