Thursday, September 30, 2010

A nice resource - discount list

I got a lovely email yesterday - from a group called Bradsdeals. They write a blog that has all sorts of useful links and posts. One post lists 175 (so far) groups, stores, chains that give military discounts. Good to use, and if you know any that aren't on the list - go ahead and leave a comment on there!

Now, before anyone decides to have one of those hissy fits that I keep hearing - the ones that say "why do you whiny women demand special treatment" etc... Stuff it. Don't bother leaving that kind of comment - I refuse to put up with that crap.



Linda said...

that's the thing...we don't DEMAND special treatment. Companies and businesses started offering discounts and deals to military and families to RECOGNIZE the sacrifices they make. It's not demanding or whiny when we go somewhere and simply ask, "do you offer a military discount?" Now...if I went somewhere and they said no, and I began a tirade about how I wasn't getting what I deserved, then yeah..that would be a whiny demanding spouse.

And I KNOW someone will say, well your husband chose the military. Yeah, he did. But he didn't start the war, and he didn't choose to deploy. He can't turn it down and go somewhere else. He can "just quit".

So thank you LAW, for posting this, and thanks to those who continue to give back just a little to those who serve.

Anonymous said...

I asked for discounts before I was a spouse, while I was active duty, whenever! I just love a discount. Trust me, I was the, "can I get a discount, there is a stain/rip/saw it next door cheaper," lady. You DID NOT want to be in line behind me. I think most people just really don't like the, "My husband is fighting for your freedom I DESERVE MY FREE ICE CREAM/FIFTEEN PERCENT OFF," crazy. I am definitely not one of those, but I am definitely going to use this list. I love a discount.

J - Pacha Mama said...

Well said. Right on sistas.