Friday, May 11, 2007

It's OUR day today!

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to all of US. Not just spouses, but all the family members who hold it all together. The ones who keep the homes and families going, who manage on a budget that would make Trump cringe, who cry in private for what could have been, who listen to the news and send a silent prayer for the family of the fallen (and pray it's not theirs), who answer the questions and fears of their children, who answer the insensitive and ridiculous questions of their families and strangers alike.

Happy MSAp to the families who try to make Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter as happy as possible, with that empty chair at the table; to the spouse who sits alone in the house while friends celebrate; to the spouse, mom or dad, who waits by the phone, carries the cell phone clipped to the belt at all time, jumps at every "you've got mail" announcement.

Happy MSAp to the spouse who supports their soldier, when they don't believe in the war, and to the family member who does believe. Happy MSAp to that small 2% of the American public, for whom the news from Iraq isn't academic, for whom the latest casualty announcement is "one of us".

There's a line in a movie (Gardens of Stone) It's a toast I think fits today. "Here's to us and those like us" We deserve it.



Susan said...

Happy day to you! At least it's never truly dull being a military spouse, eh?

Anonymous said...

LAW - email me at farmwifetwo (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll send you that info you wanted to send a pkg... I'll deny it too :) Put something in the header so I know it's you or you'll land in "delete" :)

I'm leaving tomorrow for the wkend.. so if I don't get back to you quick you know why.


Butterfly Wife said...

Happy Mother's Day!

kim said...

Yes, Spouse Appreciation Day. I hope yours went well - I mostly just wondered how in the world I fit into all of this...and how I got here. ??

Anonymous said...

Happy MSAP day from a total stranger who got here from dailykos! May your husband return safe.

Christie said...

Happy, belated, MSAP!


Laura said...

I'm late but happy MSAP! just the same.