Friday, January 20, 2006

a totally crappy day. In fact, it sucked so massively, it has to be one of the worst. Except for the day we found out he was deploying to the Litter Box from Hell, it could qualify as the worst in the past couple of years.

Husband had applied for an "exception to policy" so he could take the pass days and take it as leave, so we could go and visit the kids and he could see the baby. BUT the National Guard decided no, it wasn't right to allow an exception to be made for anyone. So, he now won't see her until she is over a year old. DAMN IT, he has been gone, either on deployments or TDY for two stinking years, has put in more work than anyone in that unit for years, do you think they could occasionally think of saying thanks in some small way? Shit no. And then some cretin spouse on the unit page gives one of those sanctimonious little speeches " Remember it is an honor that the Guard is even letting us have this time with our soldier(s). " Stupid . HONOR??? That they are taking my husband away, AGAIN, for another 1 1/2 years, to a shit hole, to take part in a war started by a lie, continued with more lies, for an Administration full of draft dodgers, liars, cheats and war profiteers... oh yeah, some fucking honour. (sorry, darlin', just not in the mood to be diplomatic tonight)

This on top of a migraine I woke up with and couldn't get rid of all day, no matter the amount of medication, a plumber that didn't show up, call or anything. A carpenter I don't think I will hire came over to look over the job.

Then a ray of sunshine. Husband called the kids to tell them he couldn't come to see them, and after he hung up, my son called to see how I was! How sweet was that? They are disappointed also, but since they are both veterans, they understand how idiotic the Army can be.

D-i-L and I talked a while. Baby is not sleeping well, she gets out of her swaddling blanket even! I got a couple of those Miracle blankets, which helps some. She also is a very gassy baby, I guess all the digestion system is still developing. But she is up to 6 pounds! So I hope they will get her into a good schedule soon.

sorry folks, a crabby cranky LAW today. Tomorrow has to be better, right?

Talk to you later.


Christie said...

*Big big BIG hugs*

that sucks sweety

Boschka said...

oh sistah..I knew something was going the way of the fan but no idea...I know how angry your hubby is..and hurt etc...can you imagine what your late father in laws reaction would have been. ?..

Love ya girl..

your sil