Friday, December 07, 2007

Snow & DC = a BIG mess

ok, so it snowed a couple inches... you would honestly have thought we were in the middle of a blizzard! the Metro - I wanted to go "mooooo" when I got on, and got smushed by the folks behind me. I did get a seat after 2 stops. And I always get a seat when I get on in the morning, since I am near the beginning of the line.

The new job - GREAT! I am finally (I hope) out of the orientation cycle. For 2 days, it was reading two large binders of information and meeting with the various heads of department to learn this, that and the other... but you know I won't really learn it, until I have to DO it. My mentor finally took pity on my whimpers and gave me an actual file to work up. No office for me yet, but I'm told it won't be long. the open cubicle stuff would be better, if I didn't have someone next to me with the eating manners of a sloppy 2 year old. He's a nice guy, but listening to him eat - a great diet aid. wonder if I can use some headphones...

Christmas shopping - I'm not done, but then we aren't going nuts.. I can't tell you what I'm giving the family - they read this occasionally. But the Grandbaby - lots of books! some of them are noisier than others.... I also finished cross stitching her stocking. She won't care for the next few years - but I hope it looks nice.

DH and I got up yesterday to use the gym in the complex - I'll try for 3xs a week at first. Unfortunately, one downside of the job is the "no sneakers/trainers" rule. With some foot problems, it's uncomfortable wearing "real" shoes. So I'm shoe shopping for proper shoes that are comfy. And... I cheat... wear sneakers TO work, then change when I'm there. This also affects working out, I don't get on the elliptical or walk, I use the bike. small steps, small steps, soon I'll be going 5xs a week and maybe power walking again.

Green - anytime you are up here in DC, or I get a chance to come down - Cracker Barrel it is! But Dyke Street is a little street that the Tom Tom gizmo Kate was using made us go down whilst searching for an IHOP! SFW has decided we need a song... "on Broadway" tune... I started singing it for DH, he moaned a lot!

We thought we had a buyer for the house, but they only offered 50K under our price, and didn't counter our counter... DH doesn't think they were ever really serious, the wife wanted our house, the husband - a condo in the City. hmm.... bit of a disconnect there!

This weekend.. go down and see the National Xmas Tree, and maybe, maybe, I'll get to drive the new car! We have to hit the commissary, so I'm hoping the DH will be slow to get to the car, I'll get in the driver's seat and voila!

That's about it for here... y'all be good, or if you can't.... don't get caught, Santa is still watching you!


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Spouse Buzz Live

I just returned from a wonderful weekend. Meeting those people, the ones I have blogged with, who have heard me cry and laugh and obsess and fight... was a truly amazing experience. Thank you all for being there, for all that hard work, the traveling, the setting up. Badger, Green, Butterfly Wife.. it was so incredible! Vince, thanks for dinner.

Now the hotel.. that was another matter altogether. But the camaraderie, the laughs, the tears, the "yeah, you get it" ... it was worth every second.

Thank you to SemperFiWife and the other "Dyke Street girls" for the carpool down.. anytime you want another body to hit Cracker Barrel.. I'm game! Biscuits!!

Oh, I just can't WAIT for next year!