Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"suck it up"

If I hear THAT expression again, from a military spouse no less, I'll pop a bolt. Just pisses me off. she got pissed because I said that we didn't deserve the nastiness and anger that a soldier dished out to us on Spouse Buzz. I mentioned we were the spouses at home, keeping our families together and "scared lonely and frightened". She maintained that we shouldn't be any of those things, after all we married the military etc etc.

I have had some support.. which is nice. I just don't get why that offended her! Let's see: been alone with the cat and the dog for 20+ months - ok, I think lonely would be a good description. Let's see - DH is in a country that isn't very happy or welcoming to him, sends little presents like mortars... I've been to 9 Brigade funerals, and believe it or not, I READ the news... so scared ... yeah. think so.

Frightened? yeah, the thought of being alone longer, or something happening to DH.. yeah, that's frightening.

so ya know what, lady - take that flagpole you are attempting to run yourself up, and cram it.... SIDEWAYS! I've been sucking it up for an awfully long time now, and when you hit my level, then YOU suck it up.


Monday, June 11, 2007

"Army Wives" with friends

I spent the evening watching Army Wives, but this time with friends. No, no one came over. We were all over the country, one at Ft. Bragg, a couple in Tampa, me in the Midwest and I even met another spouse who's husband is serving with mine, and a couple... I dunno where they are. But for one hour, we were together, thanks to Jan on Standing By. It was so much FUN! we could laugh at stuff... wonder WHY the Lt. Col had her collar like that, and cried at what Claudia Joy said about separations and what it means to us.

I'll "copy" from Jan at Standing By, if she doesn't mind

"It's the part no one really talks about. On TV you see the flags waving, big reunions. But it's later, when it's just the two of you and you're looking at someone you love and you realize years have gone by, years you'll never get back. And during that time you've both grown - changed - but not together."

She said it all, for a lot of us.

Opinions? Well, here's mine. They did some good stuff this week. The shots of Roxy and Trevor squabbling right before he gets ready to deploy (been there, it happens to most of us) Roxy trying SO hard to be the good little army wife, but not understanding about those things like cotton vs synthetic shirts, and the sobering reason as explained to her by Pam..... Trevor asking her to shut off the TV with the war news on and her wanting to KNOW what he's heading into. Roland and Joan - a bit accelerated, but the signs of the marriage falling apart and why, Joan wanting to go back..... too sad to say, there are a lot of marriages going through this, and I hope they show how you can recover from it. Some of the story lines... a bit far fetched, but the overwhelming impression was that they were doing a lot better.

So, next Sunday, c'mon over to Standing By and join the party. Bring chips, we ran out early


Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Filly Did It!!

Rags to Riches just won the Belmont. and what a beautiful filly she is. a mile and a quarter and she did a great job. Curlin tried, he really did, but didn't have the kick to do it.

Girl power. And she's going to be a hell of brood mare. Wonder if she'll go to Ocala, or Kentucky.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Sorry, been a while since we talked.

So much to tell you, almost too much! Ok, let's get it out of the way first - "Army Wives" the TV show. For anyone reading this, let me first say that, yes I know the show is drama, and not supposed to be real. That's good.. cause it isn't. If you'd like to join a discussion, jump on over to "Standing By" (it's over there, on the right... no, down more... there) we are going to be live blogging on Sunday during the show. Should be fun, it'll be more fun to be able to say "can you Believe that???" to someone else.

Let's see. Trying to sell the house. This is a truly lousy, awful pain in the butt, nightmare thing to do. We have a "non traditional" house that will need that one person, who has been looking for a house like this. In this housing market, that just totally sucks! Got a new realtor, the first one (who was a friend, and still is) well... that didn't work out. So interviewed another one, who was a contractor as well and decided that we had to do tons of very expensive work, and of course HE would do it... so no, got rid of that one. New one walked in, we talked about the crappy market, and that it would be tough. Cut the price and hope for the best!

Lots of work at the office. Can't say too much about that, other than sometimes I detest lawyers. especially packs of them.. who can't put their egos aside for what's best for the client.

The Army is making me nuts! Trying to get paperwork through the unit... takes MONTHS. and then trying to get it to the right person at the right place, well my children, that will truly test your patience.

Countdown (sorta) I keep telling DH that I will believe it when I see him, not before.