Saturday, May 20, 2006

Weekend, rest? hah!

Why is it that weekends are so busy, that we need to go back to work on Monday to rest? Well, this weekend will be one of those in spades.

I have a LONG list of stuff to get done. Since the certified, properly trained Maytag man came and fixed the oven, that includes baking! When he moved that oven out.... eeeewwwwwww. Nasty nasty nasty. Now, it's clean! And yes, it was more expensive, but no questions, he had the parts, he knew what he was doing, so I consider it worth it.

the basement needs painting. the ceiling done, the cleanup finished, so off we go to Menards for Primer, and good paint. I found, to my cost, that buying cheap paint just means you paint twice. Not totally sure of the colour, warm, earth tone, it's a huge room and can handle a slightly darker colour. I was considering a bright yellow. but that could be cold. Flooring is next, I am looking at vinyl (a wood look) and new ceiling lights!

the cupola guy came and measured, so I better get up there and clean it out, so he doesn't have to waste time doing that. Lots of books up there.

and then of course, there is the regular stuff, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, cut the grass, some weeding maybe? damn, I'm already tired!

I know I should try for some profound stuff... but I have so damn much else to do.... profundities are in short supply.

So... have a good weekend, talk to you later.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Rain, rain, mud and grey skies. Don't even feel like it's Mother's Day. It's more like Halloween, I wish I hadn't packed the long underwear!!!! the sweet potato vines got frost bit. and the basil too!

No, the stove still isn't fixed. My local yokel whined, moaned and couldn't fix it. So, now I had to register with the Amana group and hopefully a registered, certified technician will fix it Tuesday. and why is it, now that I can't bake anything, I want Lasagna, or baked ziti!?

Good news..... well, let's see... hmmm... I got a locker rented at the Y. I was on the waiting list, so now I don't have to schlep everything back and forth. and work is great, lots of stuff going on and I'm incredibly busy. A couple of nasty clients, one of whom wondered if it was my "time of the month!" sexist old fart.

Husband and I are able to email in the evenings (US time, dawn his time), except when the internet provider on his base screws up, and we can't get connected. It sure is getting hot there, 105 today when he called. The difference between there and here... 9 hours and 50 degrees, and a lot of mail/email/and heartache.

the basement is coming along wonderfully. the ceiling was done yesterday, yes it's popcorn (which to the cognoscenti is a disgrace) but it was in such awful condition before then, it is a great improvement. Now to prime and paint, and then flooring. Found some really neat stuff, vinyl you don't need to glue down. I was thinking about laminate but the cost is insane. and since there is heat in the floor... can't do carpet. The landscaper is coming tomorrow, the egress window will be done, and a few other things... and I really need to get the driveway regravelled... muddy water geysering up when you drive down it may be fun in commercials about 4 wheelers, but not much when coming down my own driveway in a Sedan!

jeez, I wish I had something nice to tell you all. but I don't. Need to get my flights together for Denver next month.

Take care, and talk to you soon. ~LAW~

Thursday, May 04, 2006

May flowers

All those may flowers may just curl up and say forget it!!! It's cold here again, in the 40s and they are even talking frost. so, there you are, your weather forecast for the frozen tundra.. redux.

Sitting in front of a lovely fire in the woodstove. and wishing everything else was as good! My baking endeavours are on hold... my oven element broke (yes, again dear... I know...) so I have all the cookie dough I made for the bake sale in the fridge, waiting. The guys I bake for in the Sand will have to wait too. There's one guy... the Cookie Monster... I hear he loves them.

The carpenter is here working on the basement. as I was showing him around, stumbled on a gift from the dog. She hasn't done that in YEARS. I think that was the day after I had the 2 day migraine last weekend and was so tired I couldn't wake up to take her out.... she's not usually allowed into the basement, so I must have left the gate open. Why did someone else have to see that?????? Anyway, the carpenter is done with the closet, now working on the broom closet. We just have to figure out the ceiling problem.

I joined the Y this week! and did some laps at lunch today. Oh my gawd...the chlorine. I have such red eyes, and they hurt sooooooo bad. I think I'll wait until I get some goggles to do that again! Guess tomorrow will be the elliptical.

And at work opposing counsel is just making me nuts... but that's as far as I go with that. work stays there. But the boss still likes my work..

And my honey sent me tulips! salmon and lemon... gorgeous. And since the office is very chilly , they are lasting a loooooong time. I'll have to bring them home tomorrow. now I know the cat doesn't like roses. Wonder how he feels about tulips!

Well, folks, there was my week. A few other insanities that no one needs to hear...

talk to you later.. ~LAW~