Monday, October 13, 2008

Maryland Renaissance Festival - a Rogues day

The Rogues - a Celtic band that DH has loved for years - has been at the Maryland Ren Fest. We went back - again- to see them - followed them from one venue to another at the Faire - Yeah, We're Bagpipe and drum Groupies!!!! whooo hooo! Lots of fun - pipers, drummers, belly dancers - yeah... and step dancers on the side! These guys also contribute to the AirForce Fund, and are great supporters of the military... Their Warrior's Lament incorporates the Army Song and the Marine Hymn, and will reduce you to tears. We MIGHT be going to see them next weekend, plus they are doing a fundraiser for a Vietnam Vet on Saturday night.

Here's their website.

and here are a couple of the boys. The pipers are both World Champions and members of the best pipe band in North America.

and they usually live - in Houston! sigh....


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