Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year etc etc

I know, I know... it's been a while! actually, according to DH, a lot longer than "a while". He get perturbed (another word for pissy) when I don't post...

OH, before we discuss traffic, Christmas, NewYears etc... I actually got a letter from the Hotel that SpouseBuzz Three was held in. I had a lousy room, the front desk staff was truly awful, the lunch set up was mishandled... but the conference itself was superb! I filled out one of those cards and truly ripped the staff at the hotel itself a new one.. and I received an apology from the management. Let's hope they got the hint.

So. We went down to FL for Xmas. and can ANYONE tell me why the Hwy 95 traffic through N. Carolina and S. Carolina was so damned horrendous?????? we ended up staying at a motel at the Beaufort S. Carolina exit (hint... do NOT stay at the Best Western there... just sayin')We pulled off the road after 12 hours, at times at a full stop. An hour later, when DH decided to have his well earned cigar, the check-in desk was three deep with folks wanting a place to stay. We got to my folks house the next day, and had a really good visit. Lots of laughing, DH spent hours with my dad, setting up the new computer etc. I missed the grandbaby, but from the happy giggles I heard on the phone, she had a great time.

The trip north/back home was fine, but the southbound traffic on the Thurs after xmas was just as awful! We will need to find a different route south... anyone know if Highway 301 is a good alternative??

New Years, went to a party at some friends of mine from childhood, met up with other State Dept brats... one of whom is off to the Litterbox and who huddled with the DH for a couple of hours.

I now have an IPod... and DH is trying to teach me how to upload music/pictures/videos.. I'm slightly hopeless so he'll just have to stay around to help me with it!

The new job is going well. I am enjoying most of the people, except for the person I have to sit next too. His nickname - Stinky.. and his eating habits.. erk. Supposedly I'll get an office in a couple of months, yay! DH is happy in his new job as well, and we are getting involved in various organizations, including our FRG.

There ya go! caught up, sorta... I want to wish everyone out there a great New Year. To the deployed and their families - hang in there, and if you need a shoulder, it's here. To my blog friends - Happy New Year!



kimba said...

There's no good alternative, sadly - that's why everyone is on I-95. 301, 17 and Rt. 1 are all very poor options - 301 doesn't go far enough, and 17 and 1 are slow and full of traffic lights.

1-95 got steadily worse over the almost 30 years I lived in that area. Sorry. It's likely too always be horrible. There's nothing here in San Diego that compares...

Glad you had a good Christmas and New Year - and glad you're posting again!!

trying said...

So glad to pop in and see a new post. Your keeping me up to dates on the happenings around town. I fancy myself a bit of an expert on 301 since I grew up on it, well not on it but in a small town that it flows thru. Its as much of a traffic nightmare these days as anything else. Too many lights, too many cars, too few lanes.

I'm also sure this isnt what you want to here but in all honesty, with the new bridge coming along, the mixing bowl project done, and a few other by passes, traffic in the area is light years ahead of what it used to be. Scary isnt it! : )

Continued good luck with your new job. And even with stinky!

Happy new year!!

Green said...

Remember we talked about my FRG at the conference? How's yours?

Susan said...

Happy New Year! Glad to hear that you're settling in at your new job.

Jan Wesner said...

You came to Florida and you didn't even tell me?!?!?
Seriously, if you were anywhere near I-95, I pity you! But I-75 over my way isn't much better. Florida just has too many people in too little space!

Bette said...

There always seems to be some issue with 95. I'd often take 17, especially on the bike, but you sure can't get anywhere quick on it.

Happy New Year to you!

Bette said...

There always seems to be some issue with 95. I'd often take 17, especially on the bike, but you sure can't get anywhere quick on it.

Happy New Year to you!