Saturday, October 11, 2008

The AUSA and everything else

It was a hell of a week! I went to the AUSA conference this week - met with some brass, their PAOs and talked to a lot of family advocate agencies. That report will be on ParentsZone - so if you're interested hop on over there. While you are there, take a listen to the SpouseBuzz Radio Show interview of myself and Some Soldier's Mom that TechMama has linked us to. THAT was a lot of fun. Poor TechMama didn't get too many words in edgewise, after all, Some Soldier's Mom and I on one show - yeah, you know we monopolized that conversation!

After a LONG day walking the AUSA Expo I went to PetSmart to do my stint with the kitties and their boxes, and there was a wonderful end to the Tuesday - my first farewell to a cat leaving for his new "forever home". Ricky, a sweet, friendly, affectionate tabby who had been dumped on us by some nasty woman who claimed her new fiance was allergic to him, was carted off to his new wonderful life with his new mommies, their cat and dog. - and is presently being spoiled, petted, and loved by them - a real UP moment! If anyone in the DC area wants a new cat - there are some wonderful ones being taken care of by Fancy Cats Rescue at PetSmart in the area... give me a yell!

On Wednesday DH rode in a Patriot Guard Ride for a Warrant Officer being laid to rest at Arlington. I keep hoping I will be able to ride with him one day. I always admired them when I saw them in Minnesota at the National Guard funerals I attended. Particularly - the days when the high temp was 2 and the windchill was well below zero and they stood around the St. Paul Cathedral in their snowmobile suits and held the flags and honoured the fallen. It always reduced me to tears.

One note from AUSA that I won't post on PZ - I had an Obama button on my purse and despite the ragging (affectionate I think) of TechMama, I kept it on. As I walked around the Expo floor, with the seas of contractors and uniforms, I would get the look, then with some of them, I'd get a surreptitious wink or thumbs up, or a smile and nod. It was quiet, but it warmed my heart, and confirmed my suspicions that there are a lot of "closet democrats" out there in the military. After the incredible bitchiness, the vicious attacks on SisB at her blog , I'm not surprised that they stay quiet! Some of the stranger ideas I have been reading - a Poll Tax for heaven's sake - I will be SOOO glad when this election season is over.

The economy has me scared, seriously scared. The law firm I am working at is going through the usual partner pissing matches, and everyone is nervous, morale has tanked. One of the best of the young lawyers is leaving - his contract is up- talk about short sighted moves, guys. This guy worked his butt off, and got treated shabbily, he is job hunting and the market seems frozen! I'm thinking that I'll start filling out some Federal Job applications (which are such an amazing pain in the ass) and take DAYS to fill out. Who knows, I might find something better - won't pay better, but might be "safer".

On the good side at work, I got a new file - and will be able to get it properly arranged from the beginning, spent a day designing the database and now I'll be writing up the protocols for the intake and file documentation - finally I won't be inheriting a monstrous mess from someone who had no idea of how to manage a case! small things, that make a good week - all in all.

Off to book a flight to see the son, DIL and grandbaby!

Have a good long weekend. Namaste


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