Tuesday, January 24, 2006

grey skies, but no migraine! as my SIL would say..... yeeeeeehaw. Talked to the husband twice today, he had the nerve to call and say... I'm sitting out in the sun.... As a friend said, Ok, so close your eyes, everyone hate him for a second... ok, all done. they take off for another area sooner than expected, so my last care package won't get to him until they get back.

the new job didn't materialize, the contract was cancelled. So, I keep hunting. something will come up.

Talked to the son, they are all fine, baby is doing great. I need to talk to DIL for any facts... I'm sure she'll give me all the facts and figures. and since I know you are all absolutely DYING to know , I'll make sure to post them here.

JJ the cat (full name, Jay Bertram Felinie) has become fascinated with the laptop computer... he's watching all my posting intently. His picture is above. Looking regal...isn't he?

not much to talk about... talk to you later.


Christie said...

beautiful kitty!
good luck with the job hunt sweety! :)

Boschka said...

LOL..since when have the men folk in our family ever been accurate with the information type stuff ?
Glad all is well with Lil One. Maow to JJ...hugs to Lady L

still chanting dahling

boom skaka laka laka
boom shaka laka laka


The Bastard said...

Nice cat! Is he part Maine Coon? Looks like it!

liberal army wife said...

yes, we think so. but he's only 7 lbs... so a mini maine. He walked out of the woods a few years ago and adopted us. I was then permitted to become his staff.