Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Cat Rules!

JJ is so clever! Since I am going to work, and we are planning on a few trips, we wanted to get the Cat Litter Box problem taken care of. Yesterday we went and bought the automatic type, the one that rakes by itself. After putting it together - and that takes a while- I put the litter in and sprinkled on some of the litter from the other box. I figured it would take a while for him to get used to it and decide to use it. 40 minutes later, I heard the sound of the little motor. TA DAH! he did it. No fuss, no muss... but it doesn't seem to work as well as I would like. I'll still need to clean it out every couple of days, but the worst of it will be taken care of.

His new bowls - you know, the ones with the reservoir for water and food - he didn't even blink. Of course, his favourite water bowl is STILL the people toilet...I will NOT buy the running water thing.. we had one before and it was just a mess!

OK, so now I have the cat taken care of - we got new lunch bags for both of us, since neither of us eat out for lunch. Clothes - I need to shorten some of my suit pants... Got some nice flat shoes... Need to get some more $ on my Smart Pass for the Metro...

BUT FIRST - SpouseBuzzLive3... I'm getting so excited! I'll be meeting some new friends and carpooling down. Then FUN!

See ya there!


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Lemon Stand said...

First of all CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!!!!! That was so wonderful to read about!

Second, we LOVE those cat boxes. We have two.

Third, have fun at SBL3! Wish I were going to be there.