Friday, June 08, 2007

Sorry, been a while since we talked.

So much to tell you, almost too much! Ok, let's get it out of the way first - "Army Wives" the TV show. For anyone reading this, let me first say that, yes I know the show is drama, and not supposed to be real. That's good.. cause it isn't. If you'd like to join a discussion, jump on over to "Standing By" (it's over there, on the right... no, down more... there) we are going to be live blogging on Sunday during the show. Should be fun, it'll be more fun to be able to say "can you Believe that???" to someone else.

Let's see. Trying to sell the house. This is a truly lousy, awful pain in the butt, nightmare thing to do. We have a "non traditional" house that will need that one person, who has been looking for a house like this. In this housing market, that just totally sucks! Got a new realtor, the first one (who was a friend, and still is) well... that didn't work out. So interviewed another one, who was a contractor as well and decided that we had to do tons of very expensive work, and of course HE would do it... so no, got rid of that one. New one walked in, we talked about the crappy market, and that it would be tough. Cut the price and hope for the best!

Lots of work at the office. Can't say too much about that, other than sometimes I detest lawyers. especially packs of them.. who can't put their egos aside for what's best for the client.

The Army is making me nuts! Trying to get paperwork through the unit... takes MONTHS. and then trying to get it to the right person at the right place, well my children, that will truly test your patience.

Countdown (sorta) I keep telling DH that I will believe it when I see him, not before.



Butterfly Wife said...

the house selling situation sound hellish. good luck!

Aunty Pol said... me why we are still doing this ?

Susan said...

That would make me nuts. Then again, just moving makes me crazy. I can't even imagine selling a house. Good luck!