Sunday, October 26, 2008

ow ow... or how we walked the MCM 10K

Ow... cause I'm a little stiff in the hip flexors right now... But Vypergirl and I walked the 10K for Sew Much Comfort, and did it in a decent time for an old lady (that's me) and a pregnant lady (that's her)... It was a cool (ok, chilly!) morning. After I waved the DH off to go run his marathon (which he did 25 minutes faster than last year) she and I were waved off by her DH and the kids - and set off. it was a good walk, around the Pentagon - and then down the canyons of Crystal City - and out and around the Pentagon, past the Iwo Jima and then back up.. and watching the "rolling" participants in the Marathon going up that last horrible hill was amazing. You see, one can't help the wheelchair racers get UP that damned hill and after 26 miles, these folks were TIRED.. and everyone on the sidelines was screaming them on and encouraging them... It was inspiring.

But for me, more than anyone else, was the little (if she was 5 foot, I'd be surprised) older lady, stooped and fragile seeming woman (I think she was at least 65) who ran/walked the 10K... Amazing woman - who ran the Portland Marathon 2 weeks ago! I lost her in the crowd at the end, I would have loved to get a picture of her and find out her name.

A great end of the strangest week...


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Acorn - Sproul - which is worse?

hm. Whilst the Right has hissy fits about the Acorn debacle (and let's be fair, Acorn's registration of Micky Mouse is.... Micky mouse) - let's take a look at this article from the London Times

McCain Campaign paid Republican operative accused of voter fraud.

I remember Mr. Sproul's group in Minnesota. They wanted to make sure I as a military spouse was signed up, till I told them I was a Democrat. I don't know who hung up faster! Now Senator Obama, when a lawyer and before beginning his Presidential run, may have defended Acorn, but has anyone tied the Obama campaign AT PRESENT to Acorn with money? If so, please show me, I really am interested in knowing. if not... Senator McCain's $175,000.00 to Sproul's group is kinda up-ing the ante.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PFC Hunter Levine - One of ours needs a hand

The TechMama (Tammy Munson) on posted about PFC Levine - and our site ended up needing to double it's bandwidth. Through being forwarded about the net - it ended up at Blackfive and at Michelle Malkin's site... and we are inundated with offers to help this young man. Now, my fellow liberals - let's go do it!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Tell me why...

The unit has to call at 4:16 AM to wake up DH - to pee in a bottle this morning. FOUR fucking AM!!!!!!!!!! Do they NOT know that there are other people in the family who may want to sleep? Bad enough for me - because once I'm awake, I'm not going back to sleep - just one of those things that creep up on you with age. Once upon a time, when I was waaaay younger, I would have just rolled over and gone back to sleep. But now... well, good morning.

But what do the families with young children do, when the phone shrills at that time? For a second, I was disoriented - and the deployment thoughts started - until I rolled over and handed the phone to him. I can just imagine the crying from the baby, or the MOM, I'm UP!! calls from the toddlers... no more sleep for anyone in the house...


The day got worse... I decided that since I was up, I'd go to work early, since I had to leave early for MRIs... so I walk out of the bathroom ... and the cat has just urped ALL OVER the bedspread, which soaked through to the blankets and sheets - mackerel with tuna sauce and the teaspoon of milk I let him have from my cereal bowl this morning. So - no work early, just washing this monster bedspread - and then the rest of the sheets/blanket.

Got to work - the internet at work was down. Hard to research or get in touch with other firms... Then the hospital called - one of the MRI machines was down. I still got it done, matter of fact I got there early and they had cancelled a few others so I got in early - and was so damned tired, I put the headphones on and they put on some relaxing music - and I slept!

Got home early and now.. I'm hoping all the bad Juju is gone. Cause I'm done!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Marine Corps 10K walk/run

OK, so who's walking for Sew Much Comfort? and shall we meet somewhere???


Friday, October 17, 2008

Palin and the scary people

I just get tired of reading all the hate mongering and BS about Obama - and then I read this from the London Times - and to think that people like THAT are going to vote... - What was Obama doing in Indonesia - Being A KID!!! Closet Muslim??? ok, and even it's true (which it isn't) that's bad... why??? Oh, I get it now... only a good chreeeeeeeeeeeestian can be a President??? oh, please - tell me that I'm wrong...

He actually wants to be a citizen of the world. So do I! Because America is not and shouldn't be an insular, moated country, that wants to keep everyone out - just go to the infamous WalMart - most of the goods are made overseas! Our oil - from overseas. and no, we can't drill our way out of this, if you actually READ the facts, you'll see that it would take too long to get anything out of any fields in Alaska or offshore, and we still wouldn't make up the deficit. Our economy is tied to the world economy, just take a look at the last couple of weeks, or don't they READ anything besides Rash Lamebrain and his ilk... even Faux News has been reporting on the worldwide economic crisis....

