Monday, January 21, 2008

A Day Off

And I plan to enjoy it. doing what? Not much at all! Yesterday, we went to the Band of the Coldstream Guards and Pipes of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.. and if you like the pipes, you MUST go if they come to a venue near you. They seem to be playing University campuses... and they are magnificent! Amazing music, the competition set the pipers played was mindblowing.

Saturday night, Heather came for dinner - our FIRST dinner guest. She's moving close to us.. which is wonderful. she even likes to crochet, and Sarah taught her to knit - it'll be a yarn party! and himself the cat was polite and pleasant, DH enjoyed himself.. dinner worked out well.

work - is fine. weather - chilly but fine. DH - fine. Cat - fine. well.. so what do I have to complain about? nada.

The election coverage IS driving me insane. I'm upset because the thinking person's candidate is gone. Governor Richardson.. but since our election coverage is all about the top 3, and nothing about the ones who aren't- we try to hope that the smart people will come to the fore - but it's the ones with money who surge forward.

One more year. just one more year, as of yesterday. whew. can we do it?



Sarah said...

How fun that Heather will be living near you! That's cool news!
Sorry again that we didn't have enough time for a proper visit. Next time, definitely.

Claire said...

I love the pipes. We have a young man who plays them in our congregation, and he plays for the Highland games in our area, and competes nationally. I know some folks don't like the way they sound, but if they are played well I find them very moving and haunting.

Stay warm -- Cats and yarn are a good way to keep the feet and the hands cozy! :)

Christine said...

Hello! My parents also went to see them this weekend. Said it was a great show.

It's going to be a looooong year. Hopefully we can do it!