Wednesday, January 04, 2006

WHAT a DAY!!! Let's see... son called last night. Daughter in law was put into the hospital last night, due to pre-eclampsia. So, she lay on her left side and we all hoped that she would get better enough to be allowed home for bed rest. More on that later.

This morning, husband left to go back to pre-deployment training down south (or as he affectionately calls it "The Gulag) It was the usual horrible sitting in the airport waiting for his plane to leave, with other families holding on to their soldier for dear life. After the plane left, I saw a woman weeping with no one else with her. When I asked her if she was OK, she told me she and her soldier had been married on Sunday! Her little girl was so worried about her mommy... and kept asking where "Jim" was. It was heartbreaking.

Then I got home.... to a message from the son, nothing worked, they are inducing her as I type! So, got reservations to head out to where they are, leaving early early early on Friday. Got a room reserved, a car, a plane ticket, the dog kennel reservation, cat sitter booked, holding mail, wood burner person to fill it for me (don't want the lines to freeze!)... I know I'm forgetting something....PACKING! Oh, yeah, need clothes, camera, laptop, Bear... better make a list, huh?

All this running around, has helped to keep my mind off being alone again. Tonight it will hit home. But I can keep busy for a while. Got a job interview tomorrow also! It will be an interesting week, folks.

talk to you later.

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Boschka said...

Oh honey, that just breaks my heart about the young bride. THANK YOU for having the kindness and decency to go over to her.

Your SIL,