Friday, January 20, 2006

One more... Grandma feeding the princess. Boy, I hope the kids send more pictures soon.

Hey, to everyone who left comments and didn't get a response, I'm sorry! I didn't do something right before, so I could see them. I thank you for your responses and comments. And yes, she is soooo cute. As my husband says, "hey, why not talk about the baby some, huh?" D, you just wait, you'll be just the same!

Husband doing well, getting work done and getting ready to move to another training site, where he won't be able to call. this will be good preparation for his moving into the Big Kitty Litter Box.

The flu is beginning to sweep through my workplace. The person scheduled before my shift, and the person scheduled after me, both didn't make it in today. So I will keep hoping it isn't going to get me. BUT, I do have activated charcoal tablets (for the tummy part), crackers, and tea, kleenex, and sparkling water. I should have gotten some Ginger tea... but other than that, I'm all ready..... just in case.

I sure hope the plumber comes tomorrow. I haven't heard from him today, and I don't know if he's still coming.... Don't you hate waiting for workmen? The "we'll be there between 8 and 2", the no calls while you wait, and wait, and then they don't show up. Enough to drive you NUTS! If I could find a handyman type,who could do a little bit of everything, and was dependable and reliable, I would hire him right away! And would be willing to pay well.

Talk to you later.

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Boschka said...

Oh like my Brudder isn't going to fall under Lil One's if. The only thing worse than waiting on workman is car battery..$$$$$$
Your BiL is not the happy camper he usually it's all rather normal here