Patriotism shouldn't be blind. I'm very proud of being an American, of being the child of a man who served his country as a Coastie, and as a State Dept. officer; of being the wife of a man who has and is still serving his country in uniform; of being the mother of a man who served his country in uniform; of being the mother in law of a woman who served her country in uniform; of being the daughter in law of the man who served his country in uniform.. BUT I see her problems, her bad side as well as her good side. and for some reason, for that - I'm told I'm a traitor and a few other things as well... Being blind to faults in a country (or a human being) doesn't make you a patriot, it just makes you pathetic.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Maryland Renaissance Festival - a Rogues day

The Rogues - a Celtic band that DH has loved for years - has been at the Maryland Ren Fest. We went back - again- to see them - followed them from one venue to another at the Faire - Yeah, We're Bagpipe and drum Groupies!!!! whooo hooo! Lots of fun - pipers, drummers, belly dancers - yeah... and step dancers on the side! These guys also contribute to the AirForce Fund, and are great supporters of the military... Their Warrior's Lament incorporates the Army Song and the Marine Hymn, and will reduce you to tears. We MIGHT be going to see them next weekend, plus they are doing a fundraiser for a Vietnam Vet on Saturday night.

Here's their website.

and here are a couple of the boys. The pipers are both World Champions and members of the best pipe band in North America.

and they usually live - in Houston! sigh....


Virtual Veteran's Day

Since my office isn't closed for Veteran's Day - and I can't take off (since we are going away the week before) I was wondering what to do for Veteran's Day - Here's one solution. CJ at Soldier's Perspective has a great idea. A Virtual One.

Go here and read!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

From BlueStar Families for Obama

Blue Star Families Launch Video: Why We are Pro-Military, Pro-Obama

Blue Star Families for Obama launched a video today that articulates why Senator Barack Obama can count on military families for their votes on November 4th .

The video features eight military spouses who share their reasons for voting for Sen. Obama over Sen. McCain. One Blue Star family member shares: McCain claims to work for us. His actions don’t always agree. He campaigned against the new GI Bill, Voted against troop safety equipment, against vets health care, has a 20 percent rating from the Disabled American Vets.

Another Blue Star adds: Barack Obama shows he understands today's military. Obama will help reservists and military families, and he’s frontlined mental health care, co-sponsored the GI Bill.

As Cindy McCain and Governor Sarah Palin leverage their Blue Star status to parlay votes for Senator John McCain, BSF4O has been actively educating and informing the military community on why Sen. Obama is the right presidential candidate and would make the best Commander in Chief for our country.

BSF4O is a grassroots organization created by Army and Marine spouses who have a Pro-Military, Pro-Obama message. As a membership organization, BSF4O communicates with thousands of military family members through outreach programs and is active in 24 states.

Never before has the military family community shown their overwhelming support for the Democratic candidate. BSF4O are inspired and impressed by Sen. Obama’s voting record and support of Veterans and the military family community. They also believe that Sen. Obama projects the most attractive American values across our country and our globe.

For more information on BSF4O and to view their video, visit .

For the Cat Lovers Everywhere

A friend from work sent me this... I showed it to DH - He laughed as hard as I did..

Simon and the cat dinner.

For a chuckle...


Saturday, October 11, 2008

The AUSA and everything else

It was a hell of a week! I went to the AUSA conference this week - met with some brass, their PAOs and talked to a lot of family advocate agencies. That report will be on ParentsZone - so if you're interested hop on over there. While you are there, take a listen to the SpouseBuzz Radio Show interview of myself and Some Soldier's Mom that TechMama has linked us to. THAT was a lot of fun. Poor TechMama didn't get too many words in edgewise, after all, Some Soldier's Mom and I on one show - yeah, you know we monopolized that conversation!

After a LONG day walking the AUSA Expo I went to PetSmart to do my stint with the kitties and their boxes, and there was a wonderful end to the Tuesday - my first farewell to a cat leaving for his new "forever home". Ricky, a sweet, friendly, affectionate tabby who had been dumped on us by some nasty woman who claimed her new fiance was allergic to him, was carted off to his new wonderful life with his new mommies, their cat and dog. - and is presently being spoiled, petted, and loved by them - a real UP moment! If anyone in the DC area wants a new cat - there are some wonderful ones being taken care of by Fancy Cats Rescue at PetSmart in the area... give me a yell!

On Wednesday DH rode in a Patriot Guard Ride for a Warrant Officer being laid to rest at Arlington. I keep hoping I will be able to ride with him one day. I always admired them when I saw them in Minnesota at the National Guard funerals I attended. Particularly - the days when the high temp was 2 and the windchill was well below zero and they stood around the St. Paul Cathedral in their snowmobile suits and held the flags and honoured the fallen. It always reduced me to tears.

One note from AUSA that I won't post on PZ - I had an Obama button on my purse and despite the ragging (affectionate I think) of TechMama, I kept it on. As I walked around the Expo floor, with the seas of contractors and uniforms, I would get the look, then with some of them, I'd get a surreptitious wink or thumbs up, or a smile and nod. It was quiet, but it warmed my heart, and confirmed my suspicions that there are a lot of "closet democrats" out there in the military. After the incredible bitchiness, the vicious attacks on SisB at her blog , I'm not surprised that they stay quiet! Some of the stranger ideas I have been reading - a Poll Tax for heaven's sake - I will be SOOO glad when this election season is over.

The economy has me scared, seriously scared. The law firm I am working at is going through the usual partner pissing matches, and everyone is nervous, morale has tanked. One of the best of the young lawyers is leaving - his contract is up- talk about short sighted moves, guys. This guy worked his butt off, and got treated shabbily, he is job hunting and the market seems frozen! I'm thinking that I'll start filling out some Federal Job applications (which are such an amazing pain in the ass) and take DAYS to fill out. Who knows, I might find something better - won't pay better, but might be "safer".

On the good side at work, I got a new file - and will be able to get it properly arranged from the beginning, spent a day designing the database and now I'll be writing up the protocols for the intake and file documentation - finally I won't be inheriting a monstrous mess from someone who had no idea of how to manage a case! small things, that make a good week - all in all.

Off to book a flight to see the son, DIL and grandbaby!

Have a good long weekend. Namaste


Thursday, October 09, 2008

On the Radio - it's... ME

On SpouseBuzz radio - some of the authors of ParentsZone. We are going to be talking about what there is for PARENTS of serving Military, what we hope to accomplish on the site.. and whatever questions you want to throw at us! Be there!


Friday, October 03, 2008

OK, time to get political again

OK, so now it's time to get political again, my children. I am reading all the peals of praise for Sarah Palin, and after making sure I don't hurl on my keyboard, I'm done with that. The woman may be a nice lady, a decent Governor of Alaska... but she has NO business being my VP! And for McCain to pick her, with the idea that "well she's a woman, women will therefore vote for her" is, quite frankly, an insult to thinking women everywhere. Excuse me, just because I'm a woman, I don't just vote for the reproductive organs of my representative. I vote for brains, not ovaries!

She can't list what she reads? oh, c'mon, name Newsweek, Time, the Anchorage newspaper... anything! She can't list any other Supreme Court decisions? Guantanamo Bay/Torture... ringing any bells? I didn't watch the debate - but I find the winking, folksy "gorsh golly gee whizz" to be rather asinine, juvenile and patronizing of her constituency.

Has anyone else noticed that the McCain ads are mostly 3 -4 word bullet points - not a whole sentence in the lot? again, has the campaign decided that his constituents can't comprehend more than that?

I'm attaching some sites for your perusal, including a rather damning list of his REAL voting record for Veterans.

Big News of the Week:

BSF4O in the News!
While John McCain uses his military service as a talking-point to promote his presidential campaign, many of those who serve and their families remain unconvinced. Blue Star Families For Obama is a nationwide organization of military families who are vocally opposed to the McCain/Palin ticket, and they aren't quiet about it.

Motley Moose, Vet Voice, October 2, 2008
Our choice to support Obama is not only based on McCain's lack of real support for our military community, but it is also based on Obama's demonstrated commitment to serve us who so proudly serve the country.

Vet Voice, October 1, 2008
BSF4O Maura Satchell invites all of us to show our love for our troops and veterans before the next presidential debate. "Time to tell the media and the voting public that Sen. McCain has voted at least 29 times to cut, eliminate or gut veterans' medical benefits since 1990! "

Other Pro Military! Pro Obama! News & Links
And although Palin plays no role in national defense activities (they involve the guard, but are under federal command), the Veterans for America, also known as the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, are now questioning Palin's record in taking care of her guardsmen for state matters, too.

Think Progress, October 2, 2008
In an interview with ThinkProgress today, Rep. Chet Edwards (D), who represents Crawford, TX and is a leader on veterans issues in Congress, ripped McCain's record on veterans.

Huffington Post, October 2, 2008
So -- in all his infinite concern for our troops and their families -- just what has John McCain since done to rectify the situation at Walter Reed? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. How do I know? Well, as military dependents, my own children were required to begin receiving care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center once we moved within its vicinity in 2006. My young son has battled cancer since he was two years-old and has been to many hospitals. But I wasn't prepared for the conditions at Walter Reed when we arrived.

Lake County Record-Bee, September 30, 2008
I came very close to shooting my television set when I heard these words. Then I wondered why Senator Obama let them go without out rebuttal. Two thoughts came to mind, first - never interupt your opponent when he is boldfaced lying and second - actions speak louder than words so let us examine Senator McCain's voting records.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Support Soldiers' Angels

So you all know Soldiers' Angels, right? If not - go here. Then - go HERE and show your support for those who support the troops. Click on the link - then scroll down... click on Soldiers' Angels and vote!