Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anyone else still have a copy of the TIME Magazine, with the three servicemembers in uniform - that proclaimed servicemembers as the TIME Person of the Year?

I do, my son and husband were both deployed that year, and I thought it was a fitting tribute to them and all the others in uniform.

This year, Kristen Tsetsi, who wrote the book Homefront, is spearheading the effort to get TIME to declare the military FAMILY as the Person of the Year. She's called it LIFT - Like It For TIME. On February 28th, Kristen will be posting a letter that she'll be sending to TIME Magazine , not by email or posting on line - but a paper and ink letter. The plan is, we all print it out, sign it (add something personal) and buy a stamp, put it in the post.

The goal is to overwhelm TIME Magazine with letters from across the country. The letters will introduce the editors to the idea, and with luck, they’ll get so many of them it will attract media attention.

Media attention is key to the effort. If the military family community and its supporters make enough of an impact to be addressed by the media, people will have to take an interest.

The date for this flooding? March 4th (March FORTH) I'll be interviewing her soon, but I wanted to make sure that all our readers have the website, and the Facebook link - we need to LIFT the awareness of military families. The White House has been doing it, The Oprahness happened, now it's up to us to get this additional word out. So - get ready.

Here's the Facebook page. And here's the website.

I'll be printing and sending, I'll send copies to my family - how about you? Can we count on you too? If you are a journalist, if you know a journalist, will you send them the notice to get the word out? We may be only 1% of the population, but we can make some noise!


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