Thursday, January 12, 2006

She is the most perfect little girl EVER!!! Ok, so I'm not exactly impartial... my darling granddaughter was born on Friday, 1/6/05, at 37 weeks (20 days early) My dear daughter in law went through 36 hours of hard labour and was in the hospital afterwards until Monday. Granddaughter was in until Tuesday morning.

Lots of work done at the apartment, did some organizing and shopping for the "kids" (husband hates that term).

Did I say she was perfect? oh, well... it's worth repeating! I'm terribly tempted to move to where they live, but don't want to be the interfering mother in law/grandma. They both said that they would love to have me there, and really, except for the house, some friends and my new job, there isn't anything to hold me here. If I could sell the house, my friend have always been available on the phone, and I can find another job (or do day care for the baby!) .... darn, it's tempting!

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Empress Baggie said...

Congratulations to all!