Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day - we owe a debt. We aren't paying up.

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For those of us in the military community, today isn't just an excuse for a day off, or another sale at the local store. It's a day we remember our veterans. In my case, it's to remember and thank my dad, my uncles and aunts, my father in law, my husband, son and daughter in law. There are the veterans I know outside my family as well, Sharon, Kim, Vivian, Steve, Patrick, Nick, Ashley, Charles, Deak, Bill, Shawn, Lyn, Al, Todd, Larry, Paul, Genevieve, Taylor - all of you, thank you.

To those Veterans who are cold and homeless, our country owes a deep debt and we aren't paying up. To those Veterans who are suffering with PTS or TBI and aren't getting the help, our country owes a debt, we aren't paying up. For those Veterans we ignored for years, we tried to shove under the rug, our country owes a debt, we aren't paying up. We need, we must in all good conscience do more, do better.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What a crappy way to wake up

Bachmann, still in. Tell me, seriously WHY??? the woman is an IDIOT! a screeching, anti choice, anti regulation moron. Why? why are we going so far to the right, with fools who will wave their little flags at us and tell us how much they love the military, as long as it means giving LOTS of $$ to their supporters from the corporations and buying crap we don't need, but cutting family programs left and right.

Deregulation will be back on the agenda - we all saw how well that worked, didn't we? Enron ran hogwild, jacking up the power costs and causing havoc in California, while they racked up huge profits and then imploded. The big guys (other than a few scapegoats) did really well, the little guys are crushed. Wall Street - oh, yeah, that was SUCH a success, wasn't it? and did anyone else read that Bush's biggest downer was he didn't manage to PRIVATIZE SOCIAL SECURITY? That would have been just the cherry on the cake, wouldn't it? Social Security money in wall street... the big companies would have drooled, the ones who did such a wonderful job with bundling all those high risk mortgages - the ones that drove the housing marked into the toilet with their greed and gave people who had no qualifications for mortgages those insane balloon mortgages... YEAH Momma, we just gave the same ones the keys to the safe again!

Damn, how DUMB are some people? Well, look at the results this morning. THATS how dumb.