Monday, June 11, 2007

"Army Wives" with friends

I spent the evening watching Army Wives, but this time with friends. No, no one came over. We were all over the country, one at Ft. Bragg, a couple in Tampa, me in the Midwest and I even met another spouse who's husband is serving with mine, and a couple... I dunno where they are. But for one hour, we were together, thanks to Jan on Standing By. It was so much FUN! we could laugh at stuff... wonder WHY the Lt. Col had her collar like that, and cried at what Claudia Joy said about separations and what it means to us.

I'll "copy" from Jan at Standing By, if she doesn't mind

"It's the part no one really talks about. On TV you see the flags waving, big reunions. But it's later, when it's just the two of you and you're looking at someone you love and you realize years have gone by, years you'll never get back. And during that time you've both grown - changed - but not together."

She said it all, for a lot of us.

Opinions? Well, here's mine. They did some good stuff this week. The shots of Roxy and Trevor squabbling right before he gets ready to deploy (been there, it happens to most of us) Roxy trying SO hard to be the good little army wife, but not understanding about those things like cotton vs synthetic shirts, and the sobering reason as explained to her by Pam..... Trevor asking her to shut off the TV with the war news on and her wanting to KNOW what he's heading into. Roland and Joan - a bit accelerated, but the signs of the marriage falling apart and why, Joan wanting to go back..... too sad to say, there are a lot of marriages going through this, and I hope they show how you can recover from it. Some of the story lines... a bit far fetched, but the overwhelming impression was that they were doing a lot better.

So, next Sunday, c'mon over to Standing By and join the party. Bring chips, we ran out early



cc said...

As someone who just got married into the army word just recently and as someone whose husband just deployed a few weeks ago, watching "
army wives" makes me nervous. I havent watched the second episode yet, but the first one seemed bleak too me. A huge concern of mine is that my husband and I will grow too far apart over the next 15 months. We are trying our hardest to prevent this, but I have few role models to show me the way, to show me that it is indeed possible to maintain a healthy relationship. Watching "army wives" made me feel like it may be impossible.

liberal army wife said...

CC - your link doesn't work. I'd love to email or chat with you. You can make this deployment a growing experience, it's amazing what you can learn from you and your husband writing to each other. sometimes it's easier to write than speak. you can't get interrupted, for one thing!

email me if you want to. my email address is on the page.


jan wesner said...

LAW, Can't wait to see you there next week!
And CC, I know exactly what you mean. I worry about growing apart while my husband is deployed, and we've been married for more than 16 years. But I do believe you can make it work. I am loving our e-mail and occasional phone conversations.
As for the show, just remember that it's TV and while much of it rings true they will always show the extremes.

cc said...

I just tried emailing you but it got returned to me. hmmmmm

cc said...

is it


liberal army wife said...

CC, sorry I'm a moron, and a tired one.... Just set up the account yesterday...



Sarah said...

I thought the second week was better than the first. I thought one really touching part was when the LTC rearranged the furniture back to how it was when she left. Sadly, when your family "loses" a year or more of life together, it's sometimes hard to connect the Before to the After. I thought it was a good way of representing that issue.

Kristen said...

Ha! I'm blog-reviewing the show, too. We seem to share a lot of opinions.