Monday, June 26, 2006

Never again, I hope

I went to a funeral today. He was 22. His friends said he was a nice guy, liked to spend time with his buddies, liked chasing girls, loved fishing (they tell a fishing story about a record catfish, but have pictures to prove it!) had a super smile and wonderful eyes, and he was only 22. Two thousand people came to say goodbye, 250 in leathers on bikes with flags, the Governor, the General and a Representative. His brother, his father and mother, his stunned grandparents and a host of aunts, uncles and cousins, his best buddy "walking wounded". and he was only 22.

Sgt Brent Koch. 22 years old, killed by an IED in Iraq. It broke my heart to see his friend, who was hurt in the same bombing, hobbling in uniform to his seat in the gym where the two of them used to play basketball. When National Guard soldiers go to war, they go with their friends, their brothers and sisters, their fathers and mothers, aunts, uncles and cousins.

As political as I am, there wasn't any room for that there. Maybe before, reading BIO, or after listening to the radio. But then, no. There was only time to grieve, to say hello to a Col I know, and thank you to the Patriot Riders.

Like we all said to each other, I hope we don't see each other at another one ever again.

talk to you later.

Monday, June 19, 2006


today has been one frustration after another. husband and I usually IM every evening... not for the past 4 days! he pays a ridiculous amount to his ISP in the Sand... and the damned thing doesn't damned well WORK!!!

And the guy I had doing some work in the basement has managed to misplace ALL the trays for the dehydrator! I have 35 bucks worth of strawberries that I want to make leathers out of... and no trays!!! and the guy won't answer the phone... avoiding the bill collectors I assume. so I'll have to do this the old way, cookie sheets in a cool oven... long slow process.. and try to get some new trays. This guy has been a disaster from day one. didn't do a really good job, broke my lawn mower mowing the city right of way, now this.... and he'll whine at me... about God going to provide.... while he tries to over charge me for work. well, not in this house. not again.

And the sinus infection is giving me a huge headache, which is going to morf into a migraine any minute now. Went to the neurologist today, got Topamax (supposedly a good migraine preventative). then I started reading about side effects... a bit scary there folks, but I have to also remember that these are a few people, who had a bad result, and there are thousands who had a good one.... working in the plaintiff medical litigation field really really doesn't help!

work is piling up at work, and I need to take some time off and get this house ready to put on the market! but when I get home... I'm dead tired, and not much gets done. the house is a mess, a bunch of unfinished projects.

and overlying it all... I'm alone out here, and I'm tired of it all. ever have a day when all you want to do is walk away? from all of it? knowing there is a funeral for a 22 year old kid looming is the "icing" on the cake

sorry.. feeling down, tired, and sick. probably shouldn't post this, but hell. the dog doesn't respond and the cat is in a crappy mood.

take care y'all. talk to you later.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sad Day

It's a sad day. One of the MN Guard members was killed in Iraq. Not anyone I knew. or from our unit, but he's still "one of ours".

What a sad waste of a 22 year old young man. and I had the awful feeling when I saw the headline... oh god, don't let it be my husband.... and when it wasn't, that feeling of relief made me feel so very guilty.

What a Father's Day for his family. Think about them, if you are a believer in something, pray for them.


Friday, June 09, 2006

My sweet baby granddaughter

Isn't this the most beautiful child ever in the entire universe? And she's in a dress her Nana wore a long time ago. A very very very long time ago.

Wonderful visit. I got to baby sit, nibble on tiny toes, and watch her blow bubbles. I think she enjoys it most, when she has a little bit of formula in her mouth... makes such a fun sound! She smiles with her whole body! a big gummy grin, those blue eyes sparkle, and she wriggles with glee. (yeah, besotted grandmother....)

son and dil are househunting. And isn't that just so much fun? everyone who's done it, sit back a second... remember? yuk. Took son and darling child around a nice townhouse development. got into one open house.... pretty nice one.

The weather was HOT! So our trip to a botanical garden didn't happen. Who wants to fry? So she and I went for a very early morning but nice walk along a green strip where they live and came across a field full of prairie dogs! Seems all the construction along a military base nearby had chased them out. So a couple of yards from a busy street, the little fellas were chattering and chittering away as Nana and the stroller with sleeping baby walked along. Fun! If I can get back there before winter, I hope we can see them when she is awake!

Came home with a very heavy heart... miss seeing her so damn much.

Got home, my carpenter was working away and the work he has done is gorgeous. But unfortunately, my escape artist cat got out the day before I got home. I didn't realize it, because when the carpenter is working, the cat runs into the basement, the compressor bugs him. So when the carpenter left, and the cat didn't come out... I realized he had jumped the wire. I walked around, calling, but nothing... The next day, I went through the woods and to the barn calling... and heard him yelling like a banshee. the idiot went up into the hayloft of our 100 year old barn... and couldn't get down. Very glad to see him. The dog showed her joy, by grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and hauling him around the floor.

Back to work. Not just at the office either. spent most of a morning scraping the basement floor... the flooring installer comes tomorrow. Planning a baking blitz this weekend, since I missed doing it last weekend. Besides the guys deserve a double batch. And they know why.

Y'all take care now. talk to you later.

Nana LAW.