Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm getting an office next week! Stinky has really made sitting at my desk so uncomfortable, his open mouth eating habit is worse, since he has a sinus problem.. enuff said there.. as well as someone I'll call Mimi (yeah, that's what the makeup looks like... and the clothes...) who insists on yelling at her kids, the school principal and anyone else, at the top of her lungs on the phone, two desks down... between that and her frangipani bath of perfume... I'm soooo happy to be moving into an office, where I can close my door and NOT hear or smell any of them!

So just 4 more days. I can do that easily


Monday, January 21, 2008

A Day Off

And I plan to enjoy it. doing what? Not much at all! Yesterday, we went to the Band of the Coldstream Guards and Pipes of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.. and if you like the pipes, you MUST go if they come to a venue near you. They seem to be playing University campuses... and they are magnificent! Amazing music, the competition set the pipers played was mindblowing.

Saturday night, Heather came for dinner - our FIRST dinner guest. She's moving close to us.. which is wonderful. she even likes to crochet, and Sarah taught her to knit - it'll be a yarn party! and himself the cat was polite and pleasant, DH enjoyed himself.. dinner worked out well.

work - is fine. weather - chilly but fine. DH - fine. Cat - fine. well.. so what do I have to complain about? nada.

The election coverage IS driving me insane. I'm upset because the thinking person's candidate is gone. Governor Richardson.. but since our election coverage is all about the top 3, and nothing about the ones who aren't- we try to hope that the smart people will come to the fore - but it's the ones with money who surge forward.

One more year. just one more year, as of yesterday. whew. can we do it?


Thursday, January 03, 2008

A few days later

Folks, I am SO glad I'm not in Minnesota right now. Its cold.. really really dangerously nastily cold. Here in DC... we are in the 20s and teens tonight. balmy, my friends, balmy.

DH wanted me to talk about the new car. On our trip, we got about 49.5 miles per gallon. That was amazingly wonderful! It's comfortable, has lots of gadgets (that's important, you know... ) as a matter of fact, the whole CAR is a gadget. So, guess he wins the gadget contest. Oh... just in case you didn't know, it's a Prius.

let's see... not much else here. Green asked about my FRG.. I am hopeful. There were a LOT of uniforms at the last meeting I went to. Since the unit doesn't deploy as a group, but there are individuals who are deployed hither, thither and yon, the troops who are here are involved. The silly rules about fundraising are a pain in the tail, does anyone know if those are going to be discussed/changed any time soon?

Stay warm everyone. And oh, let's cheer REALLY LOUDLY because Mark is on his way home to Jan (author of Standing By... the blog roll has the link)

Talk to y'all later


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year etc etc

I know, I know... it's been a while! actually, according to DH, a lot longer than "a while". He get perturbed (another word for pissy) when I don't post...

OH, before we discuss traffic, Christmas, NewYears etc... I actually got a letter from the Hotel that SpouseBuzz Three was held in. I had a lousy room, the front desk staff was truly awful, the lunch set up was mishandled... but the conference itself was superb! I filled out one of those cards and truly ripped the staff at the hotel itself a new one.. and I received an apology from the management. Let's hope they got the hint.

So. We went down to FL for Xmas. and can ANYONE tell me why the Hwy 95 traffic through N. Carolina and S. Carolina was so damned horrendous?????? we ended up staying at a motel at the Beaufort S. Carolina exit (hint... do NOT stay at the Best Western there... just sayin')We pulled off the road after 12 hours, at times at a full stop. An hour later, when DH decided to have his well earned cigar, the check-in desk was three deep with folks wanting a place to stay. We got to my folks house the next day, and had a really good visit. Lots of laughing, DH spent hours with my dad, setting up the new computer etc. I missed the grandbaby, but from the happy giggles I heard on the phone, she had a great time.

The trip north/back home was fine, but the southbound traffic on the Thurs after xmas was just as awful! We will need to find a different route south... anyone know if Highway 301 is a good alternative??

New Years, went to a party at some friends of mine from childhood, met up with other State Dept brats... one of whom is off to the Litterbox and who huddled with the DH for a couple of hours.

I now have an IPod... and DH is trying to teach me how to upload music/pictures/videos.. I'm slightly hopeless so he'll just have to stay around to help me with it!

The new job is going well. I am enjoying most of the people, except for the person I have to sit next too. His nickname - Stinky.. and his eating habits.. erk. Supposedly I'll get an office in a couple of months, yay! DH is happy in his new job as well, and we are getting involved in various organizations, including our FRG.

There ya go! caught up, sorta... I want to wish everyone out there a great New Year. To the deployed and their families - hang in there, and if you need a shoulder, it's here. To my blog friends - Happy New Year!