Friday, October 03, 2008

OK, time to get political again

OK, so now it's time to get political again, my children. I am reading all the peals of praise for Sarah Palin, and after making sure I don't hurl on my keyboard, I'm done with that. The woman may be a nice lady, a decent Governor of Alaska... but she has NO business being my VP! And for McCain to pick her, with the idea that "well she's a woman, women will therefore vote for her" is, quite frankly, an insult to thinking women everywhere. Excuse me, just because I'm a woman, I don't just vote for the reproductive organs of my representative. I vote for brains, not ovaries!

She can't list what she reads? oh, c'mon, name Newsweek, Time, the Anchorage newspaper... anything! She can't list any other Supreme Court decisions? Guantanamo Bay/Torture... ringing any bells? I didn't watch the debate - but I find the winking, folksy "gorsh golly gee whizz" to be rather asinine, juvenile and patronizing of her constituency.

Has anyone else noticed that the McCain ads are mostly 3 -4 word bullet points - not a whole sentence in the lot? again, has the campaign decided that his constituents can't comprehend more than that?

I'm attaching some sites for your perusal, including a rather damning list of his REAL voting record for Veterans.

Big News of the Week:

BSF4O in the News!
While John McCain uses his military service as a talking-point to promote his presidential campaign, many of those who serve and their families remain unconvinced. Blue Star Families For Obama is a nationwide organization of military families who are vocally opposed to the McCain/Palin ticket, and they aren't quiet about it.

Motley Moose, Vet Voice, October 2, 2008
Our choice to support Obama is not only based on McCain's lack of real support for our military community, but it is also based on Obama's demonstrated commitment to serve us who so proudly serve the country.

Vet Voice, October 1, 2008
BSF4O Maura Satchell invites all of us to show our love for our troops and veterans before the next presidential debate. "Time to tell the media and the voting public that Sen. McCain has voted at least 29 times to cut, eliminate or gut veterans' medical benefits since 1990! "

Other Pro Military! Pro Obama! News & Links
And although Palin plays no role in national defense activities (they involve the guard, but are under federal command), the Veterans for America, also known as the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, are now questioning Palin's record in taking care of her guardsmen for state matters, too.

Think Progress, October 2, 2008
In an interview with ThinkProgress today, Rep. Chet Edwards (D), who represents Crawford, TX and is a leader on veterans issues in Congress, ripped McCain's record on veterans.

Huffington Post, October 2, 2008
So -- in all his infinite concern for our troops and their families -- just what has John McCain since done to rectify the situation at Walter Reed? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. How do I know? Well, as military dependents, my own children were required to begin receiving care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center once we moved within its vicinity in 2006. My young son has battled cancer since he was two years-old and has been to many hospitals. But I wasn't prepared for the conditions at Walter Reed when we arrived.

Lake County Record-Bee, September 30, 2008
I came very close to shooting my television set when I heard these words. Then I wondered why Senator Obama let them go without out rebuttal. Two thoughts came to mind, first - never interupt your opponent when he is boldfaced lying and second - actions speak louder than words so let us examine Senator McCain's voting records.



Just a Girl in a Port said...

Thank you. Timely post and very excellent points!

Non-Essential Equipment said...

The folksy stuff drives me mad.

I think she'd make a great Fox News pundit, though.

(army)Wife said...

Thanks for the info, but where is the list of bills that Obama voted for to support our vets? Obama himself has said he does support our troops and veterans, yet he voted against a bill that would have funded our troops because the bill also said that there would be no timetable for the war in Iraq.

The problem I have with articles that list bills/policies that candidates voted for or against is that the bills themselves, many times, have to do with things other than what the candidate did or did support. Just like in my example above. And it was Obama who pointed that out in the first presidential debate. He said, "McCain opposed funding for troops in legislation that had a timetable...I opposed funding a mission that had no timetable...We had a difference on the timetable. We didn't have a difference on whether or not we were going to be funding troops."

liberal army wife said...

I was pointing out the fact that Senator McCain, who lauds himself as the protector of the veterans - hasn't exactly stepped up to the plate for them lately.


Roxanne said...

I read 2 articles... One said Deployed soldiers are giving $ to Obama vs. McCain 6:1 and second, that based on mortality rates, Palin's chances of becoming Pres are 1 in 6...God help us all! LOVE this blog! Hooah for Army Liberals!