Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day - we owe a debt. We aren't paying up.

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For those of us in the military community, today isn't just an excuse for a day off, or another sale at the local store. It's a day we remember our veterans. In my case, it's to remember and thank my dad, my uncles and aunts, my father in law, my husband, son and daughter in law. There are the veterans I know outside my family as well, Sharon, Kim, Vivian, Steve, Patrick, Nick, Ashley, Charles, Deak, Bill, Shawn, Lyn, Al, Todd, Larry, Paul, Genevieve, Taylor - all of you, thank you.

To those Veterans who are cold and homeless, our country owes a deep debt and we aren't paying up. To those Veterans who are suffering with PTS or TBI and aren't getting the help, our country owes a debt, we aren't paying up. For those Veterans we ignored for years, we tried to shove under the rug, our country owes a debt, we aren't paying up. We need, we must in all good conscience do more, do better.



Anonymous said...

A wonderful Veterans Day post!

Lemon Stand said...

So True! The sales really have become a 'button' for me... especially since we have Veterans who are not getting the care they need.

Please thank all of the above and their families. Too many people do not see how entire families serve. The sacrifices they make to ensure their military member can do what they do without having to worry what's going on at home.

armywifemamaof2 said...

Enough said! Amen to that!