Thursday, January 05, 2006

Today has been another interesting one. Still no baby. Son is tired, and daughter in law is completely exhausted. I wish they would hurry up and do the C Section. 24 hours in labour is long enough, dontcha think???

Had a job interview today. Very interesting, I would love the job, it is completely different from my life as a paralegal, in the food retail industry, but it's less than 1/2 the money I usually bill at. But on the other hand, it's only 15 minutes away from my house, as opposed to 35 minute drives for paralegal jobs downtown. And that doesn't include 20 minutes on the bus from the park and ride! With the price of gas and then the increase in bus fares, plus the pet sitter (dog has a medical condition, can't go more than 8 hours without a walk) and the person to feed the wood burner in the winter (I can't do it in the dark, it gets dangerous in icy conditions) the end result is that I would still get more money if there were any paralegal jobs, but there aren't any out there, that are close enough for me to get to! The only one I heard of.... is 1 hour and 45 minutes away. ridiculous! Anyway, I think I have talked to a lot of my friends (a fellow paralegal, when I told her I could be in jeans and no lawyers, asked me what the hell I was calling her for, was I NUTS???) and they think the job description (lots of organizing, getting stuff done) sounds perfect for me, and I should ENJOY working again, hang the $$. so.......

I fly out of here at 6 am, need to be there at 4, need to get up around 2 am.... maybe I won't go to bed at all! Just take a nap. I'll write from the hotel. But any one even listening? Just wondering.


Christie said...

I'm such a retard. I thought I put you on my blogroll but I didn't.
Doing it now... sigh, sometimes I am so ditzy... hehe

Empress Baggie said...

Dear Liberal Army Wife,

The Queen of The World is pleased to make your acquaintance!

Like you, I'm an Army National Guard wife. I don't share liberal viewpoints, but all Army spouses are my "sisters/brothers-who-support-our-spouses-with-arms," and the more "family" members there are to communicate with in these difficult times, the better.

Hang in there with this deployment. And keep blogging! It's great therapy. But you know that already, right?!

Very truly yours,

P.S. By the way, I don't really believe I'm an empress or queen. I just play one for fun on the Internet. But you knew that already too, didn't you!