Sunday, December 02, 2007

Spouse Buzz Live

I just returned from a wonderful weekend. Meeting those people, the ones I have blogged with, who have heard me cry and laugh and obsess and fight... was a truly amazing experience. Thank you all for being there, for all that hard work, the traveling, the setting up. Badger, Green, Butterfly Wife.. it was so incredible! Vince, thanks for dinner.

Now the hotel.. that was another matter altogether. But the camaraderie, the laughs, the tears, the "yeah, you get it" ... it was worth every second.

Thank you to SemperFiWife and the other "Dyke Street girls" for the carpool down.. anytime you want another body to hit Cracker Barrel.. I'm game! Biscuits!!

Oh, I just can't WAIT for next year!



Anonymous said...

Let biscuitry appear!


Bad grrls, bad grrls
Watcha gonna do?
Watcha gonna do
When they come for you?

We had fun too, LAW :) Just remember: the word of the day is: "crab cakes".

The Dyke Street Grrrls

Carrie said...

Oh the getting there and the getting home was so much fun!!!
I usually hate to drive but you all made it so easy for me to do.

Re: On Dyke Street..
We should write lyrics to the tune of "On Broadway". That hit me yesterday when I was trying to find something funny to think about.
so I'll start with the easiest..
"They say the women treat you right on Dyke Street"..
running away now..
PS: LAW, how's the job going?

wifeunit said...

I really like how the gps machine makes you think you are on such a detailed purposeful route, only to find out the machine just decided you needed to turn around in a very specific way. At least we had dyke street.

I had a great time. The carpool was just as much a part of that as the conference!

Chris said...

Found your blog and thought you'd appreciate this song about a little girl who asks Santa to bring her daddy home for Christmas.

Green said...

Wow, I wish I'd been at Cracker Barrel!