Sunday, October 26, 2008

ow ow... or how we walked the MCM 10K

Ow... cause I'm a little stiff in the hip flexors right now... But Vypergirl and I walked the 10K for Sew Much Comfort, and did it in a decent time for an old lady (that's me) and a pregnant lady (that's her)... It was a cool (ok, chilly!) morning. After I waved the DH off to go run his marathon (which he did 25 minutes faster than last year) she and I were waved off by her DH and the kids - and set off. it was a good walk, around the Pentagon - and then down the canyons of Crystal City - and out and around the Pentagon, past the Iwo Jima and then back up.. and watching the "rolling" participants in the Marathon going up that last horrible hill was amazing. You see, one can't help the wheelchair racers get UP that damned hill and after 26 miles, these folks were TIRED.. and everyone on the sidelines was screaming them on and encouraging them... It was inspiring.

But for me, more than anyone else, was the little (if she was 5 foot, I'd be surprised) older lady, stooped and fragile seeming woman (I think she was at least 65) who ran/walked the 10K... Amazing woman - who ran the Portland Marathon 2 weeks ago! I lost her in the crowd at the end, I would have loved to get a picture of her and find out her name.

A great end of the strangest week...



loquita said...

Way to go LAW! So glad you guys were able to be there. I am still sad about missing it this year...

There is really nothing nothing nothing quite like seeing those wheelchair racers make their way up that hill. Nothing.

And I don't know about you, but all the young Marine lieutenants there helping out who are probably at TBS in Quantico are also very inspiring.

Hope I can meet up with you guys next year - I don't intend to break my streak again!

Army Household6 said...

Congrats to you, Chief and Vypergirl on finishing the MCM!

I agree 100% it was a very strange yet fulfilling week! : )

Household6 aka PZ Techmama

(army)Wife said...

Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Always happy to pat a fellow runner/walker/racer on the back!
Don't forget the epsom salts!!