Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my blog friends, especially those who are celebrating this T'Day without their loved one at home, may I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. This is the first one with DH in a few years, and we are spending it quietly, "at home"... in this case a small apartment with an oven I am not sure of. The turkey will either be done in no time at all, or take all day... hope he doesn't mind eating at the drop of a hat!

As for news... still no job. I finally heard from the first interview firm - had a second interview Monday.. and now waiting.. waiting... waiting. Had an interview and offer from a total nut! Very odd duck, with a desk in HIS office that would have been mine, and when he told me that he had a couple of illegals working in his office... well lets just say I made my excuses and took off. Called the headhunter and told her NO WAY..

I may not be able to get to Spouse Buzz Live - without a job I don't think I can justify the expense... so if I don't see you there, maybe next year..

Lovely weather today... in the 70s. Tomorrow - who knows~!

Y'all be good, eat lots and go into that lovely T'Day coma.



Susan said...

Happy Turkey Day to you, as well.

Kimba said...

We spent Thanksgiving morning at the beach! I'll never get used to the weather here.