Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Acorn - Sproul - which is worse?

hm. Whilst the Right has hissy fits about the Acorn debacle (and let's be fair, Acorn's registration of Micky Mouse is.... Micky mouse) - let's take a look at this article from the London Times

McCain Campaign paid Republican operative accused of voter fraud.

I remember Mr. Sproul's group in Minnesota. They wanted to make sure I as a military spouse was signed up, till I told them I was a Democrat. I don't know who hung up faster! Now Senator Obama, when a lawyer and before beginning his Presidential run, may have defended Acorn, but has anyone tied the Obama campaign AT PRESENT to Acorn with money? If so, please show me, I really am interested in knowing. if not... Senator McCain's $175,000.00 to Sproul's group is kinda up-ing the ante.



kimba said...

Related - sort of:

I was approached by a register-to-vote person outside of a grocery store last year. I'm already registered, obviously, and was getting ready to tell him this, but he then looked at J and said "Are you military?" (the haircut, you know). He said he was, so the fellow looked back at me and said, "Never mind, you can't vote here anyway."

Now, I know that's not the case - I'm a California resident, even though loads of milspouses seem to ignore the requirement that we change state residency when we move.

After I told him he was full of shit, I wondered how many other, less clueful military spouses he put off with this incorrect information. How did this genius get out of training at whatever group he was representing, in SAN DIEGO, which is rotten with military, without knowing how milspouse residency works?

Overall - the system is broken. Voter registration is disorganized at best and rigged at worst. I fear November 4th will be a disaster, and we'll be in for another weeks-long drama featuring lawyers, court decisions and behind-the-scenes shenanigans, again.

Army Wife said...

"friends" of Barack have made a lot of questionable donations...

here is one example...

liberal army wife said...

AW - that's not what I asked. I'm trying to be specific here. "Friends" of Obama's maybe sending money to Odinga.. not the question. If anyone has information - in some forum outside a blog or opinion piece, but a responsible journalist or investigator's information - that has PROOF that the Obama Campaign gave $$ to Acorn, please send me the link.


liberal army wife said...

Folks, I wouldn't usually allow a link to Atlas Shrugged to remain on my blog, I find it offensive, and as DH said, scary as all get out.

But, I don't believe in censorship either. I just wanted you all to know I cannot condone ANYTHING on that site


Anonymous said...

LAW - LOL. I read that comment yesterday and saw the Atlas Shrugged link and thought "oh, sure, now that's a unbiased source."

anchored away said...

Holy spiked Kool-Aid, Batman! WTH? I sure wish I could unsee all the bat-guano-unhinged stupidity.

Anyway, thanks for pointing me to TroopTube. If I can get the videos I've made uploaded, I'll use it. Meantime, if you run across a spot where we can share just regular ol' photos with our spouses (without the censorship stuff getting in the way), feel free to shoot me an e-mail! ;)

slightly salty said...

I find that website more ridiculous than anything. It's like comic book conspiracy theory. No wonder it's hard to tell the real facts about either candidate anymore with websites like that proliferating a bunch of crap. And I say both because I'm sure there are just as many out there against McCain as there are Obama.