Saturday, May 20, 2006

Weekend, rest? hah!

Why is it that weekends are so busy, that we need to go back to work on Monday to rest? Well, this weekend will be one of those in spades.

I have a LONG list of stuff to get done. Since the certified, properly trained Maytag man came and fixed the oven, that includes baking! When he moved that oven out.... eeeewwwwwww. Nasty nasty nasty. Now, it's clean! And yes, it was more expensive, but no questions, he had the parts, he knew what he was doing, so I consider it worth it.

the basement needs painting. the ceiling done, the cleanup finished, so off we go to Menards for Primer, and good paint. I found, to my cost, that buying cheap paint just means you paint twice. Not totally sure of the colour, warm, earth tone, it's a huge room and can handle a slightly darker colour. I was considering a bright yellow. but that could be cold. Flooring is next, I am looking at vinyl (a wood look) and new ceiling lights!

the cupola guy came and measured, so I better get up there and clean it out, so he doesn't have to waste time doing that. Lots of books up there.

and then of course, there is the regular stuff, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, cut the grass, some weeding maybe? damn, I'm already tired!

I know I should try for some profound stuff... but I have so damn much else to do.... profundities are in short supply.

So... have a good weekend, talk to you later.


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KotiBug said...

Well just think Nana you will get a short vacation soon you can come see me and we can have lots of fun. Be lazy if you want and hang out I like pretty flowers so that will be fun! And the best part will be you dont have to worry about the house until you get back home! Love you lot and lots Hugs Kisses and lots of coos
The Snuggle Bug