Friday, June 09, 2006

My sweet baby granddaughter

Isn't this the most beautiful child ever in the entire universe? And she's in a dress her Nana wore a long time ago. A very very very long time ago.

Wonderful visit. I got to baby sit, nibble on tiny toes, and watch her blow bubbles. I think she enjoys it most, when she has a little bit of formula in her mouth... makes such a fun sound! She smiles with her whole body! a big gummy grin, those blue eyes sparkle, and she wriggles with glee. (yeah, besotted grandmother....)

son and dil are househunting. And isn't that just so much fun? everyone who's done it, sit back a second... remember? yuk. Took son and darling child around a nice townhouse development. got into one open house.... pretty nice one.

The weather was HOT! So our trip to a botanical garden didn't happen. Who wants to fry? So she and I went for a very early morning but nice walk along a green strip where they live and came across a field full of prairie dogs! Seems all the construction along a military base nearby had chased them out. So a couple of yards from a busy street, the little fellas were chattering and chittering away as Nana and the stroller with sleeping baby walked along. Fun! If I can get back there before winter, I hope we can see them when she is awake!

Came home with a very heavy heart... miss seeing her so damn much.

Got home, my carpenter was working away and the work he has done is gorgeous. But unfortunately, my escape artist cat got out the day before I got home. I didn't realize it, because when the carpenter is working, the cat runs into the basement, the compressor bugs him. So when the carpenter left, and the cat didn't come out... I realized he had jumped the wire. I walked around, calling, but nothing... The next day, I went through the woods and to the barn calling... and heard him yelling like a banshee. the idiot went up into the hayloft of our 100 year old barn... and couldn't get down. Very glad to see him. The dog showed her joy, by grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and hauling him around the floor.

Back to work. Not just at the office either. spent most of a morning scraping the basement floor... the flooring installer comes tomorrow. Planning a baking blitz this weekend, since I missed doing it last weekend. Besides the guys deserve a double batch. And they know why.

Y'all take care now. talk to you later.

Nana LAW.


Boschka said...

Awwww..she really is the most beautiful child in the world. I need photos..! When you get a chance that is. I will be mailing you a pkg on know what it is ..hee hee

Love Ya Bunchs

starwheel said...

Hi Proud liberal Army Wife,
the picture is beautiful. I discovered your blog very late in the evening (or very early in the morning).

I will read back on your posts to learn more about you and your perspective.

I have a nephew who will be deployed to Iraq in early August.

I recently started my own blog which was how I found yours. Anyway, I thought I would give your blog a quick hit and will return some other time.

NOTR said...

Looks like Nana has been captured by a cutie.

We'll see how long the "liberal" in Grandma lasts as soon as she starts thinking about educating her wee one. :)

My gal, aka Nanni to our grandgirl, looked at the local schools and said "what did all the taxpayer money go for?"

Anyhow, our little sweetie is headed to a tuition based school. Grandma has this silly idea that her grandchild will need to read, write and do arithmetic ... silly grandma is an engineer and for some reason thinks those are good skills to have. Go figure.

liberal army wife said...

I went to English public (ie private boarding school)schools and credit that school with the decent education I had. the nuns in Australia may have been nasty, but they educated you too! the public schools in the US are a complete disgrace. I am hoping we can get help her mom and dad get her a good education WITHOUT the religious crap. A private non denominational school... not bad at all.

nana law.