Monday, October 20, 2008

Tell me why...

The unit has to call at 4:16 AM to wake up DH - to pee in a bottle this morning. FOUR fucking AM!!!!!!!!!! Do they NOT know that there are other people in the family who may want to sleep? Bad enough for me - because once I'm awake, I'm not going back to sleep - just one of those things that creep up on you with age. Once upon a time, when I was waaaay younger, I would have just rolled over and gone back to sleep. But now... well, good morning.

But what do the families with young children do, when the phone shrills at that time? For a second, I was disoriented - and the deployment thoughts started - until I rolled over and handed the phone to him. I can just imagine the crying from the baby, or the MOM, I'm UP!! calls from the toddlers... no more sleep for anyone in the house...


The day got worse... I decided that since I was up, I'd go to work early, since I had to leave early for MRIs... so I walk out of the bathroom ... and the cat has just urped ALL OVER the bedspread, which soaked through to the blankets and sheets - mackerel with tuna sauce and the teaspoon of milk I let him have from my cereal bowl this morning. So - no work early, just washing this monster bedspread - and then the rest of the sheets/blanket.

Got to work - the internet at work was down. Hard to research or get in touch with other firms... Then the hospital called - one of the MRI machines was down. I still got it done, matter of fact I got there early and they had cancelled a few others so I got in early - and was so damned tired, I put the headphones on and they put on some relaxing music - and I slept!

Got home early and now.. I'm hoping all the bad Juju is gone. Cause I'm done!



Ann M. said...

I hope your bad Juju is gone, too. (and I fell asleep in an MRI machine once, too--the tech couldn't believe it. He clearly didn't just come off a 24 hour watch, or have the type of day you did!)

Anonymous said...

Boo! I hope your Tuesday was better!!

Anonymous said...

You fell asleep while having an MRI?! That's tired.
Bad ju-ju, be gone.

The Mrs. said...

wow. what a day. Its a bad sign when the MRI machine seems relaxing!

The squadron calls at all hours of the night (and day but thats a given) and we our youngest wakes at the drop of a hat. I finally told hubs that next time it happens he gets to take the cranky 22 mths old in to work the next day. make em pay I say!