Thursday, September 30, 2010

A nice resource - discount list

I got a lovely email yesterday - from a group called Bradsdeals. They write a blog that has all sorts of useful links and posts. One post lists 175 (so far) groups, stores, chains that give military discounts. Good to use, and if you know any that aren't on the list - go ahead and leave a comment on there!

Now, before anyone decides to have one of those hissy fits that I keep hearing - the ones that say "why do you whiny women demand special treatment" etc... Stuff it. Don't bother leaving that kind of comment - I refuse to put up with that crap.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Civilian NOT understanding

Ok, this annoys the hell out of me! This is the question from "This Emotional Life" on Facebook.

For those of you who have a loved one in the military right now, what are you doing to prepare for their return home?

Now.. this is so damned typical of the ignorance that civilians show for military life - they mean well, they just don't GET IT! I told them (being the bitch that I am) that they needed to add something - ..... loved one Deployed in the military ..... DEPLOYED being the operative word. Why the hell do they think that everyone in the military is downrange? do they not look around? is the disconnect so complete that someone in the media can ask such a stupid question? GAAAH.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh, F(*^ a Duck

Picture in your mind - lying on an xray table, twisted into what resembles a pretzel and admonished to keep still. Picture in your mind, a person who has a deathly stupid fear of needles used to deliver medications, or vaccines (knitting types are ok) Picture in your mind this person lying in this tortuous position whilst a very pleasant doctor (who might be 30.. might be) sticks 3 needles into the neck, into three facet joints at level C3-4, 4-5, 5-6 and injects steroids into the inflamed nerves and muscles in spasm. Yes, my children, I spent a wonderful afternoon in an exam room yesterday turning into a quivering mass of jello and I will confess to whimpering like a whipped puppy.

Today, it all aches. I keep hoping it's going to help, but thinking about doing it again? Jello, whimpering bowl of, one each.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall is here!

Well, almost. The windows are open, the leaves on some of the trees are changing - I'm enjoying this! The stunning heat we've been pummeled with has been horrible, I've been basically stuck inside or other airconditioned areas, since too much heat equals migraine.

Started classes last week. What the HELL was I thinking? 4 online classes and trying to get the business growing... Seriously, y'all, the amount of reading and writing and conferences and trying to make sure I comment enough to get a decent grade for contributing.. shit, I may just spend all day every day in the basement office!

Went to the Defense Forum last week, report on that will be on another blog (If I get the time to write it!) but one thing here - I was talking to a journalist acquaintance - who would have thought that 9 years, NINE YEARS, after we started one of the two wars we are involved in, that we would still be having conferences about what the "new normal" is for the military and our families; that we'd be talking about what we need to do, instead of already having the policies and programs in place.

On the enjoyment front - Renn Faire is in full swing, meeting up with friends there almost every Saturday, listening to The Rogues - Chief taking literally HUNDREDS of pictures (loving digital!) he's rediscovered the joy of taking and manipulating pictures again (thanks Mike). I did find a superb jeweler/master goldsmith and gemologist who is willing to remove the fire opal I love from the ring I don't wear or like and reset it. The stone I bought at Coober Pedy many decades ago, will finally be in something I love to wear.

Cats are getting along well, Emma is improving every day, willing to have someone pick her up and sit on a lap for a few minutes. I wonder what she would have been like if she'd never been abandoned at the shelter.

Take care, everyone

Talk to you later.