Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Rain, rain, mud and grey skies. Don't even feel like it's Mother's Day. It's more like Halloween, I wish I hadn't packed the long underwear!!!! the sweet potato vines got frost bit. and the basil too!

No, the stove still isn't fixed. My local yokel whined, moaned and couldn't fix it. So, now I had to register with the Amana group and hopefully a registered, certified technician will fix it Tuesday. and why is it, now that I can't bake anything, I want Lasagna, or baked ziti!?

Good news..... well, let's see... hmmm... I got a locker rented at the Y. I was on the waiting list, so now I don't have to schlep everything back and forth. and work is great, lots of stuff going on and I'm incredibly busy. A couple of nasty clients, one of whom wondered if it was my "time of the month!" sexist old fart.

Husband and I are able to email in the evenings (US time, dawn his time), except when the internet provider on his base screws up, and we can't get connected. It sure is getting hot there, 105 today when he called. The difference between there and here... 9 hours and 50 degrees, and a lot of mail/email/and heartache.

the basement is coming along wonderfully. the ceiling was done yesterday, yes it's popcorn (which to the cognoscenti is a disgrace) but it was in such awful condition before then, it is a great improvement. Now to prime and paint, and then flooring. Found some really neat stuff, vinyl you don't need to glue down. I was thinking about laminate but the cost is insane. and since there is heat in the floor... can't do carpet. The landscaper is coming tomorrow, the egress window will be done, and a few other things... and I really need to get the driveway regravelled... muddy water geysering up when you drive down it may be fun in commercials about 4 wheelers, but not much when coming down my own driveway in a Sedan!

jeez, I wish I had something nice to tell you all. but I don't. Need to get my flights together for Denver next month.

Take care, and talk to you soon. ~LAW~


Christie said...

happy, though belated, mother's day!!!!

Boschka said...

Happy Belated from me too...I guess you could say that your BIL got me another cat for Mothers Day