Sunday, May 27, 2007


Tonight's 60 Minutes was so hard. So incredibly hard. That unit 1-133 Iowa National Guard is in the same BCT with my husband's unit. When they showed the reactions of the families to the extension... one thing they forgot, was that we all found out from the news... that the meetings with the General etc., were after the fact. We knew from the media. Guess they didn't want to show that part, huh?

They talk about us being part of the small groups that are carrying the load alone. Yeah, that's us. And the people saying "it's not fair"... and the depression... it's common. Very common. and the questioning about the war, that's common too. The questioning by the troops, that's hard to see. The questioning here at home, is building and getting louder and louder. Is anyone out there listening? I don't think so. They are all so busy running for office. So busy wanting their own voice heard, so busy wanting all that power..... The last election said something, or so we thought. But it's not working, no one has the guts to stand up and do something. so we'll sit here, and wait. and want, and hope.



Dusty said...

My ex-husband (but still best friend) is in the 1-133rd. I thought the show gave a fairly good depiction of the guys frame of mind & ours. All raring to go in the beginning...but quickly losing motivation since it's been
SO l o n g. After this long, no matter how great the cause (or not) they just want to come home. What did you think??

PS I enjoy your blog...tough being a LAW in this gal's army. Hang in there. Come on down to Iowa....We'll share the martini's and Welbutrin. ;)

Xeus said...

It's funny because a year ago, the people in my unit were still very pro-Bush and pro-Iraq occupation. FOXNews of course is the standard news network for the Army and the talking points would be supported.

But by the time I left, people were openly questioning the strategy in Iraq and had bigger complaints about Bush. I wasn't expecting this so quickly.

Overall the morale is good though. The extension really devastates, but the soldiers in that 60 Minutes story are still going to go out and do their missions, just as all soldiers will. It's what they do. Despite misgivings, they will continue to do their jobs, which is admirable. But I worry about the mental toll this dichotomy will place on servicemembers years down the line.

Also, I enjoyed the good-natured ribbing I got after the Dems took both houses of Congress. =) It never got personally ugly despite differences.

cc said...

I couldn't watch the episode as my partner just left days ago, I am trying to slowly ease into all of this and I think that watching that would have been too much. But I appreciate your perspective and analysis. Perhaps when I find my stride, I will have the strength to watch.

Regarding the democrats....I am just so disappointed in them. I have always been a very proud democrat but I have never been so frustrated with their unwillingness to fight for what we put them in office to do. They are acting cowardly.

As a lifetime registered democrat, I am sorry that that my party has let us all down.

Susan said...

Bush wanted this as his legacy. Well, being one of the worst presidents in history sure is a legacy. I'm sorry that this is going on so long, hon.

Jan Wesner said...

I didn't see the show, but I do know that to say the extension is devastating is an accurate description. So what can we wives and family members do? Suck it up. We have no choice. And it sucks.

Christie said...


I've come to the conclusion that no politician- on either side- cares about us.

Laura said...

Unfortunately, Bully Bush has done his usual "my way or else you're unpatriotic" game and the Dems folded. They have forgotten that you must stand up to bullies or the bully just gets worse. I was very disappointed in this latest funding bill with benchmarks that don't have to be enforced.

The Dems need to grow a spine.

I missed the 60 Minutes report. Thanks for reporting on it.

Jennifer said...

My husband is part of the 1-133rd. About 20 minutes into the 60 minutes broadcast, it's his voice you hear when they get hit by a roadside bomb, asking if his buddies around him are allright. I'm so proud of him, and at the same time to watch the entire broadcast is very emotional. Anyone who wants a DVD copy of the program, I will be happy to send you one. Just email me at: and send me your address. Will be happy when they all come home. Will be extremely happy when my husband comes home. should be less than 2 months now. the 1-133 has been deployed since October of 2005.

cc said...

18 months?? ugh. My husband just started 15 months (its now been two weeks) and it has felt like forever. I am actually scared that it will get easier as time goes on and that I will feel more and more distant from him. I hate to think that my life will be "normal" without his daily presence. Does this make sense?

This sucks